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weboob: Weboob 1.3 is out
Added by Florent Fourcot 12 months ago

weboob: Weboob 1.2 is out
Added by Florent Fourcot over 1 year ago

weboob: Weboob 1.1 is (finally!) out
Added by Florent Fourcot over 2 years ago

weboob: Weboob 1.0 is out
Added by Florent Fourcot almost 4 years ago

weboob: Weboob 0.j
Added by Florent Fourcot about 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • assnet (12/6/2012 04:27 pm)

    The Asocial Sharing Network project is a web application useful for sharing files (like photos, videos, etc.) with your friends. It is configurable and administrable by geeks, yet easy to use by their mothers.

  • Movie Suggest (06/29/2012 11:34 am)
  • Arbore (10/15/2011 09:43 am)

    Future F2F decentralized network, dedicated to give back data to user.

  • COLUMBO (03/12/2011 10:02 am)

    Canon Orienté sur Linuxfr Uxamisant des Moinsages en Basse Orbite.

  • irssleep (06/23/2010 12:04 am)

    This program parses irssi logs and generate a graph to display when you are active on IRC.
    You can set your nickname(s), and add events which are added on graph correlate your IRC (in)activity with your own life.