Weboob, the web suppository


The Web is the ennemy of the productivity, of the freedom to use our prefered software, of managing data and to interact with any website out of its webmaster’s willing context.
Most of all, it forces us to use web browsers, more bloated than ever.

Discover the Weboob concept and its applications enabling daily tasks such as molding on linuxfr.org, accessing our back accounts, train schedule, flirting on dating websites, weather forecasts, youporn access, managing Trac/Redmine instances and even more great usages, without leaving your terminal.


Romain Bignon

Lead developper of Weboob, Romain is a virulent activist against the Web.

Christophe Benz

He has been trained to fight for user interface salvation since he was a kid; he develops Weboob backends for this goal.


$ git clone http://git.symlink.me/pub/romain/papers/2010.07.rmll.weboob.git


The video of this lecture is available here


weboob.pdf (426.2 KB) Romain Bignon, 07/9/2010 03:30 pm

frd.jpg - Romain during the lecture (52 KB) Romain Bignon, 07/9/2010 03:33 pm

a3l.jpg - Presentation of QHaveSex (51.7 KB) Romain Bignon, 07/9/2010 03:33 pm

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