Weboob — a sane web client


The web is enemy of productivity, of freedom to use softwares of one’s choice, to treat data and to interact with sites out of those foreseen by the webmasters, and forcing us to depend on browsers one being as heavy as the other. Discover the concept of Weboob and its applications that allows you to manage daily operations such throlling on linux.org, visualising your bank accounts, your metro trajectory, , watch and download videos on youporn (NB: I don’t agree on this!), your projects Redmine/Trac, automatisation of your accounting, the comparison of the petrol-prices in your neighbourhood, finding an appartment, and much more, without moving away from your terminal.


Romain Bignon

Lead developper of Weboob, Romain is a virulent activist against the Web.


$ git clone http://git.symlink.me/pub/romain/papers/2012.07.rmll.weboob.git


The video of this lecture is available here


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