Bug #1360

lost track of accounts with bankpopulaire module

Added by Vincent Danjean almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Module:banquepopulaire Branch:0.h


Today, I upgraded my Debian computer and weboob upgraded from 0.g to 0.h.
Of course, I needed to run "weboob-config upgrade" in order to be able to use boobank again.

However, since the upgrade, only part of "Mon épargne" accounts are reported by boobank.
This is the accounts that are visible on the "Synthèse" screen of the bank.

On the bank website, the "Synthèse" screen only show 5 (first ?) accounts. The others are shown when clicking on the "Suite..." button (next to the "Classer..." button). Note that the "Mes comptes" section does not show the "Suite..." button, only the "Classer..." button, probably because I do not have more than 5 account in this section.

The previous version (0.g) was perfectly able to report the amount of all my account. This is a regression in 0.h version.


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Added by Romain Bignon almost 3 years ago

support full list of accounts (closes #1360)


Updated by Vincent Danjean almost 4 years ago

Hi again,

I rechecked the bank website.

In fact, the main page "Mes comptes/Liquidités et épargnes" list all my accounts. But not my "emprunts".
At the end of this page, if I clic on the "voir tous mes comptes et contrats" button, I get the page I told you about before. Ie, the page where only the 5 first "Mon épargne" account are displayed. But now, I see my "emprunts".

As 0.h version is reporting my emprunt but 0.g not, I suspect that 0.h version use this second page where as the 0.g version was using the first one. 0.h version must be fixed to either read all the "Liquidités et épargnes" account back in the first page, or it must follow the "Suite..." button when present for each section in the second page.


Updated by Vincent Danjean almost 4 years ago

For now, I workaround by downgrading weboob to 0.g version. I prefer to have all my "Liquidités et épargnes" accounts and not my "emprunts" account.

Updated by Vincent Danjean over 3 years ago

0.g version has a bug now :-(

So, I dig into the code of 0.h and I found a way to revert to the old behavior.
Here is the patch for the interested ones (I prefer to get all my classical accounts and none of my "emprunts" accounts than to get some of my classical accounts and "emprunts" accounts). Of course, the "correct" fix would be to get accounts from both but I did not succeed when trying to archive this.

~/.local/share/weboob/modules/0.h/banquepopulaire$ diff u browser.py.orig browser.py
browser.py.orig 2014-03-26 23:22:48.839561120 0100
++ browser.py 2014-03-26 23:23:11.483797642 +0100
@ -91,7 +91,7 @
raise BrokenPageError('Unable to go on the accounts list page')

- if self.page.is_short_list():
+ if 0 and self.page.is_short_list():
self['dialogActionPerformed'] = 'EQUIPEMENT_COMPLET'

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There are now all accounts of all kinds.

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