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Unable to sign in to Twitter since OAuth became mandatory

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pidgin-microblog (0.3+) supports Twitter's OAuth. That doesn't work with minbif.
Searching indicates that being logged in to the Twitter website is supposed to give you a prompt to allow mbpidgin access; that doesn't happen. (Source: http://www.krisbuytaert.be/blog/pidgin-and-oauth (see comments)).

I get a query from request every time I connect to minbif:

10:38 -!- Irssi: Starting query in minbif with request
10:38 <request> New request: Input your PIN
10:38 <request> Please allow mbpidgin to access your account
10:38 <request> Default value is:
10:38 <request> Type answer:

I can't see any way to get the PIN it requests.


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