Minbif 1.0.3 (Minxish Maëlle)

Great day today, the probably most stable version of Minbif is released!
Added by Romain Bignon almost 8 years ago

A new version of Minbif is released today. As this is probably the most stable version of Minbif ever, we wanted to appear as serious as the greatest operating system Ubuntu, which is a reference to us. So we now use code names for each release, and this time it is Minxish Maëlle.

This release fixes several bugs and introduces some features, like the full status management with /topic on status channels and its smart interaction with /away.

It has also been tested and fixed to work with libpurple 2.7.0 which has been released few days ago.


  • Use /topic on status channels to change your status message (#210).
  • With field requests, display image fields with libcaca.
  • Improvement of bans management (match wildcards, fix parsing, etc.).
  • When starting to chat with a buddy in a status channel, every received messages from this buddy are displayed in the status channel (#179).
  • Do not allow two IRC clients to be logged at the same time on the same account (only with the daemon fork mode) (#178).
  • Display the current status of a buddy in /WHOIS when he is not away.
  • Default value of 'server_alias' is now 'true'.
  • Works with libpurple 2.7.0.
  • Fix: crash with conversations (occured when a buddy sends a message, then disconnects/reconnects and re-send a message) (#258).
  • Fix: crash when closing a request.
  • Fix: compilation on FreeBSD (now using a buildbot slave on this OS) (#255).
  • Fix: /svsnick collision detection.
  • Fix: crash when nobody connects to DCC server.
  • Fix: crash when a buddy has an icon without any path (wtf).