Minbif 1.0.5 (Slutty Sheraz)

Added by Romain Bignon almost 7 years ago

Yes, the last release was one year ago, so this is a new version which includes bugfixes and a few new features.



  • Add an option file_transfers/dcc_own_ip in config file.
  • Change weechat's script to ignore the 'request' nick.
  • When a new request is received during process of an other one, tell user.
  • Add a facebook rename script for weechat.
  • Change users of child process with pam authentification.
  • Escape URL entities in /JOIN params.
  • Add a /SCONNECT alias to /CONNECT.
  • Can use wildcards to match buddies with /WHO.
  • prpl-coincoin: support hh:mm:ss:ref norloge syntax.
  • prpl-coincoin: works with the new version of the DLFP board.
  • Fix: prevent crash with the msn plugin.
  • Fix: conversion to IRC escape chars.
  • Fix: compatibility with libpurple 2.8+.