Weboob 0.f

Added by Florent Fourcot over 5 years ago

Only two months after the previous one, weboob 0.f has been released.

There are a lot of new features, with 4 new console applications (booblyrics, cineoob, cookboob, suboob) and two Qt applications (qcineoob, qcookboob). Weboob can now get information about the cinema world, find a recipe for your next diner, and download text of songs. And as usual, new bank modules.

In contrib, we have a new munin plugin (generic-munin) to graph every numeric value available with Weboob. Downloadboob has been improved too.

There are now 106 modules and 32 applications.




  • New application: booblyrics
  • New application: cineoob
  • New application: cookboob
  • New application: suboob
  • New application: qcineoob
  • New application: qcookboob
  • New capabilitie: CapSubtitles
  • New capabilitie: CapCinema
  • New capabilitie: CapLyrics
  • New capabilitie: CapRecipe
  • New module: American Express (CapBank)
  • New module: Paypal (CapBank)
  • New module: Crédit du Nord (CapBank)
  • New module: Allocine (CapCinema)
  • New module: IMBD (CapCinema)
  • New module: Parole De Musique (CapLyrics)
  • New module: Parolesmania (CapLyrics)
  • New module: Seeklyrics (CapLyrics)
  • New module: 750g (CapRecipe)
  • New module: Cuisineaz (CapRecipe)
  • New module: Marmiton (CapRecipe)
  • New module: Attilasub (CapSubtitle)
  • New module: OpenSubtitles (CapSubtitle)
  • New module: tvsubtitles (CapSubtitle)
  • New module: Btmon (CapTorrent)
  • New module: DresdenWetter (CapWeather)
  • New script: Generic Munin Plugin


  • Do not cry if an object is not support to be filled by a backend
  • Add a CSV parser
  • Remove two old and useless debug messages (bcall)
  • Force updating modules after upgrade (#1066)

Core: application

  • Fix crash when there is no selected fields
  • Allow infinite search with 0
  • Add a JSON encoder
  • move to_dict to base.py (#1060, #1061)

Core: browser

  • Ability to set a ENCODING constant to BasePage which overrides the
    Browser's one
  • Use recent firefox user agent (Firefox ESR)
  • Fall back on SSLv3 if TLSv1 fails
  • Cache the sucessful SSL protocol

Core: tools

  • Create DateGuesser extracted from cragr

Application: boobill

  • Improve documentation of download command

Application: havedate

  • Display contact IDs in 'events' command output

Application: pastoob

  • Add command-line parameters (#920)
  • Support "no expiration"

Application: videoob

  • Add resume option for video downloading
  • Stop the video when closing with ESC

Application: webcontentedit

  • Add non tty stdin support to edit command
  • Add "get" command to webcontentedit

Application: Wetboobs

  • Add a default error message on SensorNotFound

Module: aum

  • Handle GONE exception
  • Mimic mobile application (#1041)
  • Fix: date used may be UTC
  • Fix: display of summary
  • Support new 'favorite_food' field
  • Go on website to get stats and geographical position
  • Read field ratio
  • Don't stop on threads with a contact who left the website
  • Fix: send email when taken in a basket

Module: axabanque

  • Remove mkdtemp in module
  • Fix: crash on a new tab

Module: banquepopulaire

  • Fix: parsing of some card transactions
  • Update regexps

Module: barclays

  • Update regexps
  • Support market page (but do not display any history)
  • Support when accounts are in javascript...

Module: bnporc

  • Remove mkdtemp in modul
  • Support pro accounts

Module: boursoram

  • Take id of the website for transactions
  • On page to update user information, raise BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • Get maximum history
  • Do not crash for special accounts
  • Remove mkdtemp in module

Module: bp

  • Fix: New SSL certificat

Module: bred

  • Fix: deferred debit cards parsing

Module: caissedepargne

  • Update regexps
  • New SSL certificat
  • Support more history

Module: cic

  • support pagination
  • support wher forced to go on change_password page
  • Fix: crash on pagination

Module: cmso

  • Update regexps

Module: cragr

  • Use LinearDateGuesser
  • New maintener
  • Support new website

Module: creditmutuel

  • Transfer now accepts long and short IDs
  • Support pagination
  • Support wher forced to go on change_password page
  • Fix: transfer problem
  • Fix: crash on pagination

Module: dailymotion

  • Fix search
  • Avoid redirects
  • Fix: extraction of video url

Module: dlfp

  • Do not crash when revision is provided(#1067)

Module: fortuneo

  • Update regexps
  • Support when website asks to renew password
  • Fix: card transaction pattern
  • Fix: accounts list on new version of website
  • Get more history
  • Support PRLV pattern

Module: francetelevisions

  • Fix: search

Module: freemobile

  • Add an id for calls
  • Fix get_bill
  • Add multi-account support for bills command

Module: gdcvault

  • Retrieve now video, audio, slides and Dual Screen Video
  • Implement searching
  • Implement login
  • Handle pages with redirects to files
  • Fix a lot of bugs on some pages

Module: hsbc

  • Support deferred cards
  • Do not support other kind of account histories than CPT

Module: ing

  • Detect when website is unavailable
  • Fix: new website
  • Fix: generation of IDs
  • Merge LoginPage and Login2Page to prevent problems when the website
    fails with 500
  • Prevent useless debug folders

Module: isohunt

  • Fix: bug if leech or seed is empty corrected
  • Fillobj integration

Module: kickass

  • Fix: downloading gziped torrents
  • Fix: download URL and support magnets
  • Return NotAvailable if needed
  • Fix: url correction
  • Fix: download URL and magnet support in all iter_torrents

Module: mediawiki

  • Add support for the revision argument

Module: lcl

  • Support when there is an error
  • Remove mkdtemp in modules

Module: leclercmobile

  • Add an id for balance objects

Module: nettokom

  • Fix: crash when no data available
  • Display validity date of subscriptions

Module: piratebay

  • Fix: bug on empty result page corrected
  • fillobj integration
  • get_torrent return None if 404
  • Unescape title

Module: presseurop

  • Better id management
  • Increase RSS size

Module: redmine

  • Add support for the revision argument (#1067)

Module: sachsen

  • Fix: as0.gif keyerror
  • Better image analyse

Module: societegenerale

  • Fix: login
  • Fix: Do not crash when an account is unavailable
  • Fix: Transfer regexp
  • Recipient of a transfer can be a name

Module: trictractv

  • Add an icon

Module: vimeo

  • Fix for no-embed videos

Module: wordreference

  • Fix: Take the first word
  • Make result cleaner
  • Add favicon

Module: youtube

  • Fix: detection of media url on youtube

Capabilitie: CapBank

  • More robust currency guessing
  • Fix repr() on transactions with unicode labels
  • support empty dates for transactions


  • New git URL
  • Add missing "whatis entry" to man pages (#618)


  • Add a "id_regexp" parameter to filter results on video id
  • Exclude on case sensitive pattern
  • Add utf-8 support on title_exclude


  • Add basic boilerplate script (replace gen_comic_reader.sh)
  • Remove storage_convert.py
  • Ignore Qt generated UI files (pyflakes)


  • Update setup.py for latest Gentoo installs
  • Use a central Makefile
  • Fast and silent building
  • Ensure proper building of man pages
  • Tell groff manpages are utf-8
  • Update INSTALL