Weboob 1.1 is (finally!) out

Added by Florent Fourcot almost 3 years ago

The 1.0 was the first stable release, and one of the stability proof is the time between 1.0 and the 1.1, even with a fast module development.

This release is really huge (1270 commits), and that is very hard to summarize it since there are not really new big features but many of smaller ones. The most important thing is probably a big warning: the 1.1 is the last version with python 2.6 support. We will not try anymore to be compatible with this old version, and we will now focus the work to be compatible with python 3.

To speak numbers, this version was made by 35 contributors. We have 28 new modules for only one new application. We probably reached a majority of website usage with our previous applications. We also removed two modules: grooveshark is down, and hellobank users should now use bnporc module instead (the same code is used for both websites).

As promised, the 1.1 branch does not break the API, except for one thing: the async parameter is now deprecated in the browser and a new name is_async should be used, async becomes a reserved keyword in recent python versions.



  • Last release with python 2.6 support
  • New CapShop capability (#1662)
  • New shopoob application
  • Add new 'weboob' script to find applications
  • New APIBrowser class
  • Add a contrib script to help forking weboob
  • New WEBOOB_DATADIR environment variable

General: removed modules

  • Removed grooveshark module: website is closed
  • remove module hellobank, use bnporc instead

General: new modules


  • Repositories update: display a message when all modules are up-to-date
  • Log full backtrace on module build error
  • Update windows installation (#1668)
  • Better detection of gpgv.exe location
  • Fix issues when using NamedTemporaryFile on windows
  • Add a datadir option, handle WEBOOB_DATADIR
  • Use gpg by default rather than gpgv for signature verification
  • Create empty temporary GPG homedir
  • Exclude backend using instance_name instead of module_name
  • Try to be consistent in variable name between backends and modules
  • Convert StopIteration for PEP 479


  • Account() constructor does not take an id
  • Fix symlink creation in setup.rst
  • Use browser2 in module documentation
  • Add few docstrings in core and browser


  • Add Eval filter, for arithmetic expressions
  • Add Slugify filter
  • Add a JSValue filter to look for literals
  • Add Decode filter, to decore urlencoded strings
  • CleanText: add Unicode normalization
  • Regexp: nth param can now be '*' to find all
  • Attr: fix error message
  • CleanText: fix paramter name "children"
  • DateTime: handle TypeError exception raised by parse_date
  • Duration: correct '_regexp' attribut name
  • Dict: several improvements
  • Join: improve it to work like join command
  • Join: add ewMone, addBefpre, addAfter parameters
  • Async: if AsyncLoad parameter is None, do not try to open it
  • CleanDecimal: convert INT, float and long (and not only str)
  • Attr: fix an error message
  • Dict: handle TypeError in parsing
  • Time: Update regexp to catch more values


  • Add comments on Form class
  • New unit tests
  • New api for content, encoding, and document building
  • Add ChecksumPage class
  • Cleaner way to get rid of BOM for CsvPage
  • Fix wrong encoding detection logic
  • Detect XML encoding
  • Enable passing the path to a CA file to Browser.VERIFY
  • Add an asset method to get absolute path of module local files
  • Browser.VERIFY can now be a module local file
  • Fix compatibility with python 2.6 in HTMLPage (#1651)
  • TableElement: fix count columns when there is an attribute "colspan"
  • Do not display urllib3 warning if there is no TLS certificate verification
  • Add an IPhone profile
  • Add a GoogleBot profile
  • Add method Browser.set_profile
  • DomainBrowser: ability to give the baseurl in constructor
  • Add LoginBrowser.do_logout() method
  • Handle "Refresh" meta tag in HTMLPage, with a REFRESH_MAX option
  • Add an absurl method to Page
  • Fix crash when using HEAD on a page-matching URL
  • Add BrowserQuestion exception (ask user to change config when raised)
  • Add 'replace' xpath function in HTMLPage
  • Introduce new DictElement class
  • Add some JSON helpers
  • Strip data on CsvPage
  • Better control of HTTP referrer
  • Allow changing the Session class
  • Pass async/sync callbacks in the same way
  • Bump Firefox version to next ESR (38)
  • Fix documentation: use HTMLPage instead of Page
  • Add StatesMixin class to store state of a browser
  • Change worker pool size after session init
  • Allow to force method in URL.go (pass argument to location())
  • Support using id in HTMLPage.get_form()
  • Rename async parameter to is_async

Old Browser

  • Do not use PROTOCOL_SSLv3 as it is deprecated, use bad named
    PROTOCOL_SSLv23 instead
  • Add BaseBrowser.get_page method (don't change the location)
  • Add a StateBrowser to store cookies in storage
  • CSVParser: catch exceptions
  • Disable lowsslcheck if there is a proxy, as ssl doesn't deal with it


  • Add the possibility to define Field type argument as a string
  • Create enum. Use it in calendar and housing (code factorization)
  • Add a way to instantiate an object from a dict of its fields values
  • Add russian ruble and XOF currencies
  • Add SGD, BRL, JPY and MXN in currencies

Capabilities: Audio

  • Move specific audio filters from capabilities/audio.py to tools/capabilities/audio/audio.py
  • Add specific filters to create audio objects id
  • Do not require an id in constructors

Capabilities: Bank

  • Fix StatusField to be a BaseObject
  • Change quantity type to decimal number
  • Better explanation for Investment class
  • Introduce new type Account.TYPE_LIKE_INSURANCE
  • Add credit limit, payment due date and amount for credit card bank
    accounts (#1717)
  • Add IBAN properties
  • Add card number and commission in Transaction
  • Add original_amount and original_currency in Transaction
  • Add country in Transaction
  • Add Transaction.investments and Investment.vdate attributes
  • Add Account.valuation_diff attribute
  • Add Account.number attribute

Capabilities: Bill

  • Inherits Detail and Bill from Currency
  • Remove Bill.idparent attribute
  • Add Bill.vat attribute

Capabilities: Calendar

  • Add timezone parameter to calendar event in order order do get the good date/hours in ical exports
  • Add a field 'summary' to Query object
  • Add ticket status in BaseCalendarEvent
  • Add a ticket field to Query
  • Add BaseCalendarEvent.timezone attribute
  • Add new categories

Capabilities: Cinema

  • A person may have now several roles in a movie

Capabilities: Collection

  • Do not require an params in constructor

Capabilities: Contact

  • Set default value of Contact.profile to OrderedDict()

Capabilities: Dating

  • Fix API to store optimization name in object ID
  • Correct method name: s/search_gallery/search_galleries/

Capabilities: GeolocIp

  • Add osmlink field

Capabilities: Housing

  • Support new type SHARING

Capabilities: Messages

  • Remove _Message and _Thread and use strings in Field instead

Capabilities: Recipe

  • Do not force to use id in object constructor

Capabilities: Torrent

  • Remove name mandatory parameter in constructor

Capabilities: Thumbnail

  • Thumbnail now inherits of _BaseImage

Capabilities: Weather

  • Do not require an id in constructor
  • Fix default value for date
  • Cosmetics in temperature formatting


  • Backport check_output function for python 2.6
  • Remove wconio dependency on win32 platform
  • Allow ResultsCondition to compare timedelta
  • Encode properly output in console.py (#1673)
  • Fix BrowserSSLError catch in ConsoleApplication (#1702)
  • Handle attribute error when stdout does not habe encoding attribute
  • If backend name is already taken, suggest the first available one with
    the same base
  • Formatters: use weboob.tools.misc.guess_encoding instead of utf-8
  • Formatters: manage tty colummns while displaying text
  • Use os.devnull and binary flag for windows compatibility

Applications: REPL

  • Fix a crash when ReplApplication.do() is called with a function
  • Create a message for 403 errors

Applications: boobank

  • Format: ISIN is a 12 letter word
  • Format integer for quantity
  • Sometines the full code is not available. Display description instead
  • Add a command 'Budgea' to export accounts and transactions
  • Fix investment display when some fields are empty
  • Identify credit card for each transaction in OFX export

Applications: boobill

  • Use do_ls to cache objects in REPL
  • Add binary mode for writing. Fix file downloading on windows

Applications: boobcoming

  • Fix crash without end_date (#1667)
  • Add search by summary
  • Print ticket status
  • Add search by ticket status
  • Handle error correctly in do_attends
  • Add a load command
  • Improve ical export (end lines with '\r\n', as RFC says)
  • Add timezone in ical export
  • Display price as float
  • Improve date display
  • Do not crash during export of an unknown event

Applications: cineoob

  • Give roles informations in persons_in_common and movies_in_common
  • Support several roles in the same movie for an actor
  • Movies in common are now sorted by release year
  • Fix problem with stream parameter in request.get in python-requests v2.5

Applications: flatboob

  • Display backend in city choice

Applications: geolooc

  • Fill OpenStreetMap link

Applications: havedate

  • Store optimization name in object ID

Applications: parceloob

  • Clean cached objects before getting new ones

Applications: qcineoob

  • Add 'view' and 'view in new tab' buttons for all search results
  • Add 'view thumbnail' for movie and person search results
  • Factorisation of events in search results
  • Persons in common implemented in movie page
  • Movies in common implemented in person page
  • Support several roles in the same movie for an actor
  • Better display of search results, spaces added
  • Increase biography field size
  • Movies in common are now sorted by release year
  • Better user input validation for same-person movies in common

Applications: qcookboob

  • Implement tab navigation (#1290)
  • Fix bug when thumbnail_url is empty

Applications: radioob

  • Can now download full album
  • Add file in search subcommand

Applications: videoob

  • Fix the problem with streamed calls on requests (#1683)
  • Display download subcommand in debug mode

Applications: weboorrent

  • Fix formatter for info command

Applications: weboob-config

  • Improve info command to allow json formatting
  • Put all config details in a dictionnary
  • Format capabilities as JSON array
  • Add installation status in modules subcommand
  • Prompt user to accept an untrusted keyring (#771)
  • Add module_name param in add_backend to allow command line interaction
  • Update help of "add" command


  • Move guess_encoding into weboob.tools.misc
  • Add a Javascript class
  • Avoid crash on UnicodeDecodeError with retry decorator

Tools: bash-completion

  • Hide error (#1671)

Tools: date

  • Supporting french month abbreviation without dot
  • Extend date_max_bump default value to 31 days in LinearDateGuesser and
  • Add some french translation
  • Parse french date with DMY order by default

Tools: virtkeyboard

  • Fix not logical arguments order
  • Dump of tiles: save full image too
  • Allow to receive a list in get_symbol_code() method
  • Support pollution in coords attributes


  • Add a gtk appindicator for boobank
  • Remove bashisms in report_accounts.sh
  • weboob-generic: fix object listing when tomonitore is not set

Contrib: downloadboob

  • Print link message only when needed
  • Fix new file detection
  • Support download of m3u8 files
  • Allow passing config and section filter on command line
  • Replace call to 'fill_video' by 'fillobj'

Modules: 750g

  • 750g is now working using browser2 (#1706)
  • Fix: Only select the first thumbnail image
  • Fix: Site changed
  • Improve instructions parsing

Modules: adecco

  • Bump to browser2

Modules: agendadulibre

  • Add missing favicons
  • Adapt for timezone support
  • Do not crash when json included in webpage is not valid
  • Correctly retrieve start and end date

Modules: allocine

  • Remove excessive quote_plus call on pattern to make multi-word search work again
  • Adapt for more informations in persons_in_common and movies_in_common
  • Fix: accents were causing problems in search
  • Handle videos from allocine
  • Handles showtimelist in allocine
  • Fix: bug while playing videos from external url
  • Fix: syntax error on allocine
  • Adapt for timezone support
  • Max rallocine rate is 5
  • Fix unicode warning

Modules: allrecipes

  • Adapt to new version of website
  • bump to browser2

Modules: amazon

  • Skip "In transit" orders. (#1684)
  • New discount: "Lightning Deal" (#1684)
  • Generate payment transaction if there aren't any (#1684)
  • Order charges xpath fix (#1684)
  • Amazon module: skip 'Not yet shipped' orders (#1699)
  • Amazon module is updated according to the website change (#1715)
  • Skip "On the way" orders at Amazon (#1716)
  • Support new version of Amazon order details header (#1721)
  • Retry Amazon requests after ReadTimeout exception
  • handle Timeout exception as ReadTimeout has been introduced in recent versions of requests
  • Add French Support and Shopoob compatibilities
  • Add french translations
  • Retry ConnectionError as well (#1742)
  • pep8 fixes
  • Support for a new payment layout and priceless items (#1764)
  • Scrape the updated website (#1808)
  • Update after site changes
  • New status to ignore
  • More shippings and discounts (#1853)
  • Retry getting an order page (#1876)
  • amazon bills
  • Fix: work with iter_resource, and use ISO currency codes instead of symbols

Modules: ameli

  • Update after sites changes, and upgrade to new browser
  • Handle authentication errors
  • PaymentDetailsPage: use a simpler URL
  • Site was updated
  • details isn't implemented: remove dummy code
  • ameli: prevents crashes when no bills are available

Modules: amelipro

  • Update after sites changes, and upgrade to new browser
  • Fix decimal bug

Modules: americanexpress

  • Handling no amount on account
  • Add default date to beginning_debit_date
  • Handle new americanexpress site but only if there is only one card
  • Increase timedelta to guess real date
  • Handle US account
  • Amex is dumber and dumber ( increase time delta because amex have hard time to put the date in a good interval)
  • Fix parsing of rdate
  • Fixing card type
  • Removing useless id

Modules: apec

  • Use https instead of http
  • Adapt to the new version of the website and use browser2

Modules: arretsurimages

  • Fix: get videos titles in h1 (#1447)
  • Fix: correctly implement search and add a test (#1691)

Modules: arte

  • Fix bug id was not well filled in info command and title was not filled
  • Adapt to browser2
  • Fix display bug during newly install
  • Default value must be key, not label
  • Fix bug when urls are not found
  • Fix bug when date is not available
  • Handle special characters in search
  • Fix arte concert (a fields has been removed fron json)
  • Handle special cases in json parsing
  • Do not raise 404 error while searching a video using an other site url
  • Fix program menu management
  • Fill id using a better value for arte cinema

Modules: audioaddict

  • Fix description data removal from audioaddict API
  • Rename SKY FM to Radio Tunes
  • Add Fresca Radio

Modules: aum

  • Search query string: replace %(lat)s and %(lng)s with position in my profile
  • Fix parsing of geo position

Modules: axabanque

  • New login pages on axabanques (#1709, #1711)
  • account.id is now only paramNumCompte if there is not paramNumContrat
  • Handle expired password
  • Handling banned account
  • Do not try to recover transaction from DAT account
  • axabanque fix duplicate accounts id
  • Handling duplicate id for account using Jsp Id
  • Stop parsing history of investment accounts
  • Fixing random number formating
  • Add error page

Modules: banqueaccord

  • Fix inconsistent history on loan accounts if there is no init date
  • Labels of login fields changed

Modules: banquepopulaire

  • Support new authentication on some region websites
  • Fix login on new website (needs upper case login)
  • Fix crash for new cards with no debited history
  • Break the new protection
  • Support full list of accounts (#1360)
  • Fix crash in a particular case of navigation
  • Supporting new account page
  • Parsing last connection date correctly
  • Fix navigation when passable unavailable page is displayed before login
  • Support case where user may accept TERMS_OF_USE
  • No history if account has no prev_balance
  • Apply alsace and lorrainechampagne fusion in bpalc in banquepopulaire module
  • Add Investment accounts
  • Correctly return an iterator even if this isn't an investment account
  • Fix crash on empty field banquepopulaire investment
  • Add life insurance investment
  • Skip message pages to get_investment on banquepopulaire
  • Fix a crash on iter_accounts after an investment on banquepopulaire
  • Remove stored 'token' attribute from browser and fix navigation on banquepopulaire website
  • Correctly get token only when available
  • Handle error page to avoid global crashes
  • Fix to get token
  • Adding support for IBAN
  • Fix getting tokens on some pages
  • Attempt to fix cgu validation
  • Adding loan
  • Add unavailable page
  • Fixing useless id
  • Ignore \0 bytes in documents

Modules: barclays

  • Add AssurancePage on which we don't support get_history
  • Fix barclays navigation
  • Handle suspended accounts
  • Fix bug when card is first account
  • Support more account types
  • Sorting transaction before returning
  • Fixing page payement to foreign currency
  • Remove print
  • Remove bad transactions ids

Modules: biplan

  • Site changed
  • Detect invalid events
  • Do not crash when no time can be found
  • Add timezone / fix encoding and hours detection
  • Fix parsing error on start date

Modules: bnporc

  • Fix to get transactions when they are ordered by type
  • Get IBAN of accounts
  • Do not try to get IBAN for delegated accounts
  • Add investments to bnporc module
  • Handle corner case
  • Move old code for old site in a new folder
  • Add support for new bnp site
  • Move new browser into pp/
  • Parse transaction labels, and fix account's coming
  • bnp history not supported on life insurance
  • Investment not implemented for entreprise browser
  • bnp investment fix
  • Handle error message after login
  • bnp type life insurance on capitalisation accounts
  • Do not get investments from PEA Espèces
  • Handling account without history
  • bnp history always return an iterator
  • New bnp entreprise certhash
  • Switch to new website and several fixes
  • Correctly set IDs
  • Raise BrowserIncorrectPassword when user should use hellobank instead
  • Raise IncorrectPassword after 100 connections
  • WIP on new company bnp website
  • Adapt module to use Browser2
  • Add company browser
  • Fall back on old website for pro accounts
  • Add iban field for company accounts
  • New certificate
  • Fix compatibility with python2.6
  • Fix concerning banqueprivee subdomain
  • Handle website unavailable for history
  • Better handle of expired password
  • rename pp folder to ppold
  • Fix PEP8 E713
  • Support lifeinsurances on new website
  • Add authentification error code
  • Skip transaction without date
  • Adding support iban for some pro account
  • Automatically update password to the same one when the 100 connections threshold is reached
  • Type more accounts to get history and transactions investments on those
  • Revert fall back on oldwebsite for pro accounts
  • Add a page to renew password
  • Support checking type
  • Adding loan for crédit immobilier
  • Calculate IBAN key if messing
  • Add Hellobank support
  • Use shorter id
  • Revert "[bnporc] use shorter id"
  • Handle investment and history on market accounts
  • Fix crash if bnp throws 500 HTTP status code
  • New connection threshold page url for hellobank
  • Valution_diff on market accounts
  • Add number to iter_accounts
  • Fixing bad id for coming transaction
  • Prevent us from crashing when bnp crashes

Modules: boursorama

  • Add investment
  • Support market investments
  • Fix duplicate entry on card account
  • Cleaner way to iterate
  • Better explanation for Investment class
  • Fix website changes (virtual keyboard, accounts list) (#1696)
  • Ignore moneycenter accounts
  • Minor fix
  • Introduce new type Account.TYPE_LIKE_INSURANCE
  • Use two_authentication with BrowserToBeContinued instead of raw_input
  • Use StateBrowser, s/BrowserToBeContinued/BrowserQuestion/ and coding style fixes
  • Remove text after card number if any
  • Raising incorrecte password when profil is incomplete
  • Fix CC history for boursorama
  • Update hash of boursorama's certificate
  • Fix duplicate accounts
  • bourso new investment page and fix parsing
  • Fix crash when there is more data in the cell
  • Fix PEP8 E713
  • Fix parsing of unit price
  • Fix investment link parsing
  • Ignore immediate debit cards
  • Investments on lifeinsurance transactions
  • Fix pagination of lifeinsurance history
  • Ignore promotional fake accounts
  • Fix parsing some special market accounts
  • Valuation diff on lifeinsurance accounts
  • Fixing bad id transactions
  • Do not use useless id
  • Fixing false id in transactions
  • Fix parsing of investment label
  • Fall back on old website if we are on the new one

Modules: bouygues

  • Rewrite backend using browser2 (#1970 and #1978)
  • Add support for bill on bouygues
  • Avoid useless login
  • Handle website modifications
  • Home page uses https (#2510)

Modules: bp

  • Support professional accounts
  • Update upstream certificate hash (#1702)
  • Handling when website have an error
  • Fix parsing of virtual keyboard url
  • Add a page to pro website
  • Catch a no online banking service at login
  • Set type of accounts on professional accounts
  • Identify credit card for each transaction
  • Update to new certificate
  • Adding IBAN support for banque postal pro
  • Add a regexp on withdrawal labels
  • Parse IBAN for personal accounts
  • Do not crash if there is no IBAN for an account
  • Iban in unicode
  • Fix for newer pdfminer versions
  • Fixing bad account type on pro website
  • Sorting transactions before returning them
  • Fix for new API
  • Only call initialize if needed
  • Fix get_pages usage for new API
  • Fix newapi import
  • Fixing fake id for transactions
  • Fixing pdf parse with new api
  • Fixing no RIB

Modules: bred

  • Support new website of bred
  • Fix compatibility with Decimal of python2.6 (#1685)
  • The 'categorie' key isn't always in json
  • Detection of disabled accounts
  • Correctly strip currency code
  • Correctly deal with cookies storage
  • Add type Account.TYPE_DEPOSIT
  • Catch technical error at login
  • Fix duplicates accounts
  • Fix PEP8 E713
  • Get IBAN on accounts
  • Dd certash
  • Handle multiple universes
  • Oops fix mistake

Modules: caissedepargne

  • Fix getting card accounts on old website
  • Set type on card transactions
  • Support Banque BCP which uses same website than caissedepargne
  • Do not force TLSv1 anymore as in some cases it doesn't work
  • Investment on lifeinsurance and market account
  • Add balance on NUANCE
  • Fix IndexError related to investment feature
  • Handling website error for market place
  • Fixing index error when checking if we are on error page
  • Fix BrowserUnavailable when browser is on market pages
  • Iban on cassedepargne accounts
  • Add new certhash
  • Ignoring CB transaction aggregation
  • Try to type more accounts
  • Adding support for saving type
  • Prevent crash on market
  • Get more investments
  • Valuation_diff on market accounts
  • Fix crash if there are several market accounts
  • Fix not authorized to read market accounts
  • Fix accounts parsing on banquedelareunion
  • Adding compte titre type
  • Fixing leaving investment space

Modules: canalplus

  • Correctly fix the problem with streamed calls on requests (#1683)

Modules: carrefourbanque

  • Fix accounts parsing
  • Fix 404 on history and now support "compte livret"
  • Fix when account balance is negative

Modules: cci

  • Update for Join filter changes
  • Site changes

Modules: chronopost

  • Status guessing

Modules: cic

  • Handle new certificate
  • Supporting mouvements.html and situation_financiere.html
  • Fix list index out of range on iter_accounts
  • Rewrite module to browser2 (based on creditmutuel)
  • Cic can have letter in login
  • Add IBAN on cic
  • Fixing cic account with "Contre-valeur"

Modules: citelis

  • Certificate hash change

Modules: citibank

  • Do not wait for transactions if there's none. (#1661)
  • Credit limit, payment due date and amount for Citibank. (#1719)
  • Use V8 for login (#1743)
  • Relogin when the website returns garbage instead of a PDF. (#1820)
  • Site was updated. Closes (#1820)
  • Parse thousands correctly in the statements. (#1984)
  • Backport check_output for 2.6

Modules: cmb

  • Fix detection of authentication fail
  • Add deposit type in CMB module
  • Fixing when login is obsolete
  • Fixing cmb with some pro module
  • Quick fix for multiple space.

Modules: cmso

  • Add pro browser to cmso bank module
  • Correctly raise instance of BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • Correctly handle 500 error during login
  • Fix parsing of market accounts and factorization of the Transaction class
  • Fix website changes on auth page
  • Go to subscription page before get accounts for some users
  • Use a local instance of LinearDateGuesser instead of global one
  • Support pagination of transactions
  • Fix: coma are used as decimal separators
  • Correctly handle expired sessions
  • Fixing duplicate entry
  • Handle double site type on the pro side
  • Clean + blackbox compatibility on cmso pro

Modules: colisprive

  • Rewrite for browser2
  • Fix history parsing

Modules: cragr

  • Fix parsing of labels with new crédit agricole website
  • Fix parsing of raw transaction text
  • Handle useless pages to prevent being redirected to mobile version
  • Get IBAN on accounts
  • Detect connection errors
  • Add new labels to market type
  • Fix account list parsing, skip irrelevant account
  • Fix getting history for card accounts
  • Fix import of Account
  • Add tdbgestion page
  • The type of PEL accounts is now SAVINGS instead of MARKET.
  • Refactor
  • Support life insurance accounts
  • Handle sessionSAG parameter
  • Support market accounts
  • Handling bad investement parsing
  • Handling bad value for investement
  • Fix parsing on cragr investment
  • Fix av investment parsing
  • Do not return NotAvailable if value == 0.0
  • Support loan accounts
  • Fix double clean of investment amounts
  • Add account types
  • DAV PEA is a checking account
  • Handle new login navigation on some sub websites
  • Fix incorrect password on new login
  • Add page to fix login access
  • Fixing categorization
  • Cragr perimeters
  • Adding new saving account name
  • Fix infinite loop when a crash occurs on perimters
  • Fix when some perimeters are crashing
  • Fix broken perimeters
  • Fix in case of CGU poping when changing perimeters
  • Fix card accounts balance parsing
  • Fix mistake

Modules: creditcooperatif

  • Update regexp to support SEPA transfers
  • Fix exception in some cases
  • Fix regexp for external transfer
  • Handle investment
  • Correctly return an iterator even if this isn't an investment account
  • Add attribute _inv to pro accounts

Modules: creditdunord

  • Handle the case when the creditdunord CB label is "OPERATION SUR CARTE" (#1712)
  • Remove spaces from IDs
  • Handling account with no history
  • Handling no details for this account
  • Fix crash on accounts which doesn't support history
  • Handle duplicate accounts
  • courtois: we now skip transactions without date even on pro accounts
  • Fixing wrong id when no details for an account
  • Trying to avoid duplicate accounts
  • Fix courtois we now always return iter for investment
  • Handle IBAN
  • Fix auth fail url
  • Add VirtualKeybord auth
  • Change lifeinsurance accounts type
  • Removing false id for transactions
  • Fix life insurance accounts and add valuation_diff
  • Raise BrowserIncorrectPassword is password isn't digits
  • Fixing history for account
  • Fixing pro account
  • Fix assert for password
  • Avoids infinite loop in case of fail login

Modules: creditmutuel

  • Handle new useless pages
  • Updat transfer method
  • Save and load state of browser into storage
  • Handle refresh on empty page
  • Handling already logged
  • Handling html page
  • /cmmabn/fr/ is a valid login page
  • If do_login() is called, force go on the login page
  • Handle refresh on LoginPage too
  • Handle disconnection
  • Fix accounts parsing
  • Fix parsing of 'soft' parts of account names
  • Fix parsing of balances if accounts page has been configured by user to display balance in several currencies
  • Clear cookies before to login
  • Better form detection
  • Increase timeout
  • Clean transactions label
  • Parse contactless payments ("PSC") transactions
  • Handling orignal currency
  • Using TableCell to handle dynamic transaction list
  • Ignore ELEVE CARTE line
  • Add account types patterns
  • Add type pattern for young accounts
  • Investment for market accounts
  • Fix crash when trying to find reale amount of market accounts
  • Fix portefeuille account parsing
  • Add IBAN on creditmutuel accounts
  • Fix parsing market accounts
  • Fix parsing of unitprice
  • Fix skipping market summary fake account
  • Fix parsing valuation of a market account
  • get more iban
  • Fix parsing isin codes in special cases
  • Handle new website
  • Redirect page added
  • Fix label
  • Fix parsing label of accounts on old websites
  • Fix wrong valuation on market accounts if several are present
  • Valuation_diff on market accounts and new balance for PEA
  • Account typing
  • Fix blackbox compatibility
  • Fetch more transactions
  • Fix detection if transactions are coming or not
  • Fix when last_debit is None
  • New accounts type
  • Life insurance on old website
  • Fill the rdate field on life insurances history

Modules: cuisineaz

  • Site changed / rewritten using browser 2

Modules: dailymotion

  • Fix dailymotion "search" return bug message
  • Fix to get video url

Modules: delubac

  • Rewrite module with browser2 on new website
  • Handle accounts and transactions
  • Website require a digit password

Modules: ovh

  • Adding bill for ovh

Modules: edf

  • Correctly set amount and currency on bills

Modules: ehentai

  • original_title does not exist anymore
  • There is no more description available
  • Update cardinality field name
  • Use Thumbnail object

Modules: feedly

  • Favicon transparency and remove JPEG artifacts
  • Use new DictElement object
  • Improve tests
  • Iimprove login management
  • Fix login
  • Do not crash when there is no title in article

Modules: fortuneo

  • Detection of accounts type
  • Support investments detail
  • Add page to browser: pea account type
  • Introduce new type Account.TYPE_LIKE_INSURANCE
  • Update changed certificate
  • Fix fortuneo module now support "compte especes"
  • Fix support of PEA accounts
  • Fixing empty performance
  • Fixing 2nd detail line who was considered like investment
  • Fixing bad int values on investment
  • Fetch history of life insurances
  • compte-espaces is a AccountHistory page
  • Correctly set type of market accounts
  • Fix savings account type
  • Fixing closed life insurance account on fortuneo
  • Raise IncorrectPassword when there is new id
  • Throwing error when an sms is required to access information
  • Switching error to browser incorrect password
  • Fixing listing account
  • Fix crash when parsing accounts without balance
  • Fix navigation
  • Support deferred debit cards
  • Set type of card transactions
  • Fix new pass required detection

Modules: francetelevisions

  • Fix "search" always return empty list
  • Correctly fix the problem with streamed calls on requests (#1683)
  • Remove "latest" feature
  • Fix pluzz's search (1700)
  • Add option to get video from an url
  • Handle lastest replay videos
  • Fix bug search date in bad balise
  • Fix bug: we can only search one time
  • Use new DictElement object
  • Fix: site changed (#1855)
  • Fix: site changed again (#1868)
  • Update tests
  • Fix bug while getting video from some url
  • Fix error when video url is none
  • Handle url from francetvinfo website

Modules: freemobile

  • Correctly handle wrong credentials
  • Fix parsing of bills urls
  • Force UTF-8 encoding with the standard mechanism
  • Enable bills filtering for multi-account
  • Fix subscription date parsing for multi-account
  • Fix forfait name parsing for multi-account

Modules: ganassurances

  • Rewrite ganassurance with browser2 and fix auth and history
  • Add missing date column title for cards history
  • Fixing statefull website with account's link changing
  • Fixing coming date with an other label
  • Change AccountsPage xpath to only get personal finances accounts
  • SSL is not supported anymore
  • Add changing pass/id page

Modules: googletranslate

  • Fix code used by Google Translate for Greek

Modules: groupamaes

  • Use a local instance of LinearDateGuesser instead of global one
  • Should now always find accounts
  • Fix : site changed

Modules: hellobank

  • Fix permissions, encoding and copyrights
  • Do not try to get IBAN from life insurance accounts
  • Do not try to get history of life insurance accounts
  • Allow transaction parsing across multiple pages
  • remove module, use bnporc instead

Modules: hsbc

  • Handling when website is gone away
  • Fixing shared accounts_list
  • Fix new list of accounts and new URLs
  • No history on loan accounts
  • Handling duplicate account id (#2114)
  • Submit two useless form to mimic browser
  • Fix date parsing
  • Add coming for cards
  • Do not use fake id for transactions from hsbc
  • Allow hsbc user to have more than 8 length password
  • Fixing credit is positive on some account

Modules: hybride

  • Fix: site changed
  • Fix: Date parsing
  • Fix: site changed again
  • Fix bug when there is no end date
  • Iimprove end_date management
  • Update to support timezone
  • Use Decode filter to get the good id
  • Simplify id

Modules: imdb

  • Fix: python datetime is locale-dependent
  • Fix: 'N/A' value in movie release date

Modules: imgur

  • Port to browser2
  • Implement CapGallery

Modules: ina

  • Bump to browser2
  • Handle CapAudio
  • Find video from url

Modules: ing

  • Coding style
  • Change selection of keyboard (more generic)
  • Fix navigation after a transfer
  • Remove hack to convert decimal to int
  • Fix crash if there is no ':' in IDs
  • Update regexp
  • Allow birthday to be entered with separators
  • Support of ASV accounts
  • Fix switch between market and checking websites
  • ASV accounts don't have history
  • Fix detection of errors in page
  • Get valuation information in several locations
  • NotImplemented exception for history on asv and clean code
  • As ING website sucks, re-login to retry getting investments list
  • Introduce new type Account.TYPE_LIKE_INSURANCE
  • Fix website change
  • Be sure we are logout before login
  • Store "where" in ing browser
  • Fix bad login with cookie cache
  • Fix parsing of euro founds
  • Add a kind of life insurance account name
  • Fix parsing of ISIN code for market accounts
  • Fix switches between market and bank websites
  • Euro funds have diff equal to 0
  • Fixing not avalaible value
  • Handling netissima page
  • Fix set of Investment.unitprice for market accounts
  • Correctly get subscriptions even if previous page was on market
  • Fix finding jid on some pages
  • Load ISIN code from details page if not available in the list
  • Fixing empty page in some case in investment without pl in URL
  • Prevent useless request since there is no history on asv accounts
  • Handling +infinity (best investment ever)
  • Fix ISIN code on asv
  • Do not slugify investments without ISIN codes
  • Fix ing bills
  • Parse bills dates
  • Skip summary bills
  • Fix isin on US investment
  • Fix when valuation is not available

Modules: inrocks

  • Url changed
  • Fix url matching
  • Do not try to parse premium news pages

Modules: kickass

  • New domain name
  • Adaptation to new browser, iter_torrents mysteriously not working
  • kickass now works with new browser

Modules: lcl

  • Website change, rewrite with browser2
  • Ignore summary lines in history tables
  • Fix stop parsing not transactions lines
  • Certificate updated
  • Fetch detail of transactions and use it in Transaction.raw
  • Change timeout to 30 seconds
  • Call default Browser.deinit()
  • Do not change Transaction.raw if there is no detail
  • Adding pagination support for lcl
  • Fix async bug with cards
  • Fixing RC4 and cert for pp browser
  • New certificate for LCL Espace Pro
  • Browser doesn't inherit 'object', so 'super' doesn't work
  • Handling account can't use online service when login
  • Fixing bad login when session expire
  • New transaction detail page
  • New certificate for lcl entreprise
  • Fix date parsing bug on transaction label 0/07/2015
  • Wrongpass instead of BrowserUnavailable
  • Fix PEP8 E713
  • Fix contracts selection routing
  • Remove validate method
  • Handle one case of bad login/pass
  • Handle investment
  • Fix for clients with no market investment accounts
  • Fix crash on asv accounts
  • Fix parsing of life insurance accounts with special chars in owner name
  • Fixing when we have some additional information
  • Disconnecting from bourse portal before returning the account list
  • Fix bugs on av accounts, double ids and disc from detail
  • Fix mistake in disc page
  • Fix life insurance accounts ids
  • Fix parsing of market accounts
  • Fix crash on enterprise websites
  • Adding iban info when available
  • Fix pro accounts iban
  • No permission page to fix crash
  • Fix crash in case life insurances are unavailables
  • Support a new account type
  • Fix parsing of some transactions on pro accounts
  • Adding saving account
  • Handling IBAN single account
  • Adding checking account
  • Fixing payement wording
  • Adding SAVING type for account
  • Handle home page so the module is blackbox compatible
  • Adding account type
  • Change page to handle specific behavior

Modules: leboncoin

  • Add missing favicons
  • Fix bug while parsing date
  • Fix bug when area is unknown
  • Add regions support
  • Fix error when there is no price and improve description display
  • Improve cities display in search
  • Fix search city using zipcode
  • Fix bug when user do not choose any city
  • Do not crash if a select does not exist in the form
  • Fix title parsing in search result
  • Get main photo when there is no carousel
  • Fix bug in costs retricton for rent type
  • Fix bug due to other backends cities
  • Fix site changed
  • Fix regex in id detection

Modules: lutim

  • Upgrade to Browser2

Modules: mailinator

  • Fix module as the api changed

Modules: mareeinfo

  • Add missing favicons

Modules: marmiton

  • marmiton is now working using browser2 (#1706)
  • Fix bugs in marmiton
  • xpath change (#2117)

Modules: mediawiki

  • Update tests to use "Project:Sandbox" page
  • Port to browser2
  • Remove useless stuff

Modules: meteofrance

  • Adapt to browser2
  • Use new DictElement object
  • Allow to iter forecasts using town name in addition to city id
  • Site changed

Modules: monster

  • Fix and adapt to browser2
  • Improve page parsing
  • Adapt for new Join filter
  • Handle adverts coming from partner websites

Modules: okc

  • Correctly detect when login fails
  • Handle logged page
  • Make all attributes of optim start with an underscore
  • Fix parsing of profiles
  • Way used to vote has changed
  • Fix encoding of urls
  • Fix parsing of thread title
  • Rewrite okc module with browser2 and less ugly code
  • Skip empty essay fields
  • Add status and orientation fields
  • Do not remove old threads anymore
  • Iter_unread_messages: do not visite read threads

Modules: oney

  • Add new hashes for virtkeyboard
  • Change get_balance xpath
  • Adding hash for virtkeyboard
  • Handle multiple cards

Modules: orange

  • Adapt to website changes (#1828)
  • Add https urls
  • Update maintainer
  • Supporting bill capability for orange

Modules: pap

  • Adapt to new DictElement object
  • Fix bug in parsing date
  • Fix : site changed

Modules: pastealacon

  • Fix: url changed
  • Works with other pastebin sites
  • Revert "pastealacon: work with other pastebin sites"

Modules: paypal

  • Handling when user can't acces account balance on main account
  • Supporting new paypal website
  • Fixing using new account page version when we are already on old account page
  • Handling when currency is not in right place
  • Fixing primary account display twice
  • Fixing wrong id on account
  • Checking website version after login
  • Fix crash on new accounts list (#1654)
  • Fix selection of table containing last file requests to be less ambiguous
  • When balance is zero, paypal add a class to the div
  • Handling new website account for individual
  • Paypal fix for KeyError: 'counterparty'
  • We now ignore transactions with no 'displayAmount'
  • Fix name of paypal accounts (display currency instead of balance)
  • Take care of transaction's net amounts (#1694)
  • Fix warning with adding a new home page
  • Handling home page on new private website
  • Fix paypal new activity URL
  • Fix paypal
  • Use locale.format to format amount
  • Do not use locale.setlocale to parse amount
  • Fix history on paypal, stop parsing suspended recurring payment
  • Get converted amount for foreign currencies
  • Fix crash IndexError: list index out of range (#1747)
  • Remove unused code, fix timeout of history fetch
  • We don't try to parse transactions without currencyCode anymore
  • New cert + fix conversion warning
  • Handling useless captcha page
  • New paypal certificate
  • Execute javascript convert() function on token
  • Paypal handle bad login/password
  • Add paypal new page to fix crash on history of some accounts
  • Fix crash on old website and inform users
  • Change detection of pro or perso account_type
  • Increase DEFAULT_TIMEOUT for accounts with a lot of transactions with foreign currency
  • Fix call of ads_token convert function
  • Fix timeout on accounts with huge transactions number
  • Fixing timeout for some accounts
  • Handling timeout when fetching old history
  • Fix transactions parsing
  • Get real amount accounting paypal's commissions
  • Fixing captcha
  • Handling promo page for new paypal application
  • Rewrite paypal with browser2 and fix login
  • Add a way to detect login errors
  • Pro accounts transactions amount is now returned without commission
  • Ignoring refound offer for paypal
  • Fixing paypal auth challenge
  • Do not supply floats to Decimal constructor
  • Fix login
  • Detect a login error
  • Fix parsing accounts without available balance
  • All personal accounts seems to be on new api.
  • Parse more transactions not in account currency
  • Try to get the activity 3 times
  • Discard another transaction type
  • Fix regexp parsing converted amount of transactions
  • Fix mistake of converted amount parsing
  • Handling payement from another bank
  • Fix parse_transaction return
  • Using original wording for payement from another bank and setting type
  • Check if there is a associated transaction for "Achat de"
  • Fixing bad return
  • Include archived transactions
  • Fix pro accounts transactions amounts not in account currency
  • Fix parsing converted amount from other currency
  • Fixing paypal using different token for conversion
  • Removing commande à from transaction list
  • English key word to skip transactions
  • Fcking paypal

Modules: piratebay

  • Use new domain names

Modules: playme

  • Add a profile walker to automatically send won challenges
  • Implement get_account_status()
  • Fix warnings
  • Answer only to 5 questions
  • Fix challenges with users who have already challenged you
  • Fix crash when there is no contact
  • Use Module.create_browser to correctly give all standard arguments (proxy, logger, etc.)

Modules: poivy

  • Fix low balance listing

Modules: popolemploi

  • Fix search and upgrade to browser2
  • Website uses https
  • Site changed

Modules: presseurop

  • Fix body selectors

Modules: radiofrance

  • Site changed / backend rewritten using browser2
  • Manage selection podcasts / improve testing
  • Handle podcasts
  • Fix indentation typo
  • Minor fixes
  • Cleanly display live in repl
  • Handle new francebleu website, retrieve the good player url when default player is the video player
  • Fix 404 errors in selection

Modules: razibus

  • Increase timeout
  • Support timezone

Modules: redmine

  • Fix crash when parsing custom fields

Modules: regionsjob

  • Fix: site changed
  • Fix parsing when advert is a picture
  • Update to new Join filter
  • Do not crash while parsing an external advert

Modules: sachsen

  • Fix parsing of flow level
  • Improve test for sachsen module
  • Partial fix of new website
  • Fix history with new website

Modules: seloger

  • Remove useless condition
  • Fix bug on pagination
  • Use new DictElement object
  • Handle special characters (#1883)
  • Fix json parsing

Modules: senscritique

  • Skip test when StopIteration is raised
  • Improve module code
  • Fix date parsing
  • Add Mangas missing channel
  • Fix bug when end_date is asked and not found
  • Use set_profile(Firefox()) instead of _setup_session(Firefox())
  • Remove id lists
  • Fix channels selection
  • Site changed (we cannot choose channels packages anymore)

Modules: societegenerale

  • Correctly detect when the website is unavailable
  • Page parsing for saving accounts
  • Update upstream certificate hash
  • Update certificate hashes
  • Credit card is no longer in coming
  • Switch rdate/date and little fixes
  • Update hash of soge enterprise certificate
  • Fix duplicate accounts on cards accounts
  • Adding IBAN support for pro and entreprise accounts
  • Setting new certificat hash
  • Fix greediness of a transaction pattern to avoid crash
  • Update certificate
  • Testing account true id for card
  • Check ssl certificate after browser construction
  • Support market account
  • Support life insurance account (Investment)
  • Refactor
  • Support life insurance account (Transaction)
  • Fix type of 'PEA Espèces' account
  • Detect and log unknown type account
  • Do not iterate over all available transaction
  • Move set_date into LifeInsuranceHistory, and do not return to transactions list
  • Do not store NotAvailable amounts
  • Do not crash on pro account
  • Fix investment valuation
  • Fixing unsuported link account
  • Adding PEA Especes to unsuported link
  • Dd an url to the crashing ones
  • New ssl certificate
  • Add reinitpassword page to prevent crash.
  • Fix parsing and pagination of market investments
  • Try to type more accounts
  • Adding iban number
  • Try to fix weird crash
  • Fix navigation without id transactions
  • Fixing fake id for investment
  • Fixing account type

Modules: tinder

  • Fix warnings
  • Fix crash when a contact has been removed
  • Use APIBrowser
  • Do not crash when the limitation rate is reached
  • fix login on tinder: need to find the cookie in js
  • Avoid aborting profiles walker when queue is empty
  • Fix PEP8 E713
  • use Module.create_browser to correctly give all standard arguments (proxy, logger, etc.)

Modules: transilien

  • Fix _regexp name in RoadMapDuration filter
  • Fix ambiguous departure/arrival in roadmap
  • Use new DictElement object
  • Fix incorrect roadmap duration parsing (#2089)

Modules: twitter

  • Fix: site changed
  • Exclude non-tweets
  • Fix: trendy tweets (site changed)
  • Fix search pagination
  • Fix comments parsing
  • Fix condition to correctly check if user is logged

Modules: vimeo

  • There is no latest category on vimeo (#1692)
  • Allow to browse categories and channels
  • Bump to https and handle site changes
  • isSafeForFamily field is not always filled + correctly handle its value

Modules: vlille

  • Fix encoding error

Modules: wellsfargo

  • Force TLS v1.0 for Wells Fargo module. (#1647)
  • Credit limit, payment due date and amount for Wells Fargo bank (#1720)
  • Scrape minimum credit card payment and due date (#1809)
  • Update to new login security checks (#1999)
  • backport check_output for 2.6

Modules: wordreference

  • [wordreference] Adapt to browser2

Modules: youjizz

  • Min pattern size for search is 3 characters
  • Use UserError instead of ValueError
  • Videos are now hosted on another domain

Modules: youporn

  • 'a' and 'i' pattern are not supported (404 error)
  • Rewrite with Browser 2
  • Use UserError instead of ValueError
  • get_video fill the id

Modules: youtube

  • Fix parsing of js signature (#1695)
  • Backported changes from youtube-dl
  • Fix call to _extract_signature_function()