Weboob 1.2 is out

Added by Florent Fourcot almost 2 years ago

Happy new year! A new release of Weboob is available for download and installation. The changelog is huge. Even if many patches are fixes for modules, we have very interesting new features in core and browser.

For example, modules, browsers and pages can now inherit from code of others modules. That will reduce number of boilerplate for some modules, and allow a better modules management. We support more types of pages (sometimes of data format that you will not see every days), and it's easier to get HTML sources of modules. You should also have a look on the JSON encoder if you need to read Weboob output from some applications.

From a user point of view, Qt5 migration should be a great improvement. We have also a large numbers of new modules and new features for older modules. Last but not least, the split between CapBill and CapDocument should allow to build better applications to manages documents on various websites.

It's not code related, but we moved our git repositories to gitlab and we plan to migrate step by step all features (like issues tracker) hosted today on redmine to it. The bad news is that we broke URL compatibility, you should update all git URLs related to Weboob in your locals repositories. One of the good news is that we now use gitlab-ci integration, and we should be able to provide very soon a better overview of real module states, based on our tests.

As promised, the support of python 2.6 has been dropped in this release. Large part of code and modules will not work on python 2.6. We hope to move to python 3.5 before the end of 2017.



  • Add inheritance for modules, browsers and pages
  • Add gitlab-ci integration
  • Move all Qt applications to Qt5
  • New application QBooblyrics
  • New urls for source repositories: https://git.weboob.org/

General: removed modules

  • Remove btdigg module, website is dead

General: new modules

General: core

  • Add BackendsCall.stop() method to stop jobs
  • Add a 'requests' system to replace the primitive callbacks system
  • Check version before to run update request in repositories
  • Fix core unittests and some pyflakes warnings
  • Make as much modules unittests as possible run without backend
  • Add WebNip.load_or_install_module which does not install module (for compatibility with abstract objects)
  • Some fixes for windows compatibility
  • Force keyring generation with gpg1


  • Fix some typo in browser documentation
  • Clarify absurl behavior
  • Don't add applications/index in index.rst (empty page)
  • Don't use :any: special keywork for old system compatibility
  • Update favicon path
  • Add contribution guide
  • Rewrite Weboob doc guides according to latest changes in CI and modules


  • Detect downgrade from HTTPS to HTTP and raise exception
  • TableElement now handles regexp
  • Do not store page url if there is no current location
  • Use urllib3 embedded in requests first
  • Update firefox ESR profile to the last version
  • Keep order of POST data
  • Add XLSPage, PDFPage and GWTPage classes
  • Catch TooManyRedirects after reloading cookies from storage
  • Do not use (and remove) global logger setting 'save_responses' to know if we save responses or not
  • Fix some invalid encoding names (#2602, #3522)
  • Introde CacheMixin class to store responses
  • Store the request object in Form class (allow to modify it on the fly)
  • Add xpath funtions star-with and ends-with
  • Introduce PartialHTMLPage for pages wit multi-roots

Browser: URL

  • Fix a crash when a pattern use parameters with the same name than in another pattern
  • Add unit test for URL with multiple patterns and same parameters subset
  • Add an option to send headers in go() method


  • RawText: can now optionally retrieves text from sub-elements
  • Date/Datetime: add fuzzy option
  • Async: read result.page from loaded_page
  • TableCell: can now iterate on <th> elements
  • Add Upper and Capitalize filters
  • Add Currency filter


  • DictElement: Handle sub-dictionaries
  • ItemElement: Ignore items if the condition fails
  • ListElement: check condition before iteration

Old browser

  • Allow monkey patch to disable SSL certificate check
  • Better SSL support (import more recent TLS versions if available)
  • Fix https downgrade detection


  • Add ActionNeeded exception
  • Add NoAccountsException
  • Move ModuleInstallError to Exceptions module


  • Introduce LimitedLRUDict to not cache too much values
  • Add a WeboobEncoder class
  • Add get_pdf_rows helper

Tools: Backend

  • Save responses if _debug_dir backend configuration is set
  • Add optional 'klass' parameter for Module.create_backend

Tools: bank

  • Add tools about IBANs and French ribs

Tools: date

  • Add Italian translation
  • Fix date translation for values with \b

Tools: formatters

  • Fix TableFormatter with lists of different lengths
  • Protect separator contained into values for CSV output (#2614)
  • Simplify CSV formatter with a call to csv python module
  • Fix use of -O parameter for csv formatter
  • Set ";" as csv default separator (#3378)

Tools: tests

  • Add skip_without_config decorator
  • Add is_backend_configured method to BackendTest class

Tools: ValueBackendPassword

  • When callback returns None, convert to empty string

Tools: VirtKeyboard

  • Add parameterizable output code separator


  • Add an url attribute to BaseObject
  • Add many currencies (turkish lira, romania new leu, colombian peso, etc)
  • Fix few repr/__str__ returning unicode
  • Add BoolField class

Capabilities: Bank

  • Add description for 'coming' field on Account objects
  • Add PEE, PEA, PERP, PERCO, RSP, ARTICLE_83 and more account types
  • Add CARD_SUMMARY and DEFERRED_CARD transaction types
  • Add portfolio_share field to Investment
  • New fields for Investment to handle currencies
  • Add diff_percent field on Investment
  • Don't crash on empty raw values
  • Split transfers related methods to a new capability: CapBankTransfer
  • Update recipient object
  • Deep rework of transfer API, change modules and applications

Capabilities: Contact

  • Add Advisor class, used in many bank modules

Capabilities: Document / Bill

  • Major (and API breaking) change (all modules are updated)
  • Update all Bill modules to use url field instead of private field
  • Rename field "deadline" to "duedate"
  • Add field "income" to Bill

Capabilities: File

  • Add license field

Capabilities: Housing

  • Add url in HousePhoto repr method
  • Add price_per_meter field

Capabilities: Message

  • Create a genericnewspaper module with no capability that will be extended by other modules

Capabilities: Image

  • Move Thunbmail class to Image capability
  • Fix many modules to use Thumbnail instead of BaseImage

Capabilities: Lyrics

  • Remove useless constructor for SongLyrics objects

Capabilities: PriceComparison

  • Add Price not found error

Capabilities: Recipe

  • Do not crash if picture_url is an empty string
  • Handle decimal quantities in krecipe exports

Applications: weboob script

  • Add "update" command

Applications: console

  • Use self.do instead od self.weboob.do in get_object_list
  • Strip left and right condition (we now support rules lines like --condition 'amount > 2000')
  • Disable addresses (to much SPAM)

Applications: all Qt applications

  • Use new-style signals and slot
  • Add Qt5 package in our tools
  • Port all applications to Qt5
  • Add "wait" parameter to stop method

Applications: boobank

  • Display sub-totals for each currency (when several currencies are detected)
  • Fix error display in budgea command
  • Increase timeout of budgea command
  • Do not take of loan accounts in total
  • Display loan accounts label in blue
  • Use encoding aware custom print()
  • New advisor command with custom formatter

Applications: comparoob

  • Add defaultcount management
  • Improve products management

Applications: flatboob

  • Improve display if Area is not found

Applications: monboob

  • Add full thread history in headers (fix some bad detection one MUA)

Applications: videoob

  • Correctly handle non complete url in m3u8

Applications: qcineoob

  • Sort torrent search result list by seeders
  • Display backend icon for each search results
  • Set tab text max size and add tooltip
  • Add keyboard shortcut (alt+left) to go back
  • Tab text is now updated on actions

Applications: qcookboob

  • Display backend icon for search results
  • Add keyboard shortcut (alt+left) to go back
  • Better tab text/tooltip management
  • Fix bug when opening in a new tab, bad is was given

Applications: qflatboob

  • Load all fields in widget list (help to rank adverts)
  • Display price per meter ratio

Tools: boilerplate

  • Improve arg signature of methods generated by CapRecipe
  • Make u8 idempotent
  • Don't add failing test by default


  • local_run: fix script when PYTHONPATH is not set
  • run_tests.sh: fix wrong exist status when specifying a single backend


  • Add a command to get the requirements with setup.py
  • Add cssselect to the list of requirements
  • Ensure that requests version is >= 2.0


  • Boobot: add tasks management
  • Boobot: fix compatibility with iso-8859-15 messages
  • Boobank_indicator: do not include loan account in total
  • Add imm-o-matic script

Modules: 750g

  • Update module to use new website
  • Do not crash when there is only one or no result

Modules: adecco

  • Update module to use new website
  • Skip test if backend is not configured
  • Add default configuration for tests

Modules: agendaculturel

  • Website migrated from http to https
  • Skip test if backend is not configured
  • Add default configuration for tests

Modules: agendadulibre

  • Skip test if backend is not configured
  • Add default configuration for tests

Modules: allocine

  • Update favicon

Modules: allrecipes

  • Uses API instead to parse website

Modules: amazon

  • Handle prices that occur twice on the page (#2057)
  • Fixed login after website update (#2057)
  • Another discount type (#2057)
  • Added 'Free Shipping Promo' bill detailisation keyword. (#2057)
  • Force label to document
  • Fixing amazon : sometimes tva or other amounts arent available
  • Use new login link id

Modules: amazonstorecard

  • Improved stability (retry on error) (#2115)
  • Major website update (#2115)
  • Parse recent transactions (#2115)
  • Handle amounts more than ,000 (#2617)
  • Parse payment due date; allow transactions with empty id (#2617)

Modules: americanexpress

  • Remove unused constants
  • Rewrite to browser2 and remove old code
  • Fix date parsing
  • Update dateguesser range to one year
  • Handle account suspended page
  • List multiple accounts
  • Don't report canceled accounts without history
  • Fix div id with single card

Modules: ameli

  • Update module after site changes

Modules: amelipro

  • Fix tests calls

Modules: apec

  • Fix the way experience and contact fields are filled
  • JSON api format has been updated
  • JSON call got updated
  • Handle accentuated characters in search
  • Add default configuration for tests

Modules: apivie

  • No more fake ids on apivie transactions

Modules: arte

  • Do not crash while trying to handle a bad url
  • Handle an other type of web page in cinema.arte
  • Fix Debian bug #831609, correctly handle m3u8 url
  • Many little fixes
  • Handle arte creative
  • There are some duplicate videos in creative pages
  • Fix arte cinema (module was not able to find video url anymore)
  • Add default configuration for tests

Modules: aum

  • Remove duplicate entry key in AUM module

Modules: axabanque

  • Fix no history on card
  • Fix accounts typing
  • Port to browser2 and adding investments
  • Don't crash in case of customer error
  • Check when user need to change password
  • Fix problems when checking error
  • Fix asv not being fetch and portfolio
  • Fix bug going on agipi page
  • Get account IBANs and fix typing
  • Fix investments on market account
  • Fix accounts from tabs and more investments
  • Fix url change on invest
  • Fix handling pel type
  • Support new login and some changes
  • Fix: password can be only digits
  • Support the new website for investments
  • The login can now be an email
  • Accounts numbers may be written differently
  • New URL for accounts list
  • Some pages return overlapping accounts, skip duplicates

Modules: banqueaccord

  • Support new login page

Modules: banquepopulaire

  • Handling currency for cards
  • Adding currency for card
  • Handle crash on natixis website
  • Removing balance information in raw
  • Fix missing label in history
  • Set Account.iban to NotAvailable if user hasn't subscribed to online documents
  • Fixing banquepopulaire : No IBAN for checking account
  • Fix wrong account type
  • Fixing account type for "Fructi Selection Vie"
  • Adding more life insurance support
  • No IBAN on investment and life insurance
  • Add support for Banque de Savoie.
  • Check number in raw instead of label
  • Handle different label
  • Investments on savings account
  • Port to browser2 the easy way (without filters and so on)
  • Fix problem with unicode cookies
  • Test unavailable service on all pages
  • Raise NotImplementedError for new natixis pages
  • Use absurl for regular pages after having visited market
  • Update navigation token even on error pages
  • Fix crash on some pages without token

Modules: barclays

  • Support investments on life insurance accounts
  • Updated cards handling
  • Fix account type detection to fix card linking
  • Move to browser2 and support IBAN on pdf

Modules: bforbank

  • Adding pagination for bforbank
  • Don't crash on no IBAN for checking account
  • Fix reading when IBAN is not available
  • Add a favicon
  • Use spirica module for life insurance
  • Implement investments/history for MARKET accounts with lcl

Modules: blablacar

  • Fix departure date regexp
  • Fix parsing date
  • Fix: site got updated
  • Add a favicon

Modules: bnporc

  • Don't crash without simplejson (support other json modules)
  • Add support PEA liquidity account type
  • Support one more page to refresh password
  • Get a year of history
  • Correctly decode IBANs
  • Rebuild IBAN only if it isn't already one
  • Catch wrongpass
  • Print temporary password to allow rescue connection on website
  • Fix: site changed
  • Adapt to support CapBankTransfer
  • Try harder to connect on the website
  • Add url to renew password
  • Fix BNPEnterprise: add leading zero when IBAN key is < 10
  • New website for BNPEnterprise, rebuild all module
  • Fix bnp enterprise: libelle not loaded for some reason, so take the type libelle on this case
  • Fix BNPEnterprise: swith date and rdate, move Account import
  • Fix CleanDecimal not always working
  • Catch change password page and raise ActionNeeded
  • Prevent date overlap in history search
  • Transfer fix on bnp
  • Categories on recipients
  • Handle transfer unavailable on fetching IBAN and recipients
  • Raise BrowserUnavailable on 1001 error code
  • Add transfer.account_balance
  • Add advisor support
  • Add a cache for account_list
  • Don't overwrite browser.page with something which can be a Response
  • Use response.json() to parse response, to prevent encoding issues

Modules: boursorama

  • Better fall back on old website
  • Skip first visit page before falling back on old webiste
  • Better newwebsite url
  • Fix unitprice parsing
  • Support of Bourso new website and use Browser2
  • Add support of loan accounts
  • Fixing class for transaction label changed
  • Handling coming card
  • Add a condition to prevent crashs
  • Fix label parsing
  • Update regexp for TYPE_ORDER
  • Fix cards transactions link
  • Handle wrong pin code
  • Fix loan, market, valuation etc ..
  • Two-step-auth: fix request if browser has been shutdown
  • Detect when PIN tries limit has been reached
  • Fix checking of errors
  • Handling when no informations is avalaible in investment
  • Fix in case there are divs into accounts list
  • Handle new bourso card ID
  • handle blocked page1
  • Raise wrongpass on blocking secret infos update page
  • Handling new info profil page
  • Take custom-id if regular ids are not present
  • Fix same transactions on different accounts
  • Fix cards rdate parsing
  • Handle ord accounts
  • Fix pea history parsing
  • Fix some nav issues
  • More accurate url and valuation calculation
  • Adding incident page
  • Fixing wrong inheritance
  • Handle no link on market history
  • Fix history parsing
  • Parse transactions label back again
  • Try to be easier with bourso website
  • Do not iter coming on li and market accounts
  • Add a cache for accounts
  • Handle new history page type
  • Increase HTTP timeout, the website can be slow
  • Better typing to avoid crash
  • Do not crash on ClientError
  • Try to update balances of accounts before parsing
  • Try to fix XMLSyntaxError
  • Don't rash when no id are available (on some foreign accounts)
  • Catch XMLSyntaxError
  • Fix virtkeyboard
  • Don't call need_login twice
  • Fix page not being handled by the right class
  • Date might be missing
  • Fix unauthorized on virtkeyboard with old stored cookies
  • Fix cookie delation after going on login page
  • Fix card transactions request
  • Fix skiping not boursorama's accounts
  • Fix card accounts ids
  • Handle more cases where client need to log in on website
  • Handle more login page
  • relog on random disconnection
  • Fix coming parsing
  • Add IBAN page
  • Fix market accounts transactions date parsing
  • Fix useless nav and wrong webid leading to wrong IBAN
  • Fix transaction amount parsing
  • Fix crash on parsing amounts
  • Handle url with correct page
  • Type more loan accounts to prevent crash on history
  • Exclude deffered_card transactions of checking accounts
  • Add new param to login
  • Fix crash on expert derive account

Modules: bouygues

  • Fixing bouygues module which works with b&you
  • Fix date parsing
  • Fixing bouygues module multiple accounts
  • Don't crash for accounts without document
  • For some reason, bills might be duplicated on website
  • Fix: https is now mandatory for documents URL
  • Fix: sometimes download document crash when reference is not specified

Modules: bp

  • Handling wrong website selection
  • Add wrongpass page
  • Fix duplicate accounts with better id parsing
  • Fix regexp to get accounts ids
  • Support CapBankTransfer new API
  • Accounts are now in EUR by default
  • Handle deferred card
  • Accurate messages if users are on wrong website (between pro and perso websites)
  • Don't crash when no accounts are available
  • Port to browser2 (the easy way)
  • List loan accounts
  • More support of transfer (double auth not handled)
  • Fix pro browser working with StatesMixin
  • Reimbursed loans have an empty amount string
  • Parse life insurance investments and history
  • Fetch history for retirement contracts
  • Skip loan account with "unavailable data"
  • Fix BrowserIncorrectPassword with par/pro mix
  • Fix statesmixin on expired session
  • Handle internal recip not in accounts list
  • Add a cache for accounts_list
  • Fix a crash on unavailable pages
  • Skip more useless LOAN accounts
  • Add more regexp for transaction types
  • Add advisor support
  • Catch no accouts

Modules: bred

  • Cut password to the first 8th char
  • Fetch IBAN only for checking accounts
  • Transactions typing
  • Do not yield not real market accounts
  • Fix duplicate id accounts

Modules: caissedepargne

  • Fix pagination on history
  • Fix investments on multiple market accounts
  • Fix come back on synthesis
  • Handle loans caisse depargne
  • Fixing when not loan account is present
  • Better check if we are on wrong page
  • Detect and bypass useless message page
  • Fixing website failed redirecting
  • Handle delayed debit card and cleaning module
  • Browser handles technical error page (instead of code in iter_* functions)
  • Add certhash
  • Fix account valuation_diff parsing
  • Do not yield anything on market cgu
  • Guess IBAN only if this is a correct RIB
  • Fix login
  • Fix encoding error
  • Fix when there are multiple choices of spaces (between pro and personal)
  • Remove LoginPage and do only direct requests
  • Better wrong pass handling
  • Fixing can't leave credit page on old website
  • Fix navigation on history
  • Catch wrongpass
  • Life insurance might not be available for consultation
  • Adding lifeinsurance's history
  • Fix website being awful
  • Fix infinite loop on no accounts
  • Only keep relevant wrongpass (and return BrowserUnavailable for other errors)
  • Fallback on pro domain when loggin on personal fails if pro exists
  • Invest date might be unavailable
  • Better handle of real no accounts
  • Read multiple cb tabs
  • Bump to browser2
  • Fix: sometime link is a list, so fix this
  • Fix: an 'href' who takes himself for an 'a' tag
  • Fix: on cenet website, sometime a year is not available, so try every months
  • Fix: on garbage page sometime link is not available, due to an ActionNeeded
  • Fix: if garbage go_back_link is not available, skip this step
  • Remove deprecated exception, use new ones
  • Add support of advisor

Modules: carrefourbanque

  • Manage more accounts, investments
  • Fix portfolio on some modules

Modules: cic

  • Improve account typing
  • Update cic sources from credit mutuel
  • Support CapBankTransfer new API
  • Cic now inherits from creditmutuel
  • Adding advisor for cm/cic

Modules: citibank

  • Fixed login after website update. (#2098)
  • Switching to javascript library
  • Switching to new base url
  • When parsing a date in a statement, try both leap and non-leap years (#2098)
  • Handle negative and positive account balance (#2098)

Modules: cmb

  • Handling agricultor website
  • No more crash on no account
  • Bump to browser2 and more (more accounts, investments, coming...)
  • Use AbstractBrowser instead of symlinks to cmso

Modules: cmso

  • Fix account type
  • Fix wrongpass detection
  • Don't raise BrowserUnavailable when no savings accounts
  • Don't crash when no accounts are available in pro website
  • Manage multiple areas
  • Don't crash without accounts
  • Index were not unique
  • Don't crash when no IBAN for checking account
  • Support cmmc website
  • cmb/cmso/cmmc: support loans
  • Return on subscription before switching area to prevent 500
  • Handle 500 when no history on market account
  • Have useful account ids
  • More history is now recovered
  • Add a forgotten return in iter_history
  • Getting a year of history
  • Use open instead of random async
  • Better id on market accounts
  • Fix crash when id is not found on market accounts
  • Handle multiarea on cmso pro
  • Handle no account in area
  • Fix regexp for some account ids
  • Start fetching investments
  • Fill 'areas' attribute outside of do_login (to work with blackbox)
  • Fix investments with non investment accounts
  • cmso pro: prevent infinite loop

Modules: colisprive

  • Add a favicon

Modules: colissimo

  • Get full history

Modules: cragr

  • Fix broken perimeters
  • Get rid of not required assert
  • Account type on label before section title
  • Update label and balance on market websit
  • Fix bad home url and no account link for market accounts
  • Fix when cards and market accounts
  • Do not globally crash if we can't go to the market page
  • Fix current_perimeter and no link for market
  • Fix guessing of market links (use real hostname, not proxy's one)
  • Fix investment parsing and add vdate
  • Type and history of ESPE INTEG
  • Fix cards history navigation
  • Fix PEL history
  • Fixing cragr investment
  • Fix regression with cards navigation
  • Handle pagination on cragr CardsPage
  • Fix invest parsing
  • Do not crash on cards on some weird cases
  • Raise wrongpass on cgu
  • Fix investment parsing
  • Correctly handle the first connection page
  • Fix bad detection of current perimeter
  • Truncate passwords to first six chars
  • Remove trailling chars in isin
  • Fix encoding in investment code
  • Don't try to detect perimeter on not handled page
  • Handle perimeters having the same name
  • Handling currency on multiple card
  • Truncate username to the first 11 chars
  • Add new DAV TIGERE accounts
  • Fix infinite loop on wrong pass
  • Fix cards
  • Fix transactions parsing (new column)
  • Add account CPTEXCPRO
  • Fix multiple cards accounts
  • Update ordering date in get_history, it's useless and the link might be dead.
  • Fix transactions parsing on some accounts type
  • Fix bad isin
  • Handle life insurance on bgpi website
  • Fix some lifeinsurance
  • Adding pagination on accounts page
  • Fix parsing of unitprice on some market accounts
  • Fix portfolio_share on bgpi invest
  • Fix crash when no investments in BGPI
  • Fix listing card with pagination
  • Fix get of IBAN
  • Adapt to new CapBankTransfer API
  • Don't try to read history on market accounts
  • Fix detail unavailable on market accounts
  • Fix parsing of valuation_date of market invest
  • Seems like cragr normandie is not using new login method anymore
  • Update webid of deferred card to avoid duplicates
  • Fix sublabel parsing, sometimes there's no sublabel parent

Modules: creditcooperatif

  • Add coming card page
  • Limit password to 12 chars
  • Fix xpath issue
  • Fix crash on technical error on website
  • Add IbanPage support
  • Fix crash on notavailable iban page

Modules: creditdunord

  • Add bank SMC support
  • Add bank nuger support
  • Fix transactions parsing on rhonealpe
  • Unify regular and pro accounts cards handling
  • Fix deferred_card typing
  • Dectection of wrongpass
  • Fix duplicate accounts
  • Skip accounts without details
  • Fix bad isin like FR0010411884
  • Handle no account
  • Move to browser2
  • Handle loans on pro website
  • In iter_* methods, raise AccountNotFound if account is not found, instead of crash
  • Fix navigation on website to list loan accounts
  • Fix parsing of transactions without value date
  • Fix parsing of euro funds
  • Add loan typing
  • Fix navigation on website to get transactions
  • Fix creditdunord transaction date parsing
  • Some dates are not available instead of a parse error

Modules: creditmutuel

  • Fix history and investments of life insurance accounts
  • Fix life insurance
  • Fix coming for cards
  • Fix when unitprice not available
  • Set default balance value to NotAvailable
  • Handle fleet cards
  • handle page to detect new website
  • Fix date parsing for cards
  • Raise skipitem instead of parse error
  • Fix amount commission of non euro fleets transactions
  • Handle hidden parts of labels
  • Fix isin parsing
  • Adding IBAN for new website
  • Parse life insurance's transactions dates as French dates;
  • Get IBAN based id
  • Handle pagination
  • Fix crash on more transactions
  • Only use last card differed for coming
  • Support cb diff
  • Adding cards to creditmutuel's new website
  • Fix setting deleted to transactions
  • Fix parsing of differred_date
  • Don't crash on empty city field
  • Use new CapBankTransfer API
  • Fix id and IBAN of accounts on old website but displayed on new accounts page
  • Fix date parsing for coming
  • Handle real no accounts on cic
  • Fix currency on lifeinsurance accounts
  • Fix crash when there is no bank accounts
  • Fix card names and set coming balances
  • Fix multiple month of history on cb differed
  • Correctly handle lifeinsurance accounts on cic
  • Handle newhome page to detect new website
  • Fix original amount of card transactions on new website
  • Get now about 6 months of history on new website
  • Handle loan history page
  • Handle page and fix crash on history on some accounts
  • Handle another user page
  • Fix card history link
  • Fix transfer on the new website
  • Add support of creditmut pro and add transfer category
  • Fix regexp for URL of subbank
  • Fix finding account and recipient in init_transfer
  • Skip wrong IBAN instead of crash
  • Limit transfer label to 27 char instead of raising error
  • Add cards on new website with tiers page
  • Add transfer.account_balance
  • Don't crash if a transfer has no label
  • Truncate label checking
  • Strip transfer.label to compare with bank return
  • Detect ActionNeeded after login
  • Prefer None accounts_list over missing attribute
  • Skip debit card
  • Add support of life insurance on new website
  • Add advisor
  • Parse balance and currency of cards in some cases
  • Raise wrongpass with error messages

Modules: cuisineaz

  • Update to the new website site changed

Modules: dailymotion

  • Fix module and bump to browser2
  • Get video from page url

Modules: delubac

  • Detect bad password
  • Add basic account types
  • Get IBAN
  • Fix transactions parsing

Modules: dhl

  • Use dhl.com's JSON API
  • Add support for both DHL Express and Deutsche Post DHL
  • show URL in event description

Modules: dlfp

  • Populate url attribute messages and thread objects
  • Always fill the parent attribute
  • Disable wiki tests when the backend is not configured

Modules: dresdenwetter

  • Skip test if backend is not configured

Modules: edf

  • Bump module to Browser 2 and fix parsing
  • Add edfpro website
  • Add a favicon
  • Always set vat attribute to to NotAvailable
  • Remove bad tests in edfpro folder
  • Ignore duplicates

Modules: entreparticuliers

  • Fix parsing : site changed
  • Correctly handle source
  • Fix url field filling
  • Support new price_per_meter attribute of CapHousing
  • Fix bug when response is empty
  • Add a 100km default rayon value
  • Do not crash if area is unknown
  • Add a favicon

Modules: explorimmo

  • Support new price_per_meter attribute of CapHousing
  • Fix bug in town names' encoding

Modules: feedly

  • Update google login state
  • Remove need_login decorator for get_unread_feed

Modules: fortuneo

  • Update certhash (#2550)
  • Detect wrong passwords
  • Fix duplicate of accounts
  • Don't try to get IBAN for checking account (token sent by SMS to customers)
  • Replace BrowserIncorrectPassword with ActionNeeded on renew password
  • Port to browser2
  • Limit max time site wants us to wait in async requests
  • Fix separators cleaning for decimals

Modules: francetelevisions

  • Ignore duplicate in videos search result

Modules: freemobile

  • Fix subscription listing (site changed)
  • Fix sub._login parsing
  • Fix error when two bills happen on the same day
  • Id of details are not uniques anymore, so take build a new custom one

Modules: funmooc

  • Base url of the website has changed
  • Fix module and add logged tests

Modules: ganassurances

  • Add pagination to ganassurances/groupama module
  • Handle history and coming of another account type

Modules: github

  • Port to browser2
  • Shorten some long lines + fill url of Issue
  • Few fixes and tests
  • Use CacheMixin new class

Modules: googletranslate

  • Bump to browser2

Modules: groupamaes

  • Fix bug when there is no credit anymore on PEE / fix account typing
  • Handle investment
  • Fix groupamas amount parsing
  • Fix crash when parsing investments
  • Fix portfolio_share range
  • Improve investment management (quantities of values of each funds are divided by availibility date)
  • Fix amount of withdrawal (Sadly withdrawal are not incomes)
  • Add a label in order to detect negative amount in transactions

Modules: happn

  • Fix issues with new kind of ids

Modules: hsbc

  • Fix account type
  • Add more history with pagination
  • Cache accounts and fetch IBANs
  • Fix accounts typing
  • Fix rib navigation
  • Fix currency of accounts
  • Auto delete card summary
  • Handle when website duplicates tr list
  • Raise not error implemented on life insurance for history
  • Add more account types to avoid crash

Modules: ideel

  • New way of handling free shipping (#2146)

Modules: ilmatieteenlaitos

  • Adapted to site changes

Modules: imdb

  • Update imdb favicon to make it more different from the allocine one

Modules: imgur

  • Implement gallery search and CapImage
  • Add date attribute

Modules: ina

  • Fix duration parsing

Modules: indeed

  • Search for words in the entire advert, not only in the title
  • Indeed now uses https

Modules: ing

  • Use CleanDecimal to simplify parsing
  • Add history for life insurance accounts
  • Fix ing 500 error on bill download
  • Fix investment on multiple line
  • Handle blank transaction label
  • Loop on coming from market website to avoid 500 errors
  • Fix missing some investments
  • Increase requests timeout to 60 seconds
  • Fix id of life insurance
  • Fix investment on life inssurence and history on all accounts
  • Fix name of Account._id field
  • Fix navigation on the new life insurance pages
  • Refresh account link
  • Quick fix navigation
  • Ahistory to some asv and more
  • Get IBANs for accounts
  • Transactions detail might be unavailable
  • Some fixes on market accounts
  • Use new CapBankTransfer API
  • Only go on IBAN page for valid account
  • Fix transfer method signature
  • Catch action needed
  • Seems like response headers of download might change
  • Don't raise ActionNeeded for a check reception notice
  • Disable CapTransfer since it's broken
  • New login for asv page
  • SSL errors due to a bad certificate, so create it manually and fix a false https
  • Avoid re-login after lifeinsurance and market pages
  • Before many operations, try to go on main website first

Modules: inrocks

  • Bump to browser2 / inherits from genericnewspaper module

Modules: ipinfodb

  • Bump to browser2

Modules: itella

  • Update to use JSON API
  • Handle missing arrival date
  • Use status from JSON instead of guessing

Modules: jcvelaux

  • Add api_key backend option
  • Fix str-unicode warnings and port to browser2

Modules: jvmalin

  • Add a favicon

Modules: lacentrale

  • Bump to browser2
  • Module connot handle products without criteria
  • Improve products management

Modules: lcl

  • Remove SSL hacks (no need to RC4 anymore)
  • Add individual loans to lcl
  • Fix loans post bourse deconnection, fix loans regex
  • Fix unique id on loans lcl
  • Add certhash
  • Use valuation for BoursePage objects, not balance
  • Raise wronpass if the password is not a digit
  • Change label of transactions and yield card_summary
  • Retry read of amounts (hack to fix broken HTML)
  • Don't return 0 as account ID
  • Fix bad isin like FR0000120404 AC
  • BUMP LCL entreprise browser to bump2
  • Fix isins like FR12345435 ABC
  • Code of investments might be unavailable
  • Rework of transactions type parsing
  • Don't crash when tbody is missing on market accounts table
  • Add a new account type
  • Get more history on several account types
  • Fix matching asv accounts
  • Keep check type on labels
  • Fix life insurance matching from site to site
  • Fix lifeinsurance
  • Check if the IBAN is for the current account
  • Fix crash if there is no IBAN
  • Catch password expired
  • Fix duplicate id on lcl pro
  • Fixing transactions are in multiple account
  • Fix params of history navigation when only one account
  • Add transfer support and use new api
  • Ignore HTTP error 500 on history
  • Have a default accounts_list to be able to bypass login
  • Add transfer.account_balance
  • Fix investment unitvalue
  • Fix iter recipients on loans
  • Handle loan not available
  • Fix lcl espace pro and enterprise login
  • Adding advisor for lcl
  • Add more regexp for transaction types

Modules: ldlc

  • Better way to get subid
  • Add a favicon

Modules: leboncoin

  • Adapt to new website design
  • Fix incomplete url in pagination
  • Website now uses https
  • Fix description field filling
  • Support price_per_meter new attribute
  • Fix typo for poitou charentes region
  • Add url attribute on objects built from list
  • Fix cost for items in rent search page

Modules: lefigaro

  • Bump to browser2 / inherits from genercinewspaper

Modules: liberation

  • Bump to browser2 / inherits from genericnewspaper

Modules: logicimmo

  • Retrieve a bigger photo
  • Do not crash when area is unknown
  • Support price_per_meter new attribute
  • Fix town search

Modules: lutim

  • Fix tests

Modules: mailinator

  • Port to apibrowser

Modules: mangafox

  • Add a favicon

Modules: mangago

  • Add a favicon

Modules: mangareader

  • Add a favicon

Modules: marmiton

  • Always retrieve title

Modules: mediawiki

  • Implement CapImage for searching images
  • Use https by default
  • Fix image search

Modules: minutes20

  • Bump to browser2 / inherits from genericnewspaper

Modules: monster

  • Fix: site changed

Modules: myhabit

  • Update after website has changed (#2615)

Modules: nettokom

  • Add a favicon

Modules: newsfeed

  • Populate url attribute for messages

Modules: okc

  • Revert "do not remove old threads anymore" introduced in 1.1

Modules: oney

  • Fix login
  • Verify SSL/TLS certificate again
  • Raise wrongpass when password is not 10 chars

Modules: opensubtitles

  • Fix opensubtitles small site change

Modules: orange

  • Fix orange module which works with sosh
  • Add label for bills
  • Support multi account and more
  • Remove old url

Modules: ovh

  • Fix login, remove API calls (fixed several times, OVH login page often change)
  • Add a favicon

Modules: pap

  • Remove dots from cost
  • Support new price_per_meter attribute of CapHousing
  • Update to the new website

Modules: pariskiwi

  • Fix module and prefer json mediawiki api

Modules: parolesmania

  • Fix song search
  • Site changed, search artist corrected
  • Adapt module to not use SongLyrics construtor anymore
  • Bump to browser2
  • Artist search: remove page calls to browser methods

Modules: parolesmusique

  • Site changed, search song and artist corrected
  • Adapt module to not use SongLyrics construtor anymore
  • Bump to browser2
  • Artist search: remove page calls to browser methods
  • [parolesmusique] artist search : remove page calls to browser methods, browser now does what it should : browsing

Modules: parolesnet

  • Adapt module to not use SongLyrics construtor anymore
  • Bump to browser2
  • Artist search: remove page calls to browser methods
  • Fix parolesnet, iter artist lyrics : just consider first song list to avoid ID duplication

Modules: pastealacon

  • Fix test_spam test
  • Force site encoding, it is iso8859-15, not utf-8
  • Fix post test when backend is not configured

Modules: paypal

  • Update account_type at the beginning of get_accounts method
  • Fix crash on old website
  • Fix parsing of converted amount
  • Add english word to skipped transactions
  • Fix part converted amount for some transactions
  • Bypass new anti-parsing protection of the website
  • Support multiple accounts with different currencies
  • Get data-ads-challenge-url attribute (anti-scrapping protection again)
  • Catch 500 on detail and skip transaction
  • Fix detection of account currency in weird case
  • Consider that tr is valid if transactionStatus not present
  • Fix currency detection
  • Better detection of currency
  • No crash on securisation step
  • Fix domain of detail navigation
  • Fix transactions detail link
  • Fix parsing of converted amount
  • Fix crash on transaction conversion
  • Skip transactions labeled 'Bill to'
  • Display a warning when a currency is not found and ignore account
  • Fix account_type detection
  • Handle more home page to detect account type
  • Fix paypal payback
  • Handle more login page
  • Add home page paypal
  • Skip fake transactions
  • Handle another wrongpass page
  • Exclude draft transactions
  • Account detection on accountPage too
  • Fix value seperator detection on perso accounts
  • New fixes for login issues
  • Raise unicode message in BrowserIncorrectPassword exception
  • Use json data for transactions parsing
  • Pagination and some improvements
  • Problems with amount and decimals
  • Skip empty transactions
  • Set Iban as NotAvailable for all Paypal accounts
  • Handle english transactionStatus
  • Skip broken transactions
  • Exclude fake transactions (for english website)
  • Skip suspended transactions
  • Handle textual amount is integer
  • Exclude fake transactions
  • On old website, try to go on the new one
  • Skip 'Annulation des frais de PayPal' transactions
  • Paypal commission are now net minus gross
  • Detect ActionNeeded
  • Computation commision if it is not null
  • Add one more login parameter
  • Parse secondary transaction based on label

Modules: piratebay

  • Ported to browser2
  • Handle fuzzy dates

Modules: poivy

  • Add a favicon

Modules: popolemploi

  • Fix search: site changed

Modules: presseurop

  • Bump to browser2 / inherits from genericnewspaper

Modules: prixcarburants

  • Bump to browser2 / handle date of update
  • Fix parsing date (#2606)
  • Adapt module for new comparoob API
  • Website behaviour changed (#2634)
  • Set default configuration for tests
  • Update url to new website

Modules: radiofrance

  • Fix: all websites are updated
  • Fix franceinter
  • Fix france culture podcasts
  • Handle selections and podcast from francetvinfo

Modules: regionsjob

  • Handle case advert is coming from another website
  • Add a place filter

Modules: residentadvisor

  • Add a favicon

Modules: s2e

  • Fetch history on the right account
  • Remove id on transactions: it's not really an id
  • Fix capeasi login page and condition on fetching transactions
  • Using website with more details
  • Fix transactions investments valuation parsing
  • Fix parsing of accounts and history pages
  • Add currency support, add new account types
  • Don't crash when the customer has no account
  • Catch another real no accounts
  • Handle multientreprise
  • Fix transaction amount sum
  • Add new SWISS account type
  • Handle maintenance page
  • Add new hashes for virtual keyboard
  • Detect more no accounts
  • Handling weird wrongpass
  • Add a favicon
  • Add AMF code to investments

Modules: seloger

  • Fix xpath for looking into cities
  • Retrieve all cities
  • Fix typo for photos
  • Do not crash if area is unknown
  • Add support of new price_per_meter field for CapHousing
  • Fix pagination

Modules: senscritique

  • Fix: site got updated
  • Fix: json url changed
  • Fix parsing date

Modules: societegenerale

  • Add cookie before login
  • Fix account type
  • Handling some wrongpass
  • Bump SGPE browser to browser2
  • Add rdate to lifeinsurance for the sake of sorting
  • Do not yield canceled transactions
  • Raise wrongpass instead of crash for non-digit passwords
  • Handling multispace on sogepro
  • New soge entreprise browser
  • Add new type for transaction
  • Add deffered card detection
  • Website limit login to 8 char
  • History pagination
  • Catch login forbidden
  • Fix xpath on invest
  • Handle the two different parsing cases on invest
  • Catch wrongpass
  • Investments are now more detailed
  • Add advisor
  • Switch to browser2
  • Fix pagination in life insurance history and use Form class
  • Add transfer support
  • Fix ix account id being different in sending panel and list
  • Handle renew password and raise ActionNeeded

Modules: sueurdemetal

  • Fix fillobj method

Modules: t411

  • Site url changed
  • Get get_torrent_file() to work
  • Add tests

Modules: taz

  • Bump to browser2 / inherits from genericnewspaper

Modules: transilien

  • Fix: site changed

Modules: twitter

  • Fix: site changed

Modules: ups

  • Use https

Modules: vicsec

  • Website got updated (#2177)
  • Case fix (#2134)

Modules: vicseccard

  • Website updated (#2134)

Modules: vimeo

  • datePublished attribute was renamed to uploadDate
  • Handle JSON format changes
  • Fix categories videos in order to use API

Modules: virginradio

  • Correct a bug occuring when the StreamTitle is empty

Modules: wellsfargo

  • Handle webpages with no transaction activity (#2123)
  • Try to get a statement multiple times (#2123)
  • Handle SMS security code, leap and non-leap years (#2618)

Modules: wordreference

  • Fix module for new website
  • Update tests

Modules: yahoo

  • Bump to browser2

Modules: youjizz

  • Fix parsing of video urls
  • Support mp4 videos
  • Use now https, but not for all videos (sometimes not available with https)

Modules: youtube

  • Use googleapi module instead of gdata which is obsolete