Weboob 1.3 is out

Added by Florent Fourcot 3 months ago

Just before several talks at pycon-fr conference, we are happy to release Weboob version 1.3. A big work has been made to provide a better python 3 support, and we should be able to drop python 2.7 support in few releases (a cleanup has been made for python 2.6, as announced previously).

As usual, CapBank is the most active component of Weboob, with a large rework and improvement of transfer functions. As seen in Changelog, banking modules hava also a high frequency development. From a user point of view, it's important to notice that we disabled auto-update of updates (for a better privacy, see related issue on gitlab for details). All Qt5 applications have also some improvements, and a new QGalleroob application is available.

For developers, several debug tools are very interesting. See for example the dump of current session and highlighting of elements matched by a filter. A workaround for webiste not compatible with OpenSSL (a regular issue) is also available, with the new --nss option on all applications.

Gitlab migration is still not fully done, but we are working on it. New issues are now only accepted on Gitlab, and we will move other tools before next release on it.


  • Baptiste Delpey
  • Barthélemy Gouby
  • Benjamin Bouvier
  • Benjamin CARTON
  • Benjamin Tampigny
  • Christophe Lampin
  • David Kremer
  • Edouard Lambert
  • Florent Fourcot
  • Florian
  • Florian Duguet
  • François Revol
  • Frédéric Lépy
  • Guillaume Lundy
  • Guillaume Seznec
  • James GALT
  • Jean Walrave
  • Jonathan Schmidt
  • Juliette Fourcot
  • Laurent Bachelier
  • Louis Debeve
  • Matthieu Weber
  • Nicolas Cornu
  • P4ncake
  • Phyks (Lucas Verney)
  • Raymonde Philibert
  • Roger Philibert
  • Romain Bignon
  • Sébastien JEAN
  • Simon Lipp
  • Théo Dorée
  • Vincent Ardisson
  • Vincent Paredes
  • ZeHiro



  • Big step for python 3 full support (many patches to improve python3 support (core is compatible, a number of modules are compatible))
  • New QGalleroob application for CapImage and CapGallery
  • New CapProfile capability (used in boobank for example)
  • Don't check updates of modules automatically (new --auto-update option)
  • Some code cleanups since python 2.6 is not supported
  • New bibliothequesparis module (CapBook)
  • New billetreduc module (CapCalendarEvent)
  • New blogspot module (CapMessages)
  • New bnppere module (CapBank)
  • New btpbanque module (CapBank)
  • New capeasi module (CapBank)
  • New cices module (CapBank)
  • New cityscoot module (CapDocument)
  • New cmes module (CapBank)
  • New cmmc module (CapBank, CapContact)
  • New ensap module (CapDocument)
  • New erehsbc module (CapBank)
  • New esalia module (CapBank)
  • New foncia module (CapHousing)
  • New lameteoagricole module (CapWeather)
  • New lampiris module (CapDocument)
  • New larousse module (CapTranslate)
  • New linebourse module (CapBank)
  • New myfoncia module (CapDocument)
  • New pixabay module (CapFile, CapImage)
  • New pradoepargne module (CapBank)
  • New ratp module (CapGauge)
  • New tumblr module (CapGallery)
  • New zerobin module (CapPaste)
  • Deleted champslibres module
  • Deleted citelis module
  • Deleted ovs module

General: core

  • Use https for module updates by default
  • Real cleanup of modules folder in installation
  • Force utf-8 for backends config file encoding
  • API change: BrowserPasswordExpired exception now inherit from ActionNeeded (previously from BrowserIncorrectPassword )
  • Print progress on stderr instead of stdout


  • Improved module guide


  • Introduce weboob.browser.nss to replace OpenSSL by libnss
  • Add magic_highlight to open a browser showing an el
  • In debug, write html responses highlighting involved selectors when _highlight_el is set in backend config
  • Enable expiration duration on state
  • URL.open can take headers and methods, like URL.go
  • Support '*' special char in DictElement
  • Print session when debug is enabled
  • Rework of AbstractBrowser build
  • Support headers in stay_or_go method
  • Normalize URL before opening
  • Save content of response after headers, in case there is a crash during call of r.content

Browser: Filters

  • Introduce filters.base, move or alias filters
  • Add AbsoluteLink filter
  • Add FormValue filter
  • Add HasElement filter
  • Add QueryValue filter
  • CleanText(children=False) now reads all text nodes, not just the first one
  • Allow for setting options on CleanHTML filter
  • Fix Type filter when data has already the right data type
  • Add debug() decorator to several filters

Browser: Pages

  • Fix PartialHTMLPage in case of empty content
  • Fix off-by-one error skipping last row on XLSPage

Old Browser

  • Remove support for older mechanize versions

Tools: backend

  • Set fields to NotAvailable instead of NotLoaded when a module does not fill it after fill request.
  • New Module.get_proxy() method


  • Remove weboob.tools.ordereddict since we now use python>=2.7
  • Remove weboob.tools.compat.check_output since we now use python>=2.7
  • Remove obsolete and unused weboob.tools.property
  • New ValueDate class
  • If a Value is required, it must be set to be valid (in configuration)
  • Value's regexp must now match until end of string

Tools: pdf

  • get_pdf_rows now handles unsorted table lines
  • Support LTCurve objects and output debug images
  • Open method new read as bytes (windows support)

Tools: media_player

  • Use requests instead of urllib2


  • Replace some Field objects by more specialized types (IntField, BoolField, etc)
  • DeltaField now accepts int and long for seconds
  • Copy() of BaseObject now copies fields


  • New steps/API to manage transfer (see do_add_recipient, new_recipient and add_recipient)
  • New CapBankTransferAddRecipient to filter out module without relevant methods
  • Use OrderedDict for currencies
  • Add better error codes for TransferError exception
  • Add Pocket class
  • Add Loan class to have more detailed info on loans (not printed today with boobank, only avaiable with weboob API)
  • New code_type field for Investment
  • Add basic tests for banking modules
  • Add sorted_transactions helper
  • New ISIN code checker


  • New 'rooms' and 'bedrooms' and 'utilities' fields for Housing objects


  • Introduce video.ytdl which uses youtube-dl


  • Support --nss and 'use_nss' in config to replace OpenSSL by NSS
  • Allow user to use '~' when picking log file name
  • Honor quiet option for progress messages

Applications: Qt

  • Add ResultModel for viewing objects hierarchies and FilterTypeMode
  • Some code cleanups/improvements
  • Quit faster by aborting running weboob backend calls
  • Limit results count in ResultsModel
  • Replace urllib.urlopen with requests.get
  • Do not keep references to main windows so that they can be garbage-collected

Applications: boobank

  • Load config at startup
  • New error messages for TransferError childrens
  • Improve OFX formatter

Applications: boobill

  • Reduce number of requests run by download command
  • Add optional PDF conversion on download

Applications: boobcoming

  • Report CANCELLED status

Applications: boobmsg

  • Add a few fillobj calls and export_thread support using numbers

Applications: boobooks

  • Add a new "rented" command

Applications: cookbook

  • Fix unicode comments display in python2

Applications: qcookboob

  • Fix unicode issues
  • Use ID as export filename default

Applications: radioob

  • Fix playlist decoding

Applications: videoob

  • Display xterm-256 color thumbnail
  • Decode utf-8 lines

Formatters: csv

  • Use to_unicode() to be sure it does not fail
  • Fix unicode output in python2

Modules: 750g

  • fix recipe parsing because of website update

Modules: adecco

  • fix parsing job location
  • fix mode site changed
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: afer

  • fix history parsing and transactions date
  • add certificate

Modules: agendaculturel

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: agendadulibre

  • fix french region choice and use https

Modules: allocine

  • fix get_movie_release and pep8
  • bump to browser2
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: allrecipes

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: amazon

  • don't crash anymore on broken links
  • Patch Amazon module
  • Bug fix in payment list (proper)
  • fix order not found crash
  • retry on TooManyRedirects error
  • fixed redirect loop error
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules

Modules: amazonstorecard

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: ameli

  • detect more wrong password + improve login state management
  • fixing wrong regexp
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • fix login validation URL
  • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them

Modules: amelipro

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them

Modules: americanexpress

  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts
  • parse some other types of accounts
  • sort each transaction page to avoid sorting the whole list
  • set rdate to date
  • handle transactions as deferred
  • coding style
  • fix incorrect date (like 13th month)
  • fixing some accounts
  • fixing xpath on accounts2
  • skip some canceled cards
  • port to python3
  • fixing history and date on deferred
  • detect ActionNeeded
  • handle the new js site along with old site
  • add another fallback for fetching end_of_period

Modules: amundi

  • detect NoAccountsException

Modules: arte

  • do not crash if there is no video in creativ frame + improve test to handle this case
  • fix module / handle date not available in arte cinema json
  • do not handle arte-cinema program submenu
  • fix default 'quality' value
  • fix search and port to Python3
  • base url changed
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: attilasub

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: audioaddict

  • fix Frescaradio + set a default test config in case no one exists
  • bump to browser2 / import unicode_literals
  • remove frescaradio / add classicalradio / There are No public stream available anymore (www.radiotunes.com/founder-letter)
  • fix type in tests

Modules: aum

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: axabanque

  • avoid "is" comparison for strings
  • the history url is not fixed
  • axabanque : adding new browser to handle wealth part
  • fix: handle perp on wealth part
  • fix:: handle bank and wealth part at same time
  • fix: troubles on some accounts / ActionNeeded
  • when accounts have no detailed investments, just return empty
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • investment uses dot decimals and date can be missing
  • do a get request to finish login
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • investments page changed
  • portfolio_share uses comma separator
  • Fix no account and get_form warning
  • fill the diff_percent instead of diff for life insurances
  • avoid relogin after visiting an erroneous wealth page
  • fix url for post
  • Fix recuperation value of invest
  • Fix open for personnal loan and label xpath
  • add isin_code to investments, add history for life insurance accounts
  • handle life insurance history this way only on main website
  • fixing navigation to get rights investments/history
  • deferred card transactions are now flagged as coming
  • improve pagination code
  • sometimes the pagination doesn't work at all
  • iter_coming is not implemented for wealth site
  • basic port to python3
  • pagination of transaction history is broken

Modules: banqueaccord

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • html had 2 elements with same id
  • fix exception raised in case of wrong password length
  • fix raise BrowserIncorrectpassword
  • adding missing account type for several banks

Modules: banquepopulaire

  • don't update with an empty token
  • handle new natixis life insurance website
  • fix iter_investement vdate on natixis json
  • set date for investment history and label
  • fix natixis json with missing date
  • some years do not exist as pdf, fallback on json
  • some invest history just have no label
  • don't raise when natixis site is broken
  • retry the backend method in case of unexpected logout
  • minor improvements on retry decorator
  • return investment history in reverse chronological order
  • add another url for natixis error pages
  • fetch quantity of history invest
  • skip transactions without date on natixis
  • handling empty page
  • adding advisor
  • fix 500 errors on natixis website
  • adding entry to match some loans
  • cleaner handling of website crash
  • detection of another pattern for error on page
  • fix saving accounts with investments
  • Raise BrowserUnvalaible when site does not work
  • use now linebourse module to handle more investments
  • remove liquidity + fetch balance with invests
  • [banquepop] natixis website might be broken
  • fix list command when investments not available
  • fix BrowserUnavailable.
  • [banquechaix/banquepopulaire] replace a website choice
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use
  • login changed
  • basic port to python3
  • skip natixis accounts if website is broken
  • misc improvements
  • CardsPage changed a little
  • new natixis page
  • no coming on invest accounts
  • handle when card page has no cards
  • Add alternative to get card accounts currency
  • rewrite natixis pdf parsing
  • skip investment when account is unavailable

Modules: barclays

  • support the revolving credit url
  • fix accounts balance parsing
  • fix rebuild data request when get iban.
  • Handle new website, add it to py3 compatible modules list
  • misc improvements
  • don't try to access loan accounts
  • fix parsing when there are 0 transactions

Modules: bforbank

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • skip history and invest on not available market accounts
  • handle when spirica is broken
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • handle logout when opening a spirica page
  • fetch deferred card transactions
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • handle transactions rdate
  • handle another login url
  • [ing/bforbank] use now ValueDate
  • adapt ValueDate formats
  • password can only contain digits
  • deferred debit card are now a separate account
  • fetch new coming page
  • recognize withdrawal transactions
  • pyflakes in bforbank
  • handle multiple immediates card on an account
  • don't generate card account if all cards are canceled
  • changes on deferred card summary transactions handling
  • skip not yet available cards
  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts in a few modules
  • [banquepopulaire][bforbank][bp] deinit sub-browsers
  • sometimes there are 2 "synthese-encours"
  • handle currency on deferred cards
  • change assertion to match multiple cards with 1 deferred
  • parse when multiple deferred cards one same checking account
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use
  • port to python3
  • add another login url
  • add another life insurance url
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • Get transactions of the day
  • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them
  • do "get today operations" only for checking accounts
  • add another url for errors on spirica login

Modules: blablacar

  • fix module website changed
  • fix departure time parsing
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: bnporc

  • skip recipients without valid iban
  • fix bnporc bullshit
  • fetch waiting to be validated recipients
  • add_recipient
  • adding CapProfile to bnporc ent
  • fix empty recipient currency
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • change exception for "1001" json code on login page
  • fixing wording for bnp enterprise
  • fix crash on not caught wrongpass
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • fix crash after password renewal
  • reject expired password if we won't be able to restore it
  • raise expired password when we can't apply temp password
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • adding perp type
  • handle pea account type
  • adding an account type
  • bnporc/entreprise: if label contains a date, use it for rdate
  • bnporc/entreprise: don't set coming transactions as deferred
  • ignore "sans suite" life insurance transactions
  • remove deprecated 'ppold' website
  • virtual keyboard has changed
  • fixing coming amount for enterprise accounts
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • don't get investments on liquidity accounts
  • added card account for entreprise site
  • raise NotImplementedError when profile is not available
  • fetch balance from market page and fix diff
  • entreprise:] fixing wrong amounts and date on cards
  • corrected useless pipe on password regex
  • remove enter/exit browser1 leftover
  • Add currency to card account
  • advisor page may be missing
  • Handle cards transactions as deferred
  • hellobank: raise ActionNeeded when bnporc pp should be used instead
  • bnporc entreprise: no more deferred_card transactions on checking account
  • entreprise: sometimes card date format has dots
  • add investments on PERP

Modules: boursorama

  • skip external cards (amex cards here)
  • adding CapProfile to boursorama
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • recognize another type of transfer
  • correctly type PEA account
  • card accounts, coming, card transactions
  • rdate is parsed by Raw and add new transaction pattern
  • fix cards number
  • fix date of card transactions
  • fix some cards where there is no info
  • get_history must return an iterable, not None
  • fix card number regexp
  • do not yield not activated cards
  • on card accounts, transactions should be TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD
  • retry to login when virtkeyboard process fails
  • stop crashing on obvious wrongpass
  • fix crash when job_start_date is unavailable
  • fetch pro accounts
  • handle other deferred cards
  • handle transfers
  • execute_transfer returns the passed Transfer
  • fixing card_summary on main account
  • fix coming and date of deferred_card trs
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • handle invests on PEA
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • adding advisor : hotline
  • implement adding recipients
  • remove useless config field
  • fix date of history of deffered_card
  • recognize more loan accounts + clean obj_type
  • fixing rdate on deferred cb
  • fix regexp on old versions
  • definitly fix rdate on deferred card
  • fix regexp on buggy python versions
  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts in a few modules
  • parse recipients bank_name
  • field webid with iban on new_recipient
  • fix recipient label regex pattern
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • fix label of external recipient (corner case)
  • improve condition to skip more summary in coming
  • create url object for PEP saving
  • fetch balance on pea and li from invs page
  • fix account type
  • create liquidity investment
  • load state only if double auth or add recipient
  • fix regexp to match summary
  • verify some kind of status page
  • search for danger instead of warning to raise Unavailable
  • fix wrongpass cornercase
  • the MarketPage history may have a different format
  • fix accounts parsing + typing
  • fix id transactions not being parsed
  • fix ord accounts typing
  • transaction id can be missing for coming transactions
  • sometimes data-deffered is just missing, drop the assert
  • fixed prelevement transaction amount being 0
  • change typing for some accounts
  • port to python3
  • now handle alpha password
  • handle alnum instead of digit + alpha
  • TableElement takes 2 a nodes and messes up label

Modules: bouygues

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • Fix Bouygues module bills fetching for Internet clients
  • handle an insecure HTTP page to avoid BrowserHTTPSDowngrade
  • fix documents list
  • Fix ref can be not found, so add a condition before return the regex exp
  • fix wrongpass not detected sometime on backend or blackbox
  • Corrected subscription id duplication
  • Check if activation date is null
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules

Modules: bp

  • sometimes, sending account id of transfer not present in recap
  • same id problem on recipient recap
  • new url for CheckPassword and use location instead of open
  • fix some internal recipients label
  • handle another change password url
  • use io.BytesIO instead of StringIO.StringIO
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • pro, fix corrupted csv
  • set StatesMixin duration to 15 minutes
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • adding isin code on cachemire contract
  • handle one more deferred card url
  • fix handling pages with right classes
  • handle new par website
  • add cb deferred history and coming amount
  • get deferred card history, fix error when account has no balance
  • don't get shitty accounts on shitty page
  • account page is on error
  • fix empty wording on some transactions
  • fix coding style
  • fix detecting no accounts cases, and remove dead code
  • correctly handle multiple cards
  • do not consider hours in transaction labels
  • do not hardcode currency
  • ignore accounts without amount
  • fix cards crash when website is unavailable, and fix positive loans
  • fix crash on accounts without cards
  • really fix positive loans and remove useless code
  • now loan's history is not recovered
  • state duration of 5 minutes is enough
  • use exec_date field in transfer
  • fix no more history on pro website
  • avoid pro code in par browser
  • use linebourse browser for handling PEA accounts
  • fix date parsing for solesio life insurance
  • fix history and investment for cachemire and gmo life insurances
  • fixed browser unvailable error when getting deffered card account history
  • fix multiple recipients with same iban, and label parsing
  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts in a few modules
  • fix when transaction doesn't have investments attached
  • fix table with multiple invests on multiple spaces
  • more history for checking, savings and market accounts, fix wrong label for transactions
  • Bug #4020 - change url image
  • fix wrong iter_history method for non typed accounts
  • fixing login xpath and pattern
  • set_variables only needs a url, not a page
  • matching account types by label
  • fix crash during fetch of cards history (closes #4019)
  • [banquepopulaire][bforbank]deinit sub-browsers
  • [bp][pro] raise BrowserUnavailable on history page
  • corrected useless pipe on password regex
  • get history from html page and not from csv file.
  • [bp pro] enhance transaction parsing
  • [bp pro] fix parsing of rdate
  • fix bad regex URL.
  • detect another BrowserUnavailable at login
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use
  • wip add_recipient
  • [bp transfer] add urls
  • [bp pro] pagination on history
  • port to python3
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • [bp pro] handle more pro_history pagination pages
  • wip handle mandate space
  • handle mandate space
  • handle more informations for loans
  • handle one more loan detail's url
  • add url for loan
  • support more investment account types
  • support SEPA transfers
  • Convert byte buffer to unicode string (py3 compat)

Modules: bred

  • fix json when they put "null" elements
  • disable pagination since the json is FUBAR
  • pyflakes
  • fix id not unique for some accounts
  • raise ActionNeeded when 2FA is enabled
  • adding loans accounts
  • port dispobank to browser2 the easy way
  • put back pagination, but limit pagination number
  • detect coming transactions
  • fix dispobank certificate + fix history
  • remove useless whitespaces
  • increase history size limit

Modules: btmon

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: caels

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: caissedepargne

  • fix date format
  • fix balance for life insurance accounts
  • Fixing absolut amount for credit
  • adding CapProfile to caissedepargne
  • fix history for cenet pages since search is too stupid
  • add regex to type CB
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • cache accounts list
  • transfer feature
  • fix mistake when changing account type
  • handling revolving credit amout
  • fix iter_recipients internal accounts matching
  • skip itering recipients on double auth accounts
  • fix recipients iban regexp
  • fix transfer not allowed on iter_recipients
  • fixing palatine account type
  • fixing home loan
  • refix regexp to find iban on external recipients
  • use a more often present cookie to find name
  • fixing cb nature was not handle for palatine
  • fix profile and recipient
  • improve recipient parsing
  • try to come back from bourse website
  • fix crash on missing link
  • fix wrong loan amount
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • recognize more account types
  • fix navigation to transfer page
  • fix crash when transfer are not available
  • handle loans on old website
  • [palatine] work around broken fcking website
  • missing title yield None, not empty string
  • add recipients
  • ignore cards if site returns an error
  • fix loan account parsing.
  • don't list transfer recipients for loan accounts
  • handle corner case of recipient parsing
  • don't raise TransferBankError in iter_recipients
  • catch another transfer error
  • check password is not empty...
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • do not try to go into the loans space if we do not have one, add some account types
  • fix 500 error on iter_recipients try, wrong detection of transfer space link, and some coding style
  • fix iter_recipients when user has a dash char
  • add unrecovered corrency, prevent some problems
  • handle more credits
  • fix when page is None.
  • use vk to fix login
  • cnet now returns decimal values
  • go to home page between multiple PEA accounts
  • separate CENET website to a dedicated browser
  • straightforward port to py2/py3
  • python3 fix (s/iteritems/items)
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • use sorted_transactions
  • fix detection of recipient IBAN during transfer (zd:2595)
  • fix detection of recipient iban
  • Get deferred card transactions from card summary detail
  • Increased max history to 40 pages
  • increase again history limit

Modules: canalplus

  • canalplus is now on browser2
  • remove deprecated and useless stuff + fix contextmanager use
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: cappedtv

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: cci

  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules

Modules: chronopost

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint

Modules: cic * login url changed

  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: cmb

  • adding advisor for cmb/cmso/cmmc
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use
  • clean code with AbstractModule
  • adding CapBak/CapContact capabilities

Modules: cmso

  • use more accurate account id for life insurance accounts
  • improve clarity for some list comprehensions
  • Fix cmso par: wrong types for deferred cards
  • Fix cmso pro: wrong xpath
  • add rdate for deferred card
  • adding new accounts type
  • some life insurance have no invests
  • ignore errors when logging out
  • [cmb/cmso/cmmc] adding account types
  • [cmso par] livret vie bla bla wrongly typed life insurancehhh
  • recognize more life insurance accounts
  • don't return accounts which seem duplicate
  • [cmso par] skip 0 amount loan transactions
  • [cmso/cmb/cmmc] fix positive balances on loan accounts
  • adding advisor for cmb/cmso/cmmc
  • [cmb/cmso/cmmc] fixing coming and deferred date
  • fix itering on loans
  • [cmb] Detect BrowserUnavailable on MarketPage
  • change browserunvalaible to empty iter for investment
  • coding style
  • [cmso/pro] disambiguate market account ids
  • [cmso/cmb/cmmc] fixing id on loan accounts
  • fixed bad request for market account history
  • cleaning cmso login
  • incorrect password may also return 401 http code
  • [cmso/cmmc/cmb] fixing id on loan accounts
  • [cmso/cmmc/cmb] fixing deferred date
  • do not crash on deinit() if we haven't been logged
  • [cmmc] hope to fix duplicates transactions
  • [cmb/cmmb] clean code with AbstractModule
  • [cmb/cmso/cmmc] fixing random ClientError, ServerError
  • fix relogging when currently on another domain

Modules: colissimo

  • fixed date parsing
  • New website

Modules: cpasbien

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: cragr

  • raise ActionNeeded on trading password creation
  • adding advisor to cragr
  • port to browser2 the quick way
  • fix debug leftover
  • fix shared URL instance modification
  • fix browser1 leftover
  • fix cragr broken html
  • fix method name after browser2 switch
  • escape error message during authentication
  • use ActionNeeded exception when it is appropriated
  • implement transfers
  • fix TransferPage url to avoid the pattern match other pages
  • fix Transfer object after execute_transfer
  • fixing cragr : advisor on cmds
  • use TYPE_CARD_SUMMARY and TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD transaction types
  • adding CapProfile to cragr
  • use bytes since content is bytes
  • Fix BGPI go_to don't work without return, change DAV PEA type
  • adding xpath to get card's balance
  • fix mistake on card balance xpath
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • fix rdate, there are not always sorted
  • keep usage of LinearDateGuesser for other than cards accounts
  • fix cragr dateguesser for deferred cards
  • catch more broken html to replace
  • improve domain management
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • match another card_summary type
  • for card accounts, separate history from coming
  • fix advisor fetching navigation
  • handle perimeter having "&/et" sometimes
  • adding an account type
  • add autoencoding and fix market accounts
  • implement adding new transfer recipients
  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts in a few modules
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • more wtf on cards being debitted 37 weeks later!
  • Fixing using number instead of webid
  • some accounts need a form submit to go to history
  • "Remise carte" is not a TYPE_CARD_SUMMARY Transaction
  • Fix deferred cards
  • return list of deferred cards or url
  • fix deferred debit cards when it's a link, not a form
  • detect browser unavailable page when account uses a form
  • set card balance at 0 if there is no coming
  • Set balance to 0 if there is no coming transactions
  • get account base on acc.balance
  • handle some BGIPage investments
  • straightforward py2/py3 port
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • use BankStandardTest
  • split get_cards_or_card
  • added BASEURL initialisation in init
  • sometimes site returns recipients iban not in uppercase
  • raise BrowserUnavailable
  • handle unavalaible browser a better way
  • handle more informations for loans. duration is now given in months
  • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them
  • handle closed loans that stay on the accounts list
  • add default value for Loan start/end date
  • sometimes there's no link for the loan

Modules: creditcooperatif

  • port to browser2 the easy way
  • pro: fix for multiple cards on same account
  • don't modify raw label
  • detect PEL accounts
  • first implementation of transfers for perso accounts
  • implement transfers to external recipients
  • fix debug leftover
  • fix transfer exec_date parsing
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • skip coming transactions without a date
  • use another page for coming transactions
  • quick port to python3

Modules: creditdunord

  • adding CapProfile to creditdunord
  • fix when no accounts + improve js search code
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • fix accounts parsing
  • fix investments date parsing
  • Add support for banque laydernier
  • catch no iban error, change some account id
  • some transactions have no dates ...
  • fix account not well typed
  • Changed json loads to literal eval to prevent useless replaces
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • correctly type checking account
  • correctly sort transactions
  • port to python3
  • fix py3 compat

Modules: creditdunordpee

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • fix homepage regexp and virtualkeyboard
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • fix "-" amount
  • iter_accounts now returns an iterable
  • fix warning

Modules: creditmutuel

  • fixing creditmutuel/cic : remove deleted from summary manually summed
  • remove dirt from label
  • adding CapProfile to cm/cic
  • call super-classes on_load
  • fix some missing @need_login
  • fix advisor fetch
  • [cm/cic] fixing account type with PEA
  • remove dup URL
  • fix investement on PEA accounts + NotImplemented for history
  • catch another error message during transfer
  • [creditmut] add recipient feature
  • [cm/cic] adding account type
  • remove useless commented code
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • catch ActionNeeded on add recipient
  • [creditmut] change deferred card webid to be uniq
  • [creditmut & cic] fix bug following change of account webid
  • handle empty key error
  • [cm/cic] fix accounts type
  • if a transaction commission is present, exclude it from amount
  • [creditmut] handle new transfer bank error
  • P.E.A accounts has now the good type
  • [cic] better transfer errors handling
  • [cic/cm] fix problems on deferred cards and coming
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • [credimut] fix consecutive new recipients
  • [creditmut] fix check on recap transfer
  • [creditmut] fix fetching iban
  • [creditmut] preventively use has-class instead of @class=
  • [cm/cic] create new account to keep consistency
  • [cm/cic] match another loan account
  • remove regex on login
  • [cm/cic] adding word to match order
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • new URL for OperationsPage + call sorted_transactions
  • handle more informations for loans
  • stop taking closed loans into account
  • fix unhandled page for loans condition
  • [cic/creditmutuel] fixed some pages not being matched
  • CMCIC: fix catching URI for life insurances
  • CMCIC another fix for uri for life assurances
  • CMCIC better xpath for banqueprivee subbank for accounts items
  • fix validation message when the transfer is registered
  • CMCIC same xpath for account items for all subbanks
  • [credit mut] add_recipient, might have multiples hashes for same key

Modules: cuisineaz

  • port to python3

Modules: dailymotion

  • set a default test config in case no-one exists
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: delubac

  • fix parsing when there are several accounts
  • detected terminated account
  • Corrected not accessible account and balance unavailable
  • fix unaccessible transactions
  • Improve iban recuperation
  • Skip unreachable accounts
  • some changes to be compatible with his childrens
  • port to python3

Modules: dlfp

  • quick-and-dirty port to Browser2
  • fix browser1 leftovers and port to python3

Modules: ebonics

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: edf

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • fetch 3 years of documents instead of fixed begining date
  • [edf pro] catch ActionNeeded (CGU validation)
  • fixing parsing doc
  • fix edf pro: bad detection of wrongpass and dl method change
  • Fix edfpro: crashes when no bills found, and make subscription labels clean
  • fix new page for bills and new method for download
  • fix multiple subscriptions documents, fix download doc (same case), and fix invalid price
  • [edf pro] fix non-static id for subscriptions, and clean some code
  • fix multiple persons for multiple subs
  • [EDF] Factures correction
  • pyflakes
  • Fix PAR documents & PRO bills ID
  • [edf-par] fix disconnect on download bills
  • [edf - par] Corrected is_logged that was always true

Modules: ehentai

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: entreparticuliers

  • fix land rent type
  • correctly handle RENT queries
  • Update Entreparticuliers module
  • Partial fix for entreparticuliers single housing fetching
  • Use a dedicated field for utilities status in housing capability
  • Fix some discrepancies between list and infos in entreparticuliers module
  • fix pyflakes
  • fix area detection when number of rooms is unknow + fix description parsing + fis nbroom parsing
  • Fix a bug due to invalid XML encoding in entreparticuliers module
  • fix parsing crappy adverts
  • fix module website got updated

Modules: europarl

  • Clean up imports

Modules: explorimmo

  • fix module: handle case price in not in search result
  • fix error parsing prices
  • handle empty search cities result
  • Update explorimmo module
  • Remove useless imports in explorimmo module
  • Update explorimmo single housing fetching
  • Use a dedicated field for utilities status in housing capability
  • Correctly fetch the area in Explorimmo listing when there is a comma
  • Fix according to comment by @Bezleputh
  • Fix explorimmo agency in details
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: feedly

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: fortuneo

  • fixing account type with PEA
  • fix broken html
  • fetch PEA balance from account page because it's more up to date
  • handle another actionNeeded
  • do not use 'with' on browser
  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts
  • changed way accounts links are retrieved
  • added history for PEA and life insurrances accounts
  • Form not found correction
  • ignore auto assurance account
  • added action needed exception for recently created profiles
  • [Fortuneo] Handling of liquidities because investments are very volatiles, investments are cached during list command in order to keep consistancy between list' balances and investments sums
  • added action needed exception when profile require it
  • added another case of action needed on the site
  • fixing account type
  • added BrowserUnvailable exception for unreachable accounts
  • fix crash on loans
  • port to python3
  • Now full handle loans
  • detect BrowserUnavailable at login
  • another ActionNeede
  • Delete liquidity for stock account
  • now get sub transactions from main one

Modules: francetelevisions

  • site changed
  • sometimes there is no date or sublabel
  • handle ls command + fix test

Modules: freemobile

  • Fix for https://symlink.me/issues/3664
  • Add CapMessagesPost to self using Freemobile SMS API
  • Should now support multilines account with CapMessage
  • Freemobile CapMessagePost should support multi-line accounts
  • Fix Freemobile HomePage not having correct logged property
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • ended subs make crash when renewdate try to get recovered
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules

Modules: funmooc

  • fix login and pages
  • port to python3

Modules: ganassurances

  • failed login can redirect to groupama
  • added virtual keyboard support
  • some life assurance accounts weren't returned
  • [ganssurances] diasble comings for life insurances accounts
  • keep get_coming as an iterator
  • fix history for different life insurances
  • Skip false account and fix columns use
  • using is instead of == to compare with None
  • add investments support
  • now recover currency
  • add arbitration and test existence of columns
  • parse another ISIN pattern

Modules: gazelle

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: gdcvault

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: github

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: googletranslate

  • fix translation decoding

Modules: groupamaes

  • amount column label has changed
  • amount may be not available
  • detect another negative amount transaction
  • fix duplicated coming operations
  • accept more than 8 digits in login

Modules: guerrillamail

  • port to browser2
  • remove unused import

Modules: happn

  • add parameters 'position' and 'distance'
  • little improvements
  • fix changes in API
  • fix set of position

Modules: hsbc

  • login form has changed
  • recognize an additional type of life insurance account
  • raise BrowserIncorrectPassword when password is too short
  • recognize an additional pattern for life insurance
  • fixing account type and loans
  • sometimes life insurance label is "elysee" instead of "elysees"
  • handle life insurance history and investments
  • fix transactions with gross amount, fix invest name (sometime there is some letters in id)
  • set date instead of vdate in life insurance history
  • life insurance website is randomly unavailable
  • fix mistake
  • fix mistake n°2
  • some life insurance are not on side website
  • when app is gone, relogin is needed
  • fix crash when life insurance space is unavailable
  • detect another BrowserIncorrectPassword
  • fixed IBAN not found when on french site
  • fix regexp to parse first matching date instead of last
  • coding style: use sign CleanDecimal param
  • the life insurance site may not show all accounts
  • Fix ignored history
  • use url weboob field and remove some useless except
  • don't parse "some shop 24/24" as the transaction date
  • fixing history and summary on deferred cb
  • basic port to python3
  • change site navigation to use more POSTs
  • some coding style improvements
  • detect new life insurance label + empty history
  • handle a variety of errors for life insurance
  • detect suspended account ActionNeeded

Modules: imdb

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: imgur

  • fill more fields

Modules: ina

  • fix ina tests

Modules: indeed

  • set a default test config when no-one exists

Modules: ing

  • Adding Loan type
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • adding CapProfile to ING
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • fix start_with_main_site decorator
  • fix get_profile happening after life insurance account
  • fixing investment in some cases
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • [ing/bforbank] use now ValueDate
  • fix ValueDate format and no more replace
  • don't need anymore to hardcode server cert
  • handle one more format date
  • handle orignal_currency on TitrePage
  • fetch PEA and MARKET balance from details because it's more up to date
  • fix positive balances on loan accounts
  • transfers
  • retry if we can't get market balance
  • exec_date can move 4 days later
  • transfer better exec_date parsing
  • fix recipient iban parsing
  • Handling of liquidities as an investment. To avoid inconsistencies between balances and investment totals, investments are cached during list command
  • corrected useless pipe on password regex
  • fixing unitprice column
  • unitprice invest life insurance column may be missing
  • raise ActionNeeded if page is moveMoneyForbidden.
  • fix unicode exception problem
  • port to python3
  • add error on invalid transfer amount
  • there is no liquidity on life insurance in creation

Modules: inrocks

  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: jacquieetmichel

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: jcvelaux

  • straightforward py3 compatibility

Modules: jirafeau

  • port to python3

Modules: kickass

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: kiwibank

  • adding missing account type

Modules: lcl

  • catch actionNeeded on trading website
  • fixing parsing on invest
  • fixing parsing on invest
  • do not raise ActionNeeded on BoursePage
  • some accounts can't do any transfer
  • add_recipient
  • fix encoding error
  • adding CapProfile to lcl esp/ent
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • do not crash on unavailable market website
  • fix recipients webid
  • fix mistake
  • fix life insurance xpath
  • fix wrong type for cb deferred
  • set expire on state
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • entreprise: fix multiple accounts + misc
  • fix recipient add message
  • better parse accounts list if multiple companies
  • fixing some type accounts PEA
  • advisor phone can be missing
  • Added pro loans
  • Fixed AV, now taking contractID instead of labelname as ID
  • add e.LCL space on websites, fix crash on market disconnect page
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • Fix ac_details_page xpath in AvPage
  • fix website redirection to get lifeinsurances accounts
  • use on_load for life insurance routing pages
  • access is restricted to life insurance accounts of a third-party
  • parsing of life insurance investments changed
  • Iban duplication correction
  • go on accounts list before submitting life insurance page form
  • handle multi contracts
  • force logout with multi contracts and statesmixin
  • init some variables and avoid a name conflict
  • fixing pea type on bourse accounts
  • patch empty transaction label with nature
  • fix lcl transaction label at None
  • don't use lxml custom strs in the state but standard strings
  • sometimes transactions have amount of 0
  • fix transferbankerror msg format
  • [lcl add recipient] fix detection of params xpath
  • port to python3
  • some life insurances don't have a link and so are useless
  • CapDocument added, now donwloading documents
  • fixing wrong date on deferred_cb transactions
  • Missing import basestring in LCL module (Python 3 compatibility)
  • CapDocument is only implemented for "par" site
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • fix iter_resources since module has CapBank/CapDocument
  • add currency to life insurance and market accounts
  • Add uppercase ASSURANCE-VIE in disc URL.
  • fix when form params are not in id but in href.
  • detect some cases of "restricted" life insurances
  • remove some useless ":443" in URLs since weboob normalizes them

Modules: ldlc

  • Fix LDLC module

Modules: leboncoin

  • set a default test config in case no-one exists
  • fix: module crash while searching cities whose name contains spaces
  • handle unknown cities search result
  • Update Leboncoin module
  • Fix single housing fetching on Leboncoin
  • Use a dedicated field for utilities status in housing capability
  • Remove region parameter in Leboncoin module
  • fix call to sort for py3 compat
  • fix warning from element.getroot()

Modules: leclercmobile

  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • Remove support for older mechanize versions

Modules: lefigaro

  • fix module / set a defaut test config in case no-one exists
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: liberation

  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: linebourse

  • new bank invest module
  • fix non-existing page
  • fix portfolio_share > 1
  • fix index out of range due to not urlencoded account id, change warning to assertion error
  • portfolio share can be NotAvailable, change static 'isin' to Investment variable
  • fix empty invest with 0 in quantity
  • sometimes investments have an empty label
  • change hard code type to invest variable
  • sometimes the diff column is just missing
  • reimplement MessagePage behavior of caissedepargne
  • create liquidity investment
  • fix invest history label
  • fix invest history label
  • sometimes investment list is not in a link
  • fix escaping '?' in URL.urls for calling go on it
  • the website might be dead
  • fix broken page on iter_history
  • port to python3
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules

Modules: linuxjobs

  • add proper favicon
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: logicimmo

  • Update Logicimmo module
  • Fix location detection in logicimmo
  • Update logic-immo single housing fetching
  • Use a dedicated field for utilities status in housing capability

Modules: lolix

  • bump to browser2 / set a default config in case no-one exists

Modules: lutim

  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • port to python3
  • fix expiration field

Modules: lyricsdotcom

  • fix module : website got updated
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: lyricsmode

  • fix artist name and song name
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: marmiton

  • fix parsing when cooking time is not filled
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • fix module website got updated

Modules: mediawiki

  • add gallery search + improve fillobj
  • edit token changed + fix unittest
  • port for python3
  • fix image data fetching

Modules: meteofrance

  • fix module website got updated (fix issue #43)
  • fix unorderable types error

Modules: minutes20

  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: monster

  • fix module, website is beeing updated
  • fix module site changed
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: myfoncia

  • Billing capability for Foncia

Modules: n26

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • catch wrongpass
  • fix old-style exception
  • fix module creation
  • set account number to NotAvailable
  • currency is always EUR
  • moved login from init with wrapper
  • N26: Handle bank fee type;

Modules: nectarine

  • port to browser2
  • port to python3

Modules: nettokom

  • corrected useless pipe on password regex

Modules: nolifetv

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: nova

  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • remove useless dict.iterkeys() calls

Modules: oney

  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • fixed incorrect password on site choice page
  • catch and ignore unusable accounts
  • handle email on login
  • parse special credit page
  • the coming value may be missing

Modules: onlinenet

  • setted timeout to prevent 504 errors

Modules: opacwebaloes

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • library: rename get_booked/get_rented and remove wrong id parameter
  • Remove support for older mechanize versions
  • fix API change

Modules: opensubtitles

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: orange

  • fix bills for pro and sosh accounts
  • fix bill price when there is a discount info
  • fix price parsing when there's vat and non-vat amounts
  • Corrected date xpath
  • Added price to ID to prevent bills doublons
  • [sosh - orange] Corrected url for unavailable documents
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • Get documents and bills from new site
  • Some subscriptions don't have basic columns like 'Montant HT'
  • Pro contracts take amount without taxes

Modules: ouifm

  • update OÜI FM stream urls
  • update station name
  • bump to browser2
  • remove useless dict.iterkeys() calls
  • 4 brand new OUI FM streams
  • syntax terror
  • added OÜI FM Rock 2000 + OÜI FM Summertime urls

Modules: ovh

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • [OVH] Added bills label
  • Two-Factor authentication now catched
  • Changed links to match new API & select bills 2 years ago
  • Added condition on login (sometimes trying to log when already logged)

Modules: pap

  • Update Pap module
  • Fetch single housing fetching of Pap
  • Use a dedicated field for utilities status in housing capability
  • Use CleanText rather than CleanHTML in pap phone fetching
  • Better handling of housing posts with multiple phone numbers on pap
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: pariskiwi

  • port to python3

Modules: parolesmania

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: pastebin

  • base url is https

Modules: paypal

  • fix paypal login
  • bypass new anti-scraping js
  • handle more home urls
  • [paypal part] create transaction with there is a funding src
  • fix regressions with fundingSrc
  • don't crash if fundingSource is missing
  • fix login js
  • fix when get account list.
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • handle new home page

Modules: phpbb

  • port to browser2 and add fixes
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: pixabay

  • add module for pixabay public domain photo search
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: pixtoilelibre

  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • port to browser2 and python3

Modules: podnapisi

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: popolemploi

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • fix module site dramatically changed

Modules: pornhub

  • Now uses https

Modules: pradoepargne

  • adding pradoepargne module
  • [pradoepargne][btpbanque] Upgrade version
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: presseurop

  • fix module + set a default test config in case no-one exists
  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: radiofrance

  • fix francemusique, mouv and franceculture
  • fix franceinter podcasts / search not only search in selections but also in podcasts
  • better output for current song

Modules: ratp

  • RATP: Rename module to be lowercase
  • Fix a few bugs with ratp module
  • Make RATP module use the provided issue description
  • site is now https

Modules: redmine

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: regionsjob

  • set a default test config in case no-one exists
  • handled websites are now using https

Modules: rmll

  • Fix RMLL module required weboob version
  • Fix module : website got updated

Modules: s2e

  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • detect an ActionNeeded page
  • use now AbstractBrowser and AbstractModule
  • adding pockets
  • now recover AMF code around 3 websites
  • fix undefined page (website without amf code)
  • handle another code page
  • fix XMLSyntaxError due to an empty page occurring sometimes
  • abandon AMF code fetching when the page redirects to a graphplot page
  • handle one more isin site (the url is enough for it)
  • fix cpr-am url + handle yet another isin url... except it's a pdf
  • add another cpr-am url pattern
  • add another type of ISIN page
  • corrected useless pipe on password regex
  • detect one more "no accounts" sentence
  • add diff to investments
  • diff column can be unavailable
  • use xpath "$vars" in a few modules
  • add new text to get pocket condition from dict CONDITONS

Modules: seloger

  • Update seloger module
  • Filter cities results of SeLoger module
  • Fix seloger modifications according to @Bezleputh comments
  • Better title fetching from seloger module
  • Use a dedicated field for utilities status in housing capability
  • Do not return utilities.excluded when should not be the case for seloger
  • Add missing favicons for foncia and seloger
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: senscritique

  • Website now uses https

Modules: sfr

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: societegenerale

  • new url for a ActionNeeded page
  • delete cb_summary transactions
  • new action needed page
  • life insurance pages are broken randomly, do retry
  • do not throw a TransferError if the customer can't do tranfers
  • fix debit date, must be descending
  • fix transfers
  • adding CapProfile to societegenerale
  • username is digit..
  • use io.BytesIO where deprecated StringIO module was used for bytes
  • list loans in accounts
  • fix crash on history on loan accounts
  • raise BrowserIncorrectPassword for short logins
  • some loans have no balance in the loan json
  • fix crash on unavailable loan page
  • fixing account type with PEA
  • fix transfer
  • fixing isin code
  • add recipient
  • raise step on appli validation instead of waiting
  • use new TransferError codes in a few modules
  • valutations for invests are now taken from the previous page for a better value
  • use new TransferError subclasses in modules
  • fix transfer
  • skip life insurance transaction when date is "rejet"
  • [soge] fix rounded valuations bugs (KeyError), now go on all pages to get valuations, and catch the error
  • fix unicode literal
  • transfer date more flexible
  • [societegenerale iter_recipients] \d in field might not be an id
  • fix transfer data wrongly posted
  • sometimes an owner has no accounts
  • bugfix check also if _id in acc.id.
  • fix handling transfer page
  • card transactions are coming before the first card_summary
  • fix no accounts due to site error
  • fix recipients list if multiple accounts have the same name
  • recognize new url for ActionNeeded
  • skip external recipient with not valid iban
  • update modules to use new CapBankTransferAddRecipient
  • fix regex
  • Transfer.exec_date can vary of 2 days during weekend
  • fetch balance from market page
  • exclude a new error message for iter_transfer_recipients
  • [societe generale] changed IBAN to not available for Epargne accounts
  • skip market transaction if the amount is unavailable
  • fix too strict and inconsistent exec_date check
  • the "rejet d'intégration" state was searched on wrong doc
  • test another page for life insurance history
  • allow iter_history on PEA liquidity
  • Corrected validation condition to prevent recipient doublons
  • detect a NoAccountsException case
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • port to Python3
  • [soge] fast fix transfer
  • Form param value changes between 'valeur' and 'position'
  • detect yet another BrowserUnavailable

Modules: somafm

  • Port somafm to browser2

Modules: spirica

  • 0% portfolio_share is different than NotAvailable
  • recognize "capitalisation" accounts
  • exclude 'arrêté annuel' transactions
  • use url field instead of _link for Accounts in a few modules

Modules: sueurdemetal

  • port to browser2
  • set timezone of events
  • straightforward py3 port
  • site completely changed

Modules: supertoinette

  • bump to browser2

Modules: t411

  • Correct download URL
  • new URL
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • update to new website

Modules: tapatalk

  • bugfix: use 'Anonymous' if post_author_name is undefined
  • bugfix: if a forum doesn't have new_post attribute, assume it to be true

Modules: taz

  • modules: fix AbstractBrowser use

Modules: tinder

  • add optional parameter 'location' to force position
  • sometimes 'common_likes' is not present in person dict
  • send a welcome message
  • sometimes description is missing

Modules: torrentz

  • CSS changed
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: trainline

  • fix some bugs in iter_docs
  • fix unavalaible docs

Modules: tvsubtitles

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: twitter

  • fix : website got updated
  • remove useless encoding
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: unsee

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: ups

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: vimeo

  • fix search / rewrite search and channels listing using phone API / set a default test config in case no-one exists
  • fix : keep your grubby hands to your own website !
  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: vine

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: virginradio

  • fix module (header wants a str not an int)
  • remove useless dict.iterkeys() calls

Modules: weather

  • fix module: website got updated / bump to broser 2

Modules: wellsfargo

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse

Modules: yomoni

  • remove dummy test.py files as they are false negatives for weboob_lint
  • raise ActionNeeded for certain "no accounts"
  • encode utf8 before base64 to avoid crash on accent
  • detect more ActionNeeded
  • User get message if subscription at step 4
  • Added right tokens to all requests
  • don't use Account as dict key, it's not hashable
  • parse amount with comma and replace with dot
  • PEA account_type now recognized

Modules: youjizz

  • fix parsing links without schemes
  • force https for thumbnails
  • fix parsing of urls

Modules: youporn

  • fix compatibility with new website

Modules: youtube

  • Use weboob.tools.compat instead of urllib/urlparse
  • use youtube_dl
  • remove pages.py since no browser is used anymore


  • Add a script to backport modules from devel to stable
  • Add a script to detect new and removed modules since a release
  • Add check_xpath script
  • Add "-3" option to all relevant tools
  • CI update to manage both python versions


  • Add replace-backends-pass.py tool to use the "pass" tool
  • Add rboorrent-download script
  • Add a export_session method and a webextension


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