Minbif 1.0

That's the final release
Added by Romain Bignon over 8 years ago

Today Minbif 1.0 is released! This final version is as stable as possible, and include the following features:

  • Minbif uses a library which abstracts all IM calls, and has several plugins to support more than 15 IM protocols (IRC included!);
  • Two modes: inetd and daemon fork;
  • Only IRC commands are used to control Minbif;
  • Certificates check;
  • Buddies are IRC users;
  • Each account has a status channel. You see in all connected buddies, and their status on it;
  • Add and remove buddies from list with /INVITE and /KICK commands;
  • Blocked users are bans on the account's status channel;
  • Display when a buddy is typing a message;
  • Can chat with someone who is not in your buddy list;
  • You can see buddies' icons (with libcaca) or download them;
  • DCC SEND an image to set your icon on IM networks;
  • Display extended information about buddies with /WII command;
  • Support away messages;
  • Can send and receive files, which are sent or received to/from your IRC client with DCC SEND;
  • Conversation channels are supported;
  • Auto-rejoin conversation channels at connection;
  • Display list of channels on an IM account with /LIST;
  • irssi scripts to increase your user experience of minbif;
  • CACAcam (webcam in ascii art).
  • CoinCoin plugin for libpurple.

ChangeLog from previous rc2 release is:

  • Global proxy settings with the /ADMIN command.
  • Ability to set parameters when joining a conversation channel.
  • /STATS c: display all available parameters of a specific account.
  • Transliteration of buddies' IRC nicknames.
  • Handle mIRC format chars when sending a message.
  • gayattitude: new prpl-plugin.
  • coincoin: improvment.
  • accounts: fix auto-reconnection.
  • Fix: remove a status channel when there isn't any associated account.
  • Fix: fix crash when rehashing twice.
  • Fix: memory leaks.

Now we're on the 1.1 road!