weboob: Weboob 0.e

Added by Florent Fourcot almost 6 years ago

Three months after the previous one, weboob 0.e has been released.

It looks like the previous one: there are mainly new bank modules, and a lot of bugs have been fixed.

There are two new commands line options (-I for insecure connection, -e to exclude backends) and the introduction of -d option for ls. The CapWaterLevel has been renamed to CapGauge, and can now be used for more modules.

Weboob is now packaged in Gentoo, and is integrated in Skrooge

There are now 90 modules and 26 applications.




  • New module: Axa Banque (CapBank) (#807)
  • New module: Barclays bank (CapBank)
  • New module: Carrefour Banque (CapBank)
  • New module: Credit Cooperatif (CapBank)
  • New module: Credit Mutuel Sud Ouest (CapBank)
  • New module: Gan Assurances (CapBank)
  • New module: Mangago (CapGallery)
  • New script:

Module: Arte

  • Fix: parsing video title (site changed)

Module: Banque Populaire

  • Update transaction regexps
  • Correctly encode login and password
  • Fix: change hostname of Aquitaine Centre atlantique bank region
  • Fix: parsing accounts for some specific versions of website (reported by Alain Spaite)
  • get the full label of an account
  • Fix: parsing banquepopulaire accounts with no link
  • Fix: crash where there is no transactions for an account
  • Fix: date parsing (happy new year)
  • Add Credit Maritime regions compatibles with Banque Populaire

Module: bnporc

  • Add a second SSL cert
  • Support international withdrawal

Module: Boursorama

  • Fix: Correctly parse label of deferred card transactions
  • Support of Livret A accounts
  • Support new Virtual keyboard

Module: bp

  • Fix: compatibility with python2.6
  • Add a SSL timeout
  • Support page delestage
  • Support deferred debit

Module: Bred

  • Correctly encode login and password
  • Support payment in several times
  • Fix: parsing accounts when there are interlines
  • ignore special accounts
  • Fix: crash when there is no ID on a transaction

Module: Caisse d'épargne

  • Handle login errors
  • Support when website is unavailable
  • Parse more card transactions
  • Fix: parsing funding accounts
  • New favicon

Module: cic

  • New favicon
  • Fix: parsing amounts in special cases
  • Fix: parsing card pages in special cases

Module: cmb

  • do not consider special accounts
  • Fix: parsing balance

Module: CrAgr

  • update transaction regexps
  • Fix: do not crash if there is no history link for an account
  • correctly use iterators

Module: dlfp

  • Allow anonyme browsing (#923)
  • Fix: deconnection error
  • Fix: Support new html structure

Module: ebonics

  • Add favicon

Module: ehentai

  • Fix: Support new website

Module: Fortuneo

  • Add new certificate

Module: France Télévisions

  • Fix: Support new website

Module: Freemobile

  • Fix: Support the new website
  • Add a real id for all details objects (#932)
  • Add renew date (#931)
  • Support of multi-accounts (#890)

Module: Gazelle

  • Fix: parsing torrents descriptions

Module: HSBC

  • Raise exception on login error

Module: ING

  • Add ICapBill to download monthly reports (#897)
  • Add support of proxy account
  • Add support of Livret Epargne Orange accounts
  • Fix: crash when there is no operation on an account
  • Support question page

Module: INA

  • Try to handle more videos

Module: LCL

  • Fix: login regexp
  • Add the new SSL certificat
  • Add a pattern to detect cards

Module: Leclercmobile

  • Fix: Support new versions of website

Module: Le Figaro

  • Fix: encoding
  • Remove some unused files (#819)
  • Fix: author selection

Module: Nettokom

  • Add validity date

Module: Opacwebaloes

  • Fix: Accept ID with 8 chars (#921)

Module: pastalacon

  • Remove some test warnings

Module: pastebin

  • Fix: visibility detection
  • Fix: login without API
  • Remove some test warnings

Module: Piratebay

  • Fix: search (site changed)

Module: Presseurop

  • Remove tweeter sharing
  • Use clean_relativ_urls
  • Fix: Support new version of daily titles

Module: Sachsen

  • Add a favicon
  • Search is no more case sentitive
  • Use ICapGauge instead of ICapWaterLevel
  • Get alarm level

Module: Societegenerale

  • Handle error when service is unavailable
  • Update transaction regexps
  • New SSL certificat
  • Check date of card debit to apply it
  • Fix: crash on special accounts

Module: Taz

  • Remove some adds

Module: Wordreference

  • Fix: parsing (#840, #1036)

Module: youporn

Module: youtube

  • Fix: login


  • Support currencies


  • Rename iter_history to iter_bills_history
  • Add validity and renew date fields


  • Declare fields to avoid warnings


  • Change API to be more flexible
  • Add GaugeSensor objects


  • Fix: CapVideo-related ConversionWarnings (dailymotion, ehentai,
    francetelevisions, ina, radiofrance, youjizz, youporn, youtube)


  • Rename it to ICapGauge

Console Applications

  • Properly get to the previous path, not home
  • Add support for ls -d option (#858)
  • Add global "insecure" option to skip SSL validation (#930)
  • Allow to exclude some backends (#617)

Application: boobill

  • Add the keyword "all" to download command

Application: boobmsg

  • Improve documentation of export_thread
  • Allow "show" command in non-interactive mode
  • Datetime now human readable

Application: comparoob

  • Remove double products with multiple backends
  • Sort results in comparoob (#934)

Application: radioob

  • Support of rtmp

Application: videoob

  • Add -e to rtmpdump options
  • Allow to use all videos players
  • Allow to give arguments to players
  • Add mplayer2 support

Application: weboob-config

  • Fix double message "Unable to load module"

Application: wetboobs

  • Change to use ICapGauge instead of ICapWaterLevel
  • Add sensors command

Tools: html2text

  • Set INLINE_LINKS to false

Tools: Newsfeed

  • Take the creation date if no update available

Tools: Messages/GenericBackend

  • Get the real thread of an article
  • Add clean_relativ_urls function

Tools: VirtKeyboard

  • Add an overridable method to check pixel colos
  • Add a parameter "convert"

Tools: IParser

  • Add a raw parser

Tools: LxmlParser

  • Get all strings under this element

Tools: tests

  • Save and submit test results
  • Better way of handling non-module tests
  • Guess the right builder name
  • Use the guessed nosetests for the core tests too

Tools: pyflakes

  • Use flake8 if available instead of pyflakes


  • Check value of ValueBackendPassword during load
  • Add new exception BrowserForbidden and add handler in applications
  • Fix langage when the lastet version is already installed
  • Allow multiple CERTHASH values in a module
  • Ability to specify a parser to use on a page handler


  • print what executable we were looking for
  • be less confusing when make is missing

Contrib: boobank-munin

  • Fix: encoding issue

Contrib: downloadboob

  • Correctly create symlink and support when one is removed
  • 'exclude' parameter is case insensitive

Contrib: nettokom-munin

  • Print all labels in config mode and stack results

weboob: Weboob 0.d

Added by Romain Bignon about 6 years ago

Six month after the previous one, weboob 0.d has been released.

There are mainly new bank and video modules. Also, a lot of bugs have been fixed. No new application for this time, but a new contrib script, downloadboob, to automate download of videos matching some criteria.

A new system has been made to check SSL server certificates. It does not prevent every attacks, but it is a temporarily workaround, before the new Browser2 which will be introduced in the next version of Weboob. Learn more about this feature here (fr).

Finally, weboob is now definitively in Debian! The package has been uploaded in June.

There are now 83 modules and 26 applications.




  • New module: BanquePopulaire (CapBank).
  • New module: Bred (CapBank).
  • New module: CaisseDEpargne (CapBank).
  • New module: CIC (CapBank).
  • New module: Ebonics (CapTranslate).
  • New module: EuroParl (CapVideo).
  • New module: GDCVault (CapVideo).
  • New module: LeclercMobile (CapBill).
  • New module: Vimeo (CapVideo).
  • New module: Weather (CapWeather).
  • New script: contrib/downloadboob to automatically download vidéos matching some criteria (#838).
  • Add a basic system to check SSL certificates.

Console Applications

  • Correctly check new version of the module.
  • Short commands for all applications (and suggestions).

Module: AuM

  • Add a status field to display number of new visits.
  • Support new API (#871,#900,#902).

Module: BNPorc

  • Strip trailing 'CARTE XXX' from card transactions labels.
  • Get last 100 transactions instead of 30.
  • Fix: website changes.

Module: Boursorama

  • Correctly handle case that we don't support the history page of an account.
  • Fix: unlimited loop in case of bad credentials.

Module: BP

  • Parse labels and detect type of transactions.
  • Get maximum of transactions in history.
  • Workaround to libssl 1.0.1c-4 bug in Debian (#863).

Module: CappedTV

  • Fix: proper handling of No Results Found.

Module: CMB

  • Support proxy.
  • Check SSL certificate.
  • Fix: a bug in the accounts listing.

Module: CrAgr

  • Reworked the whole parsing for 'list' and 'history' operations.
  • Parse labels and detect type of transactions.

Module: CreditMutuel

  • Support deferred debit.
  • Never store 'RELEVE CARTE' transactions (redundancy with card transactions).
  • Fix: login (skip page which warns about phishing).

Module: Dailymotion

  • Add support for embed URLs.
  • Fix: parsing authors on anyclip videos.
  • Fix: search-then-play combination (#860).

Module: Fortuneo

  • Fix: website changes.
  • Fix: check on login failure.

Module: FreeMobile

  • Catch unit for data.
  • Support multiple accounts.
  • Fix: login (website change).
  • Fix: pdf downloading.
  • Fix: international calls.
  • Fix: parsing name with a dash.

Module: Gazelle

  • Fix: parsing title on whatcd.

Module: HDS

  • Fix: parsing dates.

Module: HSBC

  • Support history and coming transactions.
  • Fix: duplicated IDs of accounts.
  • Fix: parsing of accounts and history.

Module: ING

  • Transaction IDs are generated with a hash function.
  • Use static IDs of accounts.
  • Support tranfers.

Module: LCL

  • Parse labels and detect type of transactions.
  • Display password renewal warning.
  • Support CB operations.
  • Support several contracts.

Module: LeFigaro

  • Fix: parsing of live articles.

Module: Minutes20

  • Fix: RSS feed url has changed.

Module: Nettokom

  • Fix: website change about authentication.

Module: Newsfeed

  • Add a link on top of content.

Module: NolifeTV

  • Fix: authentication and retrieve of video url (#880).

Module: Nova

  • Fix: retrieving of current song.

Module: PAP

  • Fix: parsing housings (#874).

Module: PressEurop

  • Fetch last 140 entries instead of 50.

Module: PrixCarburants

  • Fix: regexp of product name in page.

Module: RadioFrance

  • Support franceinfo archives.

Module: SocieteGenerale

  • Truncate password to 6 digits.
  • Handle error message when unable to login.
  • Support deferred debit cards.
  • Fix: follow next pages of history.
  • Fix: website changes about authentication (#891).

Module: Transilien

  • Support when a train is removed (#894).
  • Fix: parsing time (#866).

Module: Yahoo

  • Fix: search of cities (website change).

Module: Youjizz

  • Fix: parsing of duration.
  • Fix: parsing video url.

Module: Youporn

  • Fix: website changed.

Module: Youtube

  • Add support for
  • Fix: login and play of nsfw videos (#918).
  • Fix: finding video url (website change).

Application: boobank

  • Fix: QIF spec requires capitalized 'type' (#898).

Application: boobill

  • New command 'balance'.

Application: comparoob

  • Fix: selection of product.

Application: freemobile-munin

  • Add parameter 'phonenumber'.
  • Fix: data parsing.

Application: havedate

  • Add command 'events'.

Application: pastoob

  • Abort if paste is empty.

Application: QHaveDate

  • Nicknames are selectable (#869).

Application: QVideoob

  • White background is not forced anymore (#823).

Application: translaboob

  • Add 'nigger' language.

Application: weboob-debug

  • Support more shell libs (ipython, bpython, standard python).

Appliccation: wetboobs

  • Ability to display temperatures either on celsius or on fahrenheit.


  • Use module 'imp' instead of '__import__'.
  • Fix table formatter with python-prettytable 0.6.

weboob: Weboob 0.c

Added by Romain Bignon over 6 years ago

A new version of weboob has been released.

It introduces two new capabilities, CapPriceComparison (comparoob) and CapTranslate (translaboob), with several associated modules.

There is a very huge effort in rewrite of some internal systems, like formatters or objects management. Also, we focused on the quality of bank modules, and some helpers have been written to enhance code and parsing.

There are now 73 modules and 26 applications.




  • New capability: CapPriceComparison.
  • New capability: CapTranslate.
  • New module: ChampsLibres (CapBook).
  • New module: Fortuneo (CapBank).
  • New module: GoogleTranslate (CapTranslate).
  • New module: NettoKom (CapBill).
  • New module: Okc (CapDating).
  • New module: PrixCarburants (CapPriceComparison).
  • New module: Taz (CapMessages).
  • New module: WordReference (CapTranslate).
  • New application: comparoob (CapPriceComparison).
  • New application: translaboob (CapTranslate).
  • New script: boobot.
  • New script: nettokom-munin (Nettokom).
  • New script: (CapBank).
  • Application havedate now inherits commands of boobmsg.
  • Fix: use the right default value for XDG_DATA_DIRS.

Console Applications:

  • Add completion on ls and cd commands.
  • When a module requests to application a password (for example if it is not stored in the backend config), display a real question, not only 'Password:'.
  • Use $EDITOR env variable to edit input.
  • Rewrite of the formatters system.
  • When a bug occurs in a module, suggest user to update it.

Capability: CapBank

  • Rename Operation object to Transaction.
  • Rename iter_operations() to iter_coming().
  • Add a field Transaction.rdate to store date of payment.
  • Add field Transaction.type (enum).
  • Add field Account.type (enum).
  • Create a class FrenchTransaction in to help parsing transactions of french banks.
  • Use decimal.Decimal instead of float to store amounts of money.

Module: AuM

  • Fix: website has changed its charset.
  • Fix: don't crash when a message content is empty.
  • Fix: save IDs as integers in storage.

Module: Arte

  • Fix: getting latest videos.

Module: BNPorc

  • Support private messages (CapMessages).
  • Fetch the last 100 transactions (instead of 30).
  • Support CIF accounts.

Module: Boursorama

  • Parse categories and dates.
  • Ignore spurious accounts.
  • Fix: credit and debit where inversed.

Module: BP

  • Don't list spurious accounts.

Module: CrAgr

  • Fix: parsing dates.
  • Fix: CA Centre website has changed (#850).

Module: CreditMutuel

  • Capitalize each words in account labels.
  • Fix: parsing accounts list whene there is no history associated.
  • Fix: parsing history when there are extra columns.
  • Fix: use unique IDs for accounts.

Module: Dailymotion

  • Fix: getting latest videos.
  • Fix: getting thumbnails.
  • Fix: parsing video IDs.

Module: DLFP

  • Do not get pages with 0 comment.
  • Add a cleanup function to dlfp backend.

Module: FranceTelevisions

  • Fix: getting latest videos.

Module: FreeMobile

  • Fix: remove timer (not more used by website).
  • Fix: website has changed.
  • Fix: multiple accounts login.

Module: ING

  • Use FrenchTransaction for parsing transactions.
  • Get more historical transactions.
  • Catch error on password/birthday/login.
  • Fix: website changes on livret A history.

Module: LCL

  • Add a regexp on password field.
  • Fix: getting accounts.
  • Fix: crash when the balance is negative.
  • Fix: site specific fix.
  • Fix: parsing account labels.
  • Fix: always go on the history page.
  • Fix: when history is empty.
  • Fix: prevent infinite loop when password is wrong.

Module: MangaFox

  • Fix: domain name change.

Module: PressEurop

  • Fix: parsing of cartoon pages.
  • Fix: real author catching on article pages.

Module: RadioFrance

  • Fix: crash when there is no author.

Module: Sachsen

  • Catch “Go Up” value.

Module: SocieteGenerale

  • Support display of history and coming transactions.
  • Fix: when there is no transaction for the account.

Module: Transilien

  • Fix: roadmap when there is no confirm page.

Module: YouJizz

  • Fix: getting video URLs.

Module: YouPorn

  • Fix: changes on website.

Application: boobank

  • Add a new pretty_qif formatter (use label and rdate if exist).

Application: boobathon

  • Fix: close command.

Application: boobill

  • Get all available subscriptions for details command (#846).

Application: boobmsg

  • New command photos to display photos of a contact with cacaview.
  • Add an atom formatter.

Application: bonboob

  • Add a command once to process retrieving of messages once.

Application: QWebContentEdit

  • Possibility to edit an url (#619).
  • Add a History tab.

Application: weboob-config

  • Remove install command.

Script: freemobile-munin

  • Fix: condition to detect empty output.

Script: hds/

  • Fix: loading HDS module.


  • Change way to describe fields of CapBaseObjects.
  • Add a lot of code documentation.
  • Warn when implicit conversions happen on CapBaseObjects.
  • Create UserError exception for errors raised by modules.
  • Scheduler: do not stop timer because of an exception.
  • Repositories: support gpgv2 (#837).

weboob: Weboob 0.b

Added by Romain Bignon over 6 years ago

Weboob 0.b has been released.

This new version includes a full rewrite of collections, big improvements of the bank capability and modules, and a lot of bugfixes and refactoring.

But also, four capabilities (CapWaterLevel, CapHousing, CapBook and CapBill) have been added, with the associated applications, and seven new modules have been written.

There are now 64 modules and 28 applications.




  • New capability: CapBill.
  • New capability: CapBook.
  • New capability: CapHousing.
  • New capability: CapWaterLevel.
  • New module: CappedTV (CapVideo).
  • New module: FreeMobile (CapBill).
  • New module: OpacWebAloes (CapBook).
  • New module: Pap (CapHousing).
  • New module: PressEurop (CapMessages).
  • New module: Sachsen (CapWaterLevel).
  • New module: SeLoger (CapHousing).
  • New application: boobill (CapBill).
  • New application: boobooks (CapBook).
  • New application: flatoob (CapHousing).
  • New application: QFlatBoob (CapHousing).
  • New contrib script: freemobile-munin.
  • Rename application: havesex -> havedate.
  • Rename application: QHaveSex -> QHaveDate.
  • Remove module: MangaToShokan (website is dead).

Console applications:

  • Improvements of 'ls' and 'cd' commands.
  • Fix: crash when trying to add twice a same module.

Module: Boursorama

  • Fix: IDs of operations.

Module: BNPorc

  • Parse categories.
  • Parse account types.
  • Fix: getting history of secondary accounts.

Module: BP

  • Store transactions dates as objects.
  • Fix: parsing of accounts in particular cases.

Module: CanalPlus

  • Friendlier paths in canalplus.

Module: CMB

  • Add type and label support to CMB backend.

Module: CrAgr

  • Now handle history-less accounts, at least for Toulouse-like layouts.
  • Transaction objects are now created using (#800).
  • Fix: balance retrieval for history-less accounts (#788).

Module: CreditMutuel

  • Store as a object.
  • Support loan history.
  • Parse type of transactions.
  • Fix: lot of bugs.

Module: DLFP

  • Parse a comment only if needed (performances enhancement).
  • Get comments only in case of rss-comments changes.

Module: Ecrans

  • Store only last 20 articles.

Module: HSBC

  • Display only real accounts.

Module: ING

  • The account listing is now more robust.
  • Parse types of transactions.

Module: Kickass

  • Fix: search was broken.

Module: Mangafox

  • Fix: crash on Comments page.

Module: NolifeTV

  • Support authentication.
  • Fix: parsing of videos with missing description.

Module: OuiFM

  • Fix: error when no artist/title.

Module: Pastebin

  • Fix: getting pastebin paste visiblity.

Module: Piratebay

  • Support magnets properly.

Module: RadioFrance

  • Support replay.
  • Use a better source for FIP.
  • Fix: fetching FIP current.

Module: SocieteGenerale

  • Check if login is failed.

Module: Youtube

  • Fix: crash when there is no author.

Application: boobank

  • Display types of transactions.
  • Add formatter 'transactions'.

Application: chatoob

  • Removed because unused.

Application: videoob-webserver

  • Moved to contrib/.

Application: weboob-config

  • Fix: command 'list' can filter by capability (#786).

Application: weboorrents

  • Support magnet URLs.

Application: wetboobs

  • Now supports CapWaterLevel in addition to CapWeather.


  • Big refactoring of CapCollection.
  • Use libyaml for faster loading and saving.
  • Sign modules.list.
  • Support gzipped responses in Browser.
  • Fix: retrieving third icons if module is local.

weboob: Weboob 0.a

Added by Romain Bignon almost 7 years ago

[[Weboob]] 0.a has been released!

The main new feature is a repositories system, which is used to update modules without upgrading Weboob.

To check for new modules version, just type:

$ weboob-config update

It is really useful to distribute fixes of modules immediately, without waiting for distribution packaging.

About it, Weboob has been uploaded on Debian. It is currently in the NEW state, but in about a week it will be included in Unstable. will become useless.

Another novelty is the respect of XDG specifications. So, instead of our past ~/.weboob/ directory, user files are now stored into ~/.config/weboob/ and ~/.local/share/weboob/.

There are now 57 [[backends]] and 24 [[applications]].




  • New backend: Boursorama (CapBank).
  • New backend: CMB (CapBank).
  • New backend: HSBC (CapBank).
  • New backend: ING (CapBank).
  • New backend: Nolifetv (CapVideo).
  • New backend: RadioFrance (CapVideo, CapRadio) which merges FranceInter and LeMouv backends.
  • Support repositories to manage backends (#747).
  • Support XDG Base Directory Specification (#765).
  • Make CapCollection understandable and usable by humans.

Console applications

  • Ability to add all supported modules at once.
  • With -a, try to separate saved responses by backend (#661).

Qt applications

  • Verbose error messages (#775).

Backend: AuM

  • Display the 'title' field on contact profiles.
  • Get events (baskets, charms and visits).
  • Add city in status message.
  • Add 'Sent with my iPhone' in mail signatures when needed.
  • Display at least one photo url in profile even if there isn't any visible.
  • Add a 'ratio' field.
  • Fix: getting contacts list.
  • Fix: support new API.
  • Fix: ipaddr is not available anymore.
  • Fix: do not crash if there are php errors before json.

Backend: Batoto

  • Change .com to .net.

Backend: BNP

  • Fix: website changed (#769).

Backend: BP

  • Fix: website changed.
  • Fix: open images in memory instead of saving them in temp files.

Backend: CanalPlus

  • Support https?://www\.canal-?plus\.fr/.*\?vid=(\d+) urls.

Backend: CreditMutuel

  • Internal transfer implemented.
  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: Dailymotion

  • Fix: support missing descriptions.

Backend: DLFP

  • Limit feed entries by date instead of number of results.

Backend: FranceTelevisions

  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: Gazelle

  • Handle general errors when website is unavailable.

Backend: INA

  • Fix: parsing of URLs.

Backend: Kickass

  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: LCL

  • Add support for various types of accounts.
  • List 45 days history by default.
  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: LeFigaro

  • Better cleanup of generic articles (#725).
  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: Orange

  • Fix: unicode errors.

Backend: Pastebin

  • Handle user pages.

Backend: Piratebay

  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: SocieteGenerale

  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: Youjizz

  • Fix: video URLs have changed.

Backend: Youporn

  • Fix: website changed.

Backend: Youtube

  • Fix: website changed.

Application: QBoobMsg

  • When a thread is a discussion, display messages linearly.
  • Add a button 'Profile'.

Application: QHaveSex

  • Add a 'Events' tab.
  • Add a 'Notes' tab for taking notes about a contact.

Application: QVideoob

  • Fix: crash when there is no thumbnail on a video (#708).

Application: weboob-config-qt

  • Ability to edit sources.list, update repositories and install modules.

Minbif: Minbif 1.0.5 (Slutty Sheraz)

Added by Romain Bignon about 7 years ago

Yes, the last release was one year ago, so this is a new version which includes bugfixes and a few new features.



  • Add an option file_transfers/dcc_own_ip in config file.
  • Change weechat's script to ignore the 'request' nick.
  • When a new request is received during process of an other one, tell user.
  • Add a facebook rename script for weechat.
  • Change users of child process with pam authentification.
  • Escape URL entities in /JOIN params.
  • Add a /SCONNECT alias to /CONNECT.
  • Can use wildcards to match buddies with /WHO.
  • prpl-coincoin: support hh:mm:ss:ref norloge syntax.
  • prpl-coincoin: works with the new version of the DLFP board.
  • Fix: prevent crash with the msn plugin.
  • Fix: conversion to IRC escape chars.
  • Fix: compatibility with libpurple 2.8+.

weboob: Weboob 0.9

Added by Romain Bignon about 7 years ago

After several months, [[Weboob]] 0.9 has been released.

This new version introduces mainly bugfixes, but also some key features, like the new [[CapBugTracker]] supported by [[Redmine]] with the [[boobtracker]] application, or the roadmap feature introduced into [[traveloob]].

Also, a lot of minor backends have been added to Weboob. It beg the question of a new backends management, where it would be easier to create smaller backends, and to put them in an organized tree in weboob/backends.

There are now 54 [[backends]] and 24 [[applications]].




  • New backend: [[Batoto]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[Eatmanga]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[FranceTelevisions]] ([[CapVideo]]).
  • New backend: [[HDS]] ([[CapMessages]]).
  • New backend: [[Izneo]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[Mangafox]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[Mangahere]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[Mangareader]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[Mangatoshokan]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[Nova]] ([[CapRadio]]).
  • New backend: [[PhpBB]] ([[CapMessages]], [[CapMessagesPost]]).
  • New backend: [[Simplyread]].it ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New application: [[boobtracker]] ([[CapBugTracker]]).
  • New script: hds/ to export stories from into a sqlite database.
  • License change to AGPLv3+.
  • Ability to not save backend passwords. Applications will prompt them when needed.

Backend: [[Arte]]

  • Set duration on video results.

Backend: [[AuM]]

  • Rewrite to use the mobile API.

Backend: [[BNPorc]]

  • Get operation categories.

Backend: [[CrAgr]]

  • Get full history.
  • Optimized operations retrieval for CA Centre.
  • Fix: parsing accounts list.

Backend: [[CreditMutuel]]

  • Maine-Anjou, Basse-Normandie bank added.

Backend: [[Dailymotion]]

  • Fix: parsing duration.
  • Fix: parsing of lives in search results.

Backend: [[DLFP]]

  • Fix: disconnection URL needs to be called with POST instead of GET.
  • Fix: do tests on
  • Fix: relevance on news/diaries.

Backend: [[Gazelle]]

  • Handle login errors.
  • Fix: parsing on several gazelle websites.

Backend: [[INA]]

  • Support videos on (in addition to

Backend: [[IPInfoDB]]

  • Fix: no crash when there are no coordinates from server.

Backend: [[Kickass]]

  • Fix: parsing of search results (#663).

Backend: [[MediaWiki]]

  • Handle errors from API.

Backend: [[MeteoFrance]]

  • Fix: website changes.

Backend: [[Orange]]

  • Fix: handling of pages.

Backend: [[PirateBay]]

  • Fix: parsing of search results.

Backend: [[Redmine]]

  • Now implements [[CapBugTracker]] (#684).

Backend: [[Transilien]]

  • Supports the roadmap feature (#681).

Backend: [[Youtube]]

  • Support more URLs.
  • Support authentication.
  • Fix: website changes.

Application: [[boobank]]

  • Add the 'qif' formatter.

Application: [[boobank#Monitor-accounts-with-Munin|boobank-munin]]

  • When handling an incorrect password error, disable backend to prevent your bank to disable your account (for example with BNP).

Application: [[pastoob]]

  • Ability to pipe output.

Application: [[traveloob]]

  • New command 'roadmap' to get the roadmap between to stations. It's also possible to give a departure or an arrival time (#681).

Application: [[videoob]]

  • Do not run player in background (#664).
  • Command 'download' supports mms streams.

Application: [[weboorrents]]

  • The given filename to command 'getfile' is optional (#683).

weboob: Weboob 0.8

Added by Romain Bignon over 7 years ago

[[Weboob]] 0.8 has been released this week-end, followed by Weboob 0.8.1 which fixes several minor bugs.

This version comes with important changes in the project. Firstly, [[Weboob]] has changed its license, from GPLv3 to AGPLv3+.

Then, the release management has also changed. Now, instead of releasing a new version every month, a minor version (x.y) comes out from the unstable git repository (weboob.git) where are merged new features, backends and applications. In parallel, the stable git repository (weboob-stable.git) merges only bugfixes, and a new bugfix version (x.y.z) is released each time it's necessary. A major version (x.0) is released when there are important changes in the architecture, or when a critical API is broken.
The interest of this new management is that bugfixes will come faster, because when a backend is broken, a new bugfix version is immediately released. Also, about minor versions, it isn't necessary to frequently release regardless of importance of new features or stability.

Finally, the third thing is that we have organized the [[Boobathon-2011-04|first boobathon]]! A [[Boobathons|Boobathon]] is an event with Weboob developers or contributors, where the goal is to write the more backends possible!

In April, participants were Romain, Laurent, Johann, Christophe and Noé. The winner, who has written successfully two backends, was Johann.

[[Weboob]] 0.8 introduces several new features, like [[CapCollection|collections]], several bug fixes, support of [[CapGallery|galleries]] and [[CapPaste|pastes]], and also 5 backends:


[[FranceInter|France Inter]]




There are now 42 [[backends]] and 23 [[applications]].




  • New backend: [[EHentai|E-Hentai]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New backend: [[FranceInter]] ([[CapRadio]]).
  • New backend: [[LeMouv]] ([[CapRadio]]).
  • New backend: [[PasteALaCon]] ([[CapPaste]]).
  • New backend: [[PasteBin]] ([[CapPaste]]).
  • New application: [[Boobathons|Boobathon]] ([[CapContent]]).
  • New application: [[Galleroob]] ([[CapGallery]]).
  • New application: [[Pastoob]] ([[CapPaste]]).
  • Fix lot of unicode problems.
  • License changed to AGPLv3+.
  • FreeBSD support.

Repl applications

  • The new [[CapCollection]] capability is supported by every REPL Application. At the moment, only few backends implement it.
  • Better messages and return codes in applications.

Backend: [[AuM]]

  • Fix: website changes (#508,#637,#638,#639).

Backend: [[BNPorc]]

  • The 'rotating_password' parameter is now an hidden one (#627).
  • Ability to do transfers to external recipients.

Backend: [[BP]]

  • Add 'comptes titres', 'comptes vies' and 'comptes retraites' to the list of accounts (#567).
  • Fix: website changes (#621).

Backend: [[CanalPlus]]

  • Implement the new [[CapCollection]] capability.

Backend: [[CrAgr]]

  • Support of a new history layout.
  • Fix: login issues with the Toulouse website (#629).

Backend: [[Dailymotion]]

  • Fix: URL was not found in special cases.

Backend: [[FourChan]]

  • Fix: support message "AMERICA FUCK YEAH" outside of a thread.

Backend: [[Gazelle]]

  • Fix: work with broken gazelle websites.

Backend: [[Inrocks]]

  • Fix: matching URLs.

Backend: [[KickAss]]

  • Several fixes and enhancements (#651).

Backend: [[LCL]]

  • Fix: websites changes.

Backend: [[OuiFM]]

  • Implements the new [[CapCollection]] capability.

Backend: [[Transilien]]

  • Add the PAA code for Gare de Lyon.

Backend: [[Youtube]]

  • Support more URLs.

Backend: [[Youporn]]

  • Correctly set the 'ext' attribute on videos.

Application: [[monboob]]

  • Check configuration (#484).

Application: [[Backends_Configuration#weboob-config|weboob-config]]

  • New commands 'enable' and 'disable'.


  • Use lowercase http_proxy environment variable.
  • select() function has been moved into parser.
  • Support for xpath in
  • Fragments are removed from URLs (#636).
  • Remove a hack from feedparser which fixes parsing of webpages with recent versions of this library.
  • Also log redirects when saving responses and debugging (#398).

weboob: Weboob 0.7

Added by Romain Bignon over 7 years ago

[[Weboob]] 0.7 is today out. It introduces mainly several bugfixes, but also new features and two new backends:



There are now 37 [[backends]] and 20 [[applications]].




  • New backend: [[Dailymotion]] ([[CapVideo]]).
  • New backend: [[Ecrans]] ([[CapMessages]]).
  • Now compatible with Windows (is it really a good news? :)).

Console applications

  • Do not print escape characters (like bold) when using -O.

Backend: [[AuM]]

  • Fix: parsing of smileys (#532).
  • Fix: new page (#535).

Backend: [[BP]]

  • Fix: parsing of accounts is case there are missing sections.

Backend: [[CreditMutuel]]

  • Compatibility with other agencies (#550).

Backend: [[DLFP]]

  • Ability to plusse/moinse contents.
  • Ability to tag a content.
  • Support the board.
  • Support comments signatures.
  • Support wiki, forums, polls, tracker.
  • Now implements [[CapContent]] to edit wiki.

Backend: [[FourChan]]

  • All messages are children of thread.

Backend: [[Inrocks]]

  • Add support of 'InrocksTV' pages.

Backend: [[IpInfoDB]]

  • Fix: crash when lat/long are empty (#585).

Backend: [[LCL]]

  • Fix login, and implement [[CapBank]] methods.

Backend: [[Newsfeed]]

  • Fix: correctly set the UNREAD flag.

Backend: [[Orange]]

  • Fix: posting messages (#614).

Backend: [[Redmine]]

  • Fix: support project names with '-' in.

Backend: [[Transilien]]

  • Fix: don't keep previous results.
  • Change user-agent of browser and use HTTPS (#580,#583).

Backend: [[Youjizz]]

  • Fix: crash when duration is not available.

Backend: [[Youtube]]

  • Now correctly handle gdata errors.
  • Fix: get video from page URL.
  • Fix: get file URL of video.

Application: [[boobmsg]]

  • New command 'export_all'.
  • New xhtml formatter.

Application: [[masstransit]]

  • Works without conic or hildon (#562).
  • Add banner on load.

Application: [[QWebContentEdit]]

  • Better errors management.

Application: [[videoob]]

  • New command 'download'.

Application: [[webcontentedit]]

  • Set a default editor (#557).


  • Split of ReplApplication to create ConsoleApplication.
  • Remove the 'refresh' feature from Browser (to prevent unwanted behaviors like freezes).
  • Browser has upgraded Firefox from 3.0.3 to 3.6.13.
  • Browser doesn't retry on 404 errors.
  • Script to generate Sphinx API documentation.

weboob: Weboob 0.6

Added by Romain Bignon almost 8 years ago

With a month late, we are happy to announce this new version of [[Weboob]]!

There are mostly new backends and several bugfixes:


[[LeFigaro|Le Figaro]]


[[Minutes20|20 minutes]]

And also a new great Qt application:


There are now 35 [[backends]] and 20 [[applications]].




  • New backend: [[Inrocks]] ([[CapMessages]]).
  • New backend: [[LeFigaro]] ([[CapMessages]]).
  • New backend: [[MediaWiki]] ([[CapContent]]).
  • New backend: [[Minutes20]] ([[CapMessages]]).
  • New application: [[QWebContentEdit]] ([[CapContent]]).

Backend: [[AuM]]

  • Fix: website changed, mails.php renamed to mail.php.

Backend: [[BNPorc]]

  • Fix: the captcha has been changed on their website (#461).

Backend: [[CrAgr]]

  • Fix: the history operation works when every non-ASCII character on
    the bank website is replaced with two interrogation marks.
  • Fix: calculation of cents.

Backend: [[CreditMutuel]]

  • Fix: negative value correctly considered by 'list'

Backend: [[DLFP]]

  • Fix: website changed to a new version (#503).

Backend: [[IsoHunt]]

  • Fix: website doesn't provide seed information on info page anymore (#529).

Backend: [[KickAss]]

  • Fix: size span detection improved (fixes #497).

Backend: [[OuiFM]]

  • Fix: website changed to get current song.

Backend: [[PirateBay]]

  • Fix: parsing to find leecher and seeders (#458).

Backend: [[Redmine]]

  • Adds support for previewing modifications on redmine's wiki pages.
  • Fix: when login/password is invalid.

Backend: [[Yahoo]]

  • Fix: didn't load with python < 2.6

Application: [[boobmsg]]

  • New command 'export_thread'.
  • New parameter '-t' on the 'post' command to set a title.

Application: [[monboob]]

  • Fix: catch errors when trying to bind the SMTP server (#485).

Application: [[QBoobMsg]]

  • Fix: reload of backends list.

Application: [[webcontentedit]]

  • New command 'log' to display all revisions of a page.

Application: [[Backends_Configuration#weboob-config|weboob-config]]

  • The 'edit' command can be used to interactively edit one backend,
    instead of opening the './weboob/backends' file with a text editor.
  • Checks on given backends for 'backends <add|register>' subcommands.

Application: [[Backends_Configuration#weboob-config-qt|weboob-config-qt]]

  • Fix: crash when trying to add an already existing backend.

Repl Applications

  • New parameter '-O' to set an output file.


  • Fix: Browser.location() crashes when uri is empty (#488).
  • Fix: catch every exceptions when loading a backend (not only ImportError).

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