AuM: AuM at PyconFr09

Added by Romain Bignon over 9 years ago

Romain is a sick mad. He has presented a conference about AuM at the French Python Meeting 2009 (PyConFr09).

Slides are available here. There will be probably a video soon.

Minbif: Minbif 1.0alpha released!

Added by Romain Bignon over 9 years ago

Minbif is an IRC instant messaging gateway. This project started some weeks ago, and after some developments, the first public release is available.

Minbif1.0alpha features are:

  • First revision of project
  • Minbif uses a library which abstracts all IM calls, and has several plugins to support a lot of IM protocols (IRC included!).
  • Only IRC commands are used to command Minbif.
  • Buddies are IRC users.
  • Each account has a status channel. You see in all connected buddies, and their status on it.
  • Add and remove buddies from list with /INVITE and /KICK commands.
  • Blocked users are bans on the account's status channel.
  • You can see buddies' icons (with libcaca) or download them.
  • Conversation chats are supported.

blogit.vim: blogit.vim 1.0.1

Added by Romain Bignon over 9 years ago

The blogit.vim 1.0.1 release fixes these issues:
  • option to disable tags (which are a wordpress plugin)
  • datetime issues (datetime is now UTC)

blogit.vim: blogit.vim 1.0

Added by Romain Bignon over 9 years ago

First version of the wordpress plugin for vim is out.

See the [[blogit|main page]] for more information.

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