• Arbore

    Future F2F decentralized network, dedicated to give back data to user.

  • assnet

    The Asocial Sharing Network project is a web application useful for sharing files (like photos, videos, etc.) with your friends. It is configurable and administrable by geeks, yet easy to use by their mothers.

  • BForCoderZ

    The bruteforce ircoderz hostnames.

  • blogit.vim

    Vim script to list/edit/publish articles on wordpress.

  • CACAflag

    The CACAflag text game


    Canon Orienté sur Linuxfr Uxamisant des Moinsages en Basse Orbite.

  • Gronipute

    Source code of
    Submit your songs with titles and/or lyrics in the style of Gronibard, and vote on others.
    It is written in PHP (5.2+) for the Symfony framework (1.2), using the Propel ORM (1.3).

    - Strict XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 compliance...

  • irssleep

    This program parses irssi logs and generate a graph to display when you are active on IRC.
    You can set your nickname(s), and add events which are added on graph correlate your IRC (in)activity with your own life.

  • Minbif

    Minbif aims to use the libpurple library from the Pidgin project to provide an IRC-friendly instant messaging client.

  • Peerfuse

    The peer-to-peer distributed filesystem.

  • Userconfs

    Some usefull Romain's user configuration files

    Go on the Repository page to browse files, or download the git with:

    git clone git://
  • weboob

    Weboob (Web Outside Of Browsers) provides several applications to interact with a lot of websites.

Also available in: Atom