The Asocial Sharing Network project is a web application useful for sharing files (with support for photos galleries, videos, etc.) or organizing events with your friends, removing the obligation of using Facebook or other centralized social networks. It is configurable and administrable by geeks, yet easy to use by their mothers.

You self-host your data and manage permissions to protect your privacy and control exactly who can access what information.

Your contacts go to a web interface to see and interact with your data, and you use a command-line tool to control your space.


  • Easy to set-up, you create a working directory on your system and share it with a simple configuration on your HTTP daemon.
  • Permissions are always in mind, to control your privacy.
  • Your contacts aren't required to keep a login/password.
  • Notifications are sent by mail.
  • A key (OTP) system is used to give to your contacts URLs with a token to authenticate them.
  • For each file or directory, you can choose what default view to use (HTML list, text list, JSON, gallery, RSS, downloadable archive, etc. for a directory).
  • Support several plugins to provide extra features.
  • Thorough automated testing, making it PHB-compliant.


  • Python >= 2.6
  • python-argparse or Python >= 2.7
  • python-paste
  • python-webob
  • python-mako
  • python-imaging
  • python-pyrss2gen


Currently, assnet development is in progress, and there isn't any release available.

Get the sources from git:

$ git clone


You should run tests before submitting a change (they are very fast). To run tests you will need:
  • python-nose
  • python-webtest



  • Core – Core commands and views
  • API — APIs to access data
  • Contacts — Contacts management
  • Events — Organize events
  • Gallery — Create galleries



You can send an email to .

Mailing list

You can also subscribe to the mailing list and see all of the several posts in archives.


Join #assnet on the Freenode IRC network.

Also available in: HTML TXT