AuM is a frontend application for a dating website.

NOTE AuM is deprecated, please use weboob instead.


  • Persistant connection to website
  • Do not wait between 6pm to 1am. it doesn't work anymore, because fucking bastards of website have fixed this issue. :(
  • Based on the NuCentral architecture, which allows you to call services of AuM from any location.
  • Display stats on your window manager's statusbar. (Score(x) Mails(x) Baskets(x) Visits(x) AvailCharms(x))
  • Receive messages on your mailbox.
  • Send messages with your MTA.
  • Enqueue charms. When there isn't any charms availables, it sends them later.
  • Receive a email when you've got a charm.
  • All emails have a signature with the profile link, the description and the profile content.
  • AuM walks on profiles every 15 seconds. It can be usefull to let girls see you, it increases your importance.
  • You can specifies rules to score profiles. For each visited profile by the profiles walker module, it enqueues a charm when score is greater than 0.
  • Unlimited charms.
  • Use the proxy feature to subcontract message answering to some craps.

Future features

  • AuM'll be able to automatically answer to messages.


NuCentral modules

  • aum_core — This is the base module which is connected to AuM. It provides two services:
    • setConfig — setup the core configuration. See [HowToConfigure|How to configure AuM]] to more information.
    • status — get some stats, use the script.
  • aum_mails — Manage the emails system to receive and send them from your mail client.
    • setConfig — setup the emails configuration. See [HowToConfigure|How to configure AuM]] to more information.
    • sendMail — send a message to a women on website
  • aum_charmsQueue — Enqueue charms to send them when it is possible.
    • queueCharm — enqueue a charm. Use it with the script.
  • aum_profileWalker — It walks on profiles, scores them and send charms on best profiles. Depends on aum_charmsQueue and aum_score.
  • aum_score — Use rules to determine a score to a profile.
    • score — give a profile ID and get the resulted score.
    • addRule — add a new rule.
    • editRule — edit a rule.
    • removeRule — remove a rule.
    • flushRules — remove all rules of a table
    • switchRules — switch two rules position
    • getTypes — get all types of rules and description
    • getRules — get rules.
  • aum_proxy — Proxify messages answering to craps.
    • proxify — proxify a slut.
    • unproxify — stop to proxify a slut.


AuM depends on:

  • python-mechanize
  • python-html5lib
  • python-dateutil
  • python-pysqlite2
  • nucentral-server (>= 0.2)
  • nucentral-common (>= 0.2)
  • nucentral-client (>= 0.2)

Note: NuCentral 0.2 is not packaged yet.


There isn't any tarball or package yet, please just get sources from git:

$ git clone


See the NuCentral's documentation to know how to configure it.

To use AuM, you only need to create some symbolic links to activate wanted modules:

# ln -s /location/to/aum/modules/aum_core /var/lib/nucentral/mods-enabled/
# ln -s /location/to/aum/modules/aum_mails /var/lib/nucentral/mods-enabled/
# ln -s /location/to/aum/modules/aum_charmsQueue /var/lib/nucentral/mods-enabled/
# ln -s /location/to/aum/modules/aum_profileWalker /var/lib/nucentral/mods-enabled/
# ln -s /location/to/aum/modules/aum_score /var/lib/nucentral/mods-enabled/
# ln -s /location/to/aum/modules/aum_proxy /var/lib/nucentral/mods-enabled/

Then, after restarted NuCentral, run the script. See the HowTo configure AuM for more information.


Also available in: HTML TXT