About libpurple

libpurple is a library used by Pidgin (new name for GAIM) to abstract the protocols support.

Supported protocols

You can also use the /stats p command to display available protocol plugins on your system.


  • aim: AIM
  • bonjour: Bonjour
  • gg: Gadu-Gadu
  • icq: ICQ
  • irc: IRC
  • jabber: XMPP (includes Google Talk and Facebook Chat)
  • meanwhile: Sametime
  • msn: MSN
  • myspace: MySpaceIM
  • novell: GroupWise
  • qq: QQ
  • silc: SILC
  • simple: SIMPLE
  • yahoo: Yahoo
  • zephyr: Zephyr


Also available in: HTML TXT