Dependencies are:

  • gstreamer >= 0.10.10
  • gstreamer-interfaces >= 0.10.10
  • farsight2 >= 0.0.9
  • libpurple >= 2.6

You need to compile Minbif with these arguments:


How it works

Currently, only the video reception works. When someone wants to display his webcam to you, you get a request:

18:24:49  request> New request: Incoming Call
18:24:49  request> someone wishes to start a video session with you.
18:24:49  request> - accept: _Accept
18:24:49  request> - cancel: _Cancel

When the session is accepted, you receive a DCC CHAT:

18:24:51 DCC CHAT from someone [ port 1024]

Accept it with /DCC CHAT someone:

18:24:53 DCC CHAT connection with someone [ port 1024] established

A new window is opened for DCC CHAT and you can see the webcam stream. Every frames are sent one by one.

Use on irssi

You're agree with me that seeing frames to scroll isn't really beautifull. So an irssi script is provided to have a better display.

Firstly, load it with:

/script load /path/to/

Then, when a video session is opened, go on the buddy's query, and you'll see on top right an animated zone with the CACAcam display:

Also available in: HTML TXT