CoinCoin plugin

What is Coincoin?

This is a plugin for the purple library, which allow to connect to a DaCode board, to read and send messages on it.

The default board used by prpl-coincoin is, which popularized this kind of chat among a few french communities. Other softwares support this kind of board, like Templeet or Da Portative Bouchot.

You can find a (non-exhaustive) list of boards on this page (look at the "tribune" links).

A board is a single chat space, so prpl-coincoin creates at connection an unique channel "board".

How to install it

Compile prpl-coincoin and copy the file to /usr/lib/purple-2/:

make install

Then, use your favorite purple client (for example Minbif), and the module is automatically loaded.

How to use it

With Pidgin

Create a new account, and select the CoinCoin plugin. Then, you need to give this settings:
  • Username: your login[@server] on board (if the @server part is not given, defauts to board)
  • Password: locate your cookies for the website (from your browser), and put them here, separated by semi-colons (;)

With Minbif

Create a new account with the MAP ADD command:

/MAP add coincoin USERNAME [-accid value] [-board value] [-[!]no_reformat_messages]
                           [-password value] [-post value] [-[!]server_aliases] [-[!]ssl]
                           [-status_channel value] [-template value] [-user-agent value]

For example to add an prpl-coincoin for DLFP:

/MAP ADD coincoin -accid cc -password _linuxfr.org_session=xxxxxxxxxxxxx--xxx

And for a custom Da Portative Bouchot board:

/MAP ADD coincoin ToTo@tribioune.mydomain.tld -password md5=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;unique_id=yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
                                              -board /remote.xml -post /index.php/add

Then, a remote channel is created (#board:cc) and you can talk in!

A status channel is associated to this account, but isn't used by prpl-coincoin, because there isn't any buddylist.


Help for readability

Each totoz is colored in green, and clocks are colored in blue.


Your IRC client, unlike other coincoin clients, doesn't hilight referenced message when you put your mouse on a timestamp. To increase readability, prpl-coincoin adds the sender nickname of the referenced message before the timestamp

For example, if there are two messages with timestamp:

10:23:09 <blah> hey guys
10:28:43 <ho> 10:23:09 f0ck you

the last message is replaced with:

10:28:43 <ho> blah: 10:23:09 f0ck you

Also, when you write a message, to reference to a previous message, instead of putting the timestamp, you can use the nickname, eventually suffixed with the number of message from last.

For example:

10:23:09 <blah> hey guys
10:28:43 <ho> 10:23:09 f0ck you
10:30:21 <blah> hey nigger

If you write:

10:32:33 <me> blah:2: youhou ho¹: you're bad

The message sent is:

10:32:33 <me> 10:23:03 youhou 10:28:43 you're bad

Also available in: HTML TXT