Command list

Account management


Displays stats about Minbif's settings and other information.


Displays every available away messages.


Display every chat parameters available for the /JOIN command on a specific account, and their default values.


Displays all supported IRC commands.


Display every minbif administrators with their email address.


Display all protocol names and their long name. Protocol id is needed to create an account.


Display available plugins, which can be activated using:

/STATS P [plugin] load

and deactivated using:

/STATS P [plugin] unload

More details about a plugin can be displayed easily using:

/STATS P [plugin]


Display server uptime.


Change global settings about your minbif account.


Without any argument, it displays every settings. Use also this command to change a setting value.


This command provides management options for the IM account list. /MAP without any argument will display the account list.

/MAP add

Use this command to create an account on Minbif. Prototype of this command is:

/MAP add PROTOCOL USERNAME [options ...]

Every protocol has specific parameters. You can display them with:


For example:

/MAP add jabber -password pupuce -accid jabber -status_channel &jabber

/MAP register

This is the same thing than /MAP add, but it registers an account on server before adding it on yours.

/MAP delete

Removes an account.


/MAP edit

List editable account parameters for an account:


Display a parameter value for an account:


Change a parameter value for an account:


/MAP cmd

Run a specific command on an account. Syntax is:

/MAP cmd ACCID [command]

To display the commands list, just call this without any command argument.

You can change your nickname, your mood message, or do lot of things…


Connects the selected IM account, if it has already been added to the account list. The status channel associated with the account will then automatically be joined by the user.
An account can be designated by its full name USERNAME:ID, or only by its ID. The ID of the account can be found with the /MAP command.


_Note: some clients use /CONNECT command instead of /SCONNECT.


Disconnects the USERNAME IM account, if it was connected.




Without any argument, it lists the local channels (status channels and joined remote channels).


Displays list of all channels on an IM account.


Change your status on every accounts.

/AWAY [status_tag|custom_message]

Without any parameter, it set your status as “Available”. If you specify a status tag, then the corresponding status message is set. Available status tags can be listed with /STATS a, for exemple:

  • offline -> Offline (warning: it can disconnect you from accounts)
  • available -> Available
  • unavailable -> Do not disturb

If you set a custom message, your status is changed to “Away” and uses the given message.

See also Status management.


Change your status message

/TOPIC &minbif I'm poo'ing.

See also Status management.

(introduced in Minbif 1.0.3)

/DCC SEND buddyicon

To set your icon on every accounts, send an image to the pseudo-user buddyicon with DCC SEND.


Buddies management

Managing buddies uses some channel commands, on the status channel of the concerned account.


To add a buddy on an account, use this command:


Note: if there are several accounts on this status channel, add the ID suffix.


This command can be used to display buddies. Without any argument, it shows every buddies, but if you add a channel name, it will display buddies in this channel, etc.


Important: On irssi, if you use /who in a channel, it shows buddies on that channel, and /who without any channel will not work. You can use /quote who instead.

In case you are using the same channel for several accounts, it may be unconfortable, so you display the buddies of a specific account on your IRC client control channel using the following syntax:



Display information about a buddy (like realname, away state, or icon (needs libcaca))



This is an irsii alias to do:


On IRC, this is used to ask the remote server to display more information, typically the idle and signof time.

With this command, minbif displays /WHOIS result, but also some protocol specific information about buddy (for example email address, phone number, birthday, etc.).


Change buddys' nickname on IRC.


Note: this command isn't handled by irssi. Create an alias with /alias svsnick quote svsnick


To remove a budy from an account, use this command in the status channel:



You can use the /KILL command instead of /KICK, if the nick isn't on any status channel:

/KILL nickname


Block and remove a buddy from an account. Use this command in the status channel:



Block a buddy from an account. Use this command in the status channel:


If you want to block someone who is not in your buddy list, use:

/BAN *!ID:accountid

or, when there isn't any '@' in buddy's ID:

/BAN *!ID@accountid

For example:

/BAN romain
/BAN *!123456@icq1
/BAN *!

Note that it tries to match you buddies hostmasks. For example:

/BAN *katia*!*@*
/BAN *!*
/BAN *!*@*
  • The first command bans every sluts named Katia in buddies of the accounts on this status channel.
  • The second command bans every user on msn0 who has an hotmail address (in my opinion it would be a default ban).
  • The third command bans every users of each accounts on this status channel.


Display list of blocked users in a status channel:



To remove a ban on a user, display the list with BANLIST, then use this command to remove the wanted ban:


For example:


Talk with your buddies


Sends a private message to one or more buddies.


Conversation chats

All conversation chats are IRC channels prefixed with a '#'.


To join a conversation chat, use this command:


Note: if you try to join an IRC channel, you must use /join ##blah:irc0 (with two '#').


Sometimes, to enter in a channel, you need to give parameter, for example a password. You can set these parameters as the “password” field of the /JOIN command. Syntax is:

/join #NAME:accountID [key=value[;key=value[;...]]]

For example:

/join handle=romain__;password=blah

If you want to auto-join a channel with a needed parameter, just set that string into the “password” field of your IRC client.

To see what parameters are accepted for this protocol, use command /STATS c ACCID.

MSN protocol

With the MSN protocol, there isn't real conversation chat with names. But you can create one with this command:


To join an existant group chat, you need to be invited by someone in.


Leave a conversation chat:



Invite a buddy in a conversation channel.

/INVITE nickname

Oper commands

Administrator of Minbif can use several commands to manage every minbif instances.


Authenticate as an IRC Operator.

/OPER login password

To add an Operator account, edit minbif.conf.


Send a wallops message to every minbif instances.

/WALLOPS message

Note: this command works only in the daemon fork mode


Reload minbif configuration


If Minbif is launched in the daemon fork mode, it reload every instances configuration. The MOTD text is reloaded in the process too.



Stop all minbif instances (the master minbif process too), disconnecting all minbif users with the REASON message. It is mostly used for maintenance or emergency shutdown.

Miscellaneous commands


Display the server Message Of The Day.

Also available in: HTML TXT