File transfers

Receive a file

When a user sends you a file, request will ask you:

request> New request: 
request> someone wants to send you myfile.txt (8.12 KiB)
request> - accept: _Accept
request> - cancel: _Cancel

When accepted, Minbif receives file from IM and saves it into a local directory.

If the file_transfers/dcc parameter is enabled in minbif.conf, the file is simultaneously sent to you with DCC SEND:

DCC SEND from someone [ port 1024]: myfile.txt [9kB]
DCC receiving file myfile.txt from someone [ port 1024]
DCC received file myfile.txt [9kB] from someone in 00:00:00 [8.12kB/s]

Sending a file

use DCC to send a file to buddy:

/DCC SEND someone myfile.txt
18:19:46 DCC SEND request sent to someone: myfile.txt
18:19:46 DCC sending file myfile.txt for someone [ port 39811]
18:19:46 DCC sent file myfile.txt [63kB] for someone in 00:00:00 [62.02kB/s]

When file is fully sent, minbif starts to send it to IM:

18:19:46 !localhost *** Notice -- Starting sending file myfile.txt to someone
18:20:03 !localhost *** Notice -- File myfile.txt sent to someone

Also available in: HTML TXT