How to contribute

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Create a local git repository

Minbif uses git as software configuration management. Clone the reference branch with:

$ git clone git://

To fetch new head modifications, use:

$ git pull --rebase

Write a patch

Find an opened issue on this website, or write you own bugfix or feature.

Then, once it is necessary, commit with:

git commit -a

Do not forget to write a commit message.

Send a patch

git format-patch -n -s origin

Then, send them with this command:

git-send-email *.patch

You can send yourself these files if you haven't any configured MTA on your system.

Ask for a public repository on

If you think you'll contribute to Minbif for a long, you can ask for a public repository.

You'll also be able to push your commits in, and they'll be merged into the romain's repository easily.

All git branch are listed here:

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