Minbif depends on:

  • libpurple >=2.5 (>=2.6 recommanded)
  • imlib2 (optional)
  • libcaca >=0.99beta15 (optional)
  • inetutils-inetd (inetd mode only)
  • gstreamer >=0.10.10 (optional, cacacam)
  • farsight2 >=0.0.9 (optional, cacacam)


Stable version

Package of the latest Minbif release is available on the Files page.

Minbif is also available in:

Development version

You can download the development version with this command:

$ git clone git://

Installation from sources

You can give several configuration options to make:

  • PREFIX=path — Installation prefix (default=/usr/local)
  • MAN_PREFIX=path — Manpages installation prefix (default=$PREFIX/share/man/man8)
  • CONF_PREFIX=path — Configuration files installation prefix (default=$PREFIX/etc/minbif)
  • DOC_PREFIX=path — Documentation files installation prefix (default=$PREFIX/share/doc/minbif)
  • ENABLE_MINBIF=(ON|OFF) — Compile minbif (default=ON).
  • ENABLE_IMLIB=(ON|OFF) — Enable the use of imlib2 (default=ON).
  • ENABLE_CACA=(ON|OFF) — Enable the icon display feature with libcaca (default=ON).
  • ENABLE_VIDEO=(ON|OFF) — Enable the webcam video feature (default=OFF). It depends on ENABLE_CACA=ON.
  • ENABLE_PLUGIN=(ON|OFF) — Compile libpurple's plugins (default=OFF).
  • ENABLE_PAM=(ON|OFF) — Compile with PAM support (default=OFF).
  • ENABLE_TLS=(ON|OFF) — Compile with GnuTLS support (default=OFF).
  • DEBUG=(ON|OFF) — Compile with debug


$ make [PREFIX=path] [MAN_PREFIX=path] [CONF_PREFIX=path] [DOC_PREFIX=path] \
$ make install


Copy the minbif.conf file and edit it. All parameters are commented.



update-inetd --add '6667 stream tcp nowait username /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/bin/minbif /etc/minbif/minbif.conf'

Note: username is the system user which run minbif

Fork daemon

Set the irc/type parameter in configuration to 2 (as daemon fork) and write a irc/daemon block to set the address and port to bind.

Now, run the minbif daemon:

minbif /path/to/minbif.conf

A new forked process will be created every time a new connection is established.

Note: there isn't (yet?) any fork limit. Your system is vulnerable to a fork bomb, so set the RLIMIT_NPROC ulimit parameter to prevent that way.

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