Status Management

How to be away

The easy way to be away on each account is to use the AWAY command. For example:

/AWAY I'm out

You can also use a specific status, for example “Invisible” or “Mobile”. You can display a list of available status names with:


Then use one with AWAY, for example:

/AWAY mobile

To go back, use AWAY without any message:


Status message

On each status channel, you can change the topic to set the status message on accounts associated.

When you change your status (Available, Away, …), each account keeps the status message of his status channel, if any.

However, if you set a specific away message with AWAY, the message associated to the new status is the specified message on each account. And when you change your status to become “Available” for example, each account takes the topic of his status channel to set it as message of new status.

Also available in: HTML TXT