Source code of http://gronipute.headfucking.net/
Submit your songs with titles and/or lyrics in the style of Gronibard, and vote on others.
It is written in PHP (5.2+) for the Symfony framework (1.2), using the Propel ORM (1.3).

- Strict XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 compliance
- Microformats
- Atom Feed
- XML Sitemap
- Unobstrusive reCaptcha
- Various voting protections

Released under the WTFPL licence.

This is not a thing you will be able to customize without editing the source code. I am releasing it because it might interest someone to do something similar. For example, it could be a good basis for a quotes database (like bash.org).
If you want to make Gronipute more generic (translations, customizable messages...) just send me patches using Mercurial.

hgweb (Mercurial repository): http://hg.peerfuse.org/gronipute

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Manager: pankkake -
Reporter: Romain Bignon