Weboob 0.4

Added by Romain Bignon about 8 years ago

I'm happy to announce that Weboob 0.4 is out.

Nine backends have been added:


Canal Plus

Crédit Mutuel




Pirate Bay


Société Générale

And a new application has been created:


There are now 29 backends and 19 applications!

This release introduces also lot of fixes for previous backends, a new and powerful optimization management for the AuM, and several other features…

With this release, the new version of Weboob 0.3 is out: Weboob 0.3.1, which fixes several bugs.




Console applications

  • New command inspect to open a graphical webkit browser with the current page (to help debugging). If it is not available, the page source is displayed on stdout.
  • In question prompts, display a bullet list when there are too many choices.
  • The --save-responses (-a) parameter stores now pages in a directory and save here a debug log and a list of visited URLs associated to the files.
  • Fix unicode issues (#436).

Backend: AuM

  • Do not send baskets messages from sluts.
  • Anti-spam is updated.
  • Raise an error when user is banned.
  • New optimization PRIORITY_CONNECTION to create fake godchilds to allow user access to website between 18h and 1h. (#319)
  • New optimization QUERIES_QUEUE to enqueue queries in case no charms are available.
  • New backend parameter 'baskets' to enable getting baskets messages.
  • In profiles, look for hidden photos.

Backend: BNPorc

  • Fix: display of coming operations.
  • Fix: check if the password rotation has been succeed.

Backend: BP

  • Backend has been rewritten to use BaseBrowser (#422).
  • Fix: backend initialization.
  • Fix: parsing of accounts.
  • Fix: handle of transfers errors.

Backend: CrAgr

  • Support of history operations.
  • Support monay transfers.
  • Choose the agency website in a list instead of giving URL.

Backend: DLFP

  • Store datetime from newsfeed in the Thread object (#419).
  • Now the session is closed at deinit.
  • Fix: when posting a comment, send right parameters to immediately display it.

Backend: GeolocIP

Backend: INA

  • Fix: parsing date, duration and title.

Application: boobank-munin

  • Save cache in .weboob/munin/ and handle errors.
  • New option 'boobank_cumulate' to display graph as areas instead of plots.

Application: havesex

  • The optimizations management has been rewritten.
  • New command 'query' to send a query to a contact (like a charm or a poke).
  • Fix: do not exist after displaying a profile in interactive mode.

Application: monboob

  • New option to pipe mails to an external process instead of sending it to a SMTP server.
  • Fix: when domain in In-Reply-To contains a '@'.
  • Fix: parsing incoming mails when no charset is supplied.
  • Fix: unicode issues.

Application: QHaveSex

  • Display URL of contacts.
  • Contacts list is now sorted.
  • Have a photos caroussel on profile page.

Application: weboob-config

  • New command confirm. It takes an email in stdin and call corresponding backend to go on the confirm address. It is useful to automatically confirm account register.

Application: weboorrents

  • Ability to complete paths.


  • The 'repeat' scheduler has been rewritten.
  • Ability to cancel a scheduled task.
  • Fix parsing of path-like in INI config.
  • Conditions are now treated by BackendsCall instead by formatters (#372).
  • Backends name can now contain only letters and digits.
  • Add a tool to generate manpages.

Weboob 0.3

Added by Romain Bignon about 8 years ago

This third version of Weboob introduces lot a changes. There are several changes in backends, and REPL applications have been enhanced.

Then, four backends have been added:





Also, two applications have been created:





Console Applications

  • Formatters management have been rewritten. Now each command can set its own default formatter, and user can redefine them.
  • If output exceed the height of term, ask user to press a key for each page.
  • Do not display columns when all of these values are NotLoaded or NotAvailable.
  • Add a CSV formatter (#350).
  • Command 'backends register' to register a new account (#294).
  • Can use '$full' and '$direct' selectors.

Backend: Arte

  • Fix: fall-back when the wanted quality is not available.

Backend: AuM

  • New anti-spam feature to detect, block and report spambots (#313).
  • Implements the capability CapAccount to register new accounts (#389).
  • In profile walker, when reloading sluts list from search page, do not keep the previous queue to prevent visiting sluts who have been added a long time before and who are now disconnected.
  • Contact status is now 'connected'/'not connected since ... hours'.
  • Fix: do not crash if contact list is empty.

Backend: BNPorc

  • If password is expired, switch with the value of the new 'rotating_password' backend setting.
  • Support transfers (#416).
  • Fix: don't crash when accounts don't support 'coming' (#401).
  • Fix: when website is not available, raise BrowserUnavailable instead of BrowserIncorrectPassword.

Backend: DLFP

  • Replace 'cite>' and 'tt>' to 'i>' in read messages.

Application: boobank

  • Use 'table' as default formatter.
  • Output for the 'list' command is more readable (#410).
  • When a transfer is made, display all information instead of ID.
  • Fix: do not load backends twice (#405).

Application: QBoobMsg

  • Support threads display and answers.
  • Support sending answers (plaintext or HTML).
  • Unread messages are in yellow in list, and set message as read when one is selected.
  • Fix: correctly reload when backends have been changed.

Application: QHaveSex

  • Ability to display a profile from URL.

Application: QVideoob

  • Fix: search on youtube was unlimited, so QVideoob freezed.

Application: traveloob

  • Use 'table' as default formatter.

Application: videoob

  • Output for the 'search' command is more readable.

Application: weboob-config

  • Add a 'register' command (#294).

Application: weboob-config-qt

  • Add a 'Register' button to register a new account on a backend (#390).

Application: weboorrents

  • Output for the 'search' and 'info' commands is more readable.


  • Weboob.load_backends() takes a new 'errors' argument.
  • CapBaseObject has a new method 'add_field' to add a field property which forces a specific type and is set to NotLoaded by default.
  • Browser.readurl() can take same arguments than Browser.openurl().
  • If a page is not recognized by the Browser instance, save response even if -a is not supplied.
  • Introduce 'Value' classes to replace BaseBackend.ConfigField and is used by ReplApplication.ask().
  • Use several loggers for parts of weboob.
  • Fix: crash when HTTP server returns shit (#406).

Weboob 0.2

Added by Romain Bignon about 8 years ago

This new version of Weboob introduces major changes.

Firstly, every console applications have now a REPL mode (interactive), which is intuitive and stateful, and supports completion.

Then, three new backends have been added:


Banque Postale


Also, an automated tests architecture has been written and setup, to prevent regressions and websites changes which would make some backends broken.


  • Backend 'yweather' renamed to 'yahoo'.
  • New capability CapGeolocIp: to geolocalise IP addresses.
  • New backend Arte: for the french TV website.
  • New backend GeolocIp: for the website.
  • New backend BP: for the “Banque Postale” french bank.
  • AuM backend: check when the account is blocked.
  • AuM backend: ability to register new account.
  • BNPorc backend: support history.
  • CrAgr backend fix: support of another version of Credit Agricole.
  • CrAgr backend fix: check if website is down.
  • DLFP backend: display comments link in signature.
  • DLFP backend fix: parsing of comments when templeet sucks.
  • Youtube backend: support infinite searches.
  • Youtube backend fix: parsing of URLs (#388).
  • New application geolooc: a console application to interact with ICapGeolocIp backends.
  • New application weboob-cli: a console application to interact with every backends.
  • boobank application: new command 'history'.
  • boobank application: new command 'transfer'.
  • QHaveSex application: know if a message has been read or not.
  • videoob application: new command 'play'.
  • Console applications: can be interactive (repl) when run without any command (#353).
  • Console applications: if no backends are loaded at startup, ask user to add them.
  • Console applications: -s '*' fills objects.
  • Qt applications: display configuration window if no backends are loaded at startup.
  • Core: ability to fill objects already fetched to complete them.
  • Core: ICapMessages has been rewritten to be more efficient.
  • Core: can enable or disable backends.
  • Core: a test architecture has been written.
  • Core: all loaded backends now need to be configured (#368).
  • Core: new argument --save-responses to debug HTML pages (#274).
  • Core fix: handle read URL data failure.
  • Core fix: Client is merged into mechanize >= 0.2 (#362).



  • Romain Bignon
  • Christophe Benz
  • Nicolas Duhamel
  • Laurent Bachelier
  • Flo

Weboob 0.1

Added by Romain Bignon over 8 years ago

Today weboob is out for the first time. This project started six months ago, and after 837 commits is now enough stable to be publicly released.

Currently, there are ten capabilities: 13 backends:

And 15 applications:

Core team:
  • Romain Bignon
  • Christophe Cbenz
  • Laurent Bachelier
  • Roger Philibert
  • Julien Hébert

Have fun!

Weboob at LSM/RMLL 2010

Added by Romain Bignon over 8 years ago

Weboob is a new project with the goal to provide several clients to interact with a lot of websites.

Currently, there are 13 backends (about bank, chat, contacts management, dating, messages, torrents, travel, video and weather), and 17 applications (daemons, console, qt, n900).

The Libre Software Meeting is a free (as a beer and as a speech) and non commercial conference with talks, workshops and round tables about Free Software and its uses.
A lecture about Weboob will take place on Thursday 8th July, at 3.40pm.

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