A boobathon is an event organized by developers of Weboob where members must create the most backends possible.

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Each participant must define a list of tasks to accomplish during the boobathon. A task is a tuple (Backend,Capability), for example, if you want to write a backend for Google, each capability you will implement is a task.

The winner of a boobathon is the one who has accomplished the most tasks. His prize is defined before the event starts, on the boobathon's page.

How to participate

When a boobathon request is created by a developer, only a place and a period is set. Anybody who wants to participate firstly needs to edit the wiki page to add him, to indicate what are his availabilities, and to write a set of tasks to do. The task list is still opened until the start of event, and can be updated during the event anyway.

Then, when there are enough participants and if a consensus can be reached for a date, the organizer edits the wiki to set it, and sends an email to everybody to alert them of when the Boobathon will take place. Subscriptions are still opened until the start of the boobathon.

Once all participants are on place, everybody begin to code. All doping substances all allowed, like coffee, alcohol, drugs, etc.

When a participant has accomplished a task, he pushes it in a separated branch on his public git repository (he can ask developers to get one if he wants), and he edits the boobathon page to indicate what task he has accomplished, the date and the branchname.

At end of boobathon, everybody stops to code, and a review is made by the organizer of every tasks to confirm they are correctly made.

Then, the winner takes his prize and everybody drinks.

Previous boobathons

Boobathon 2012-07-?? in Geneva (Saturday, 13:00)

Boobathon 2012-03-17 in Paris (Saturday, 13:00)

Boobathon 2011-04-09 in Paris (Saturday, 15:00)

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