A kmymoney has been developed, you can find the source code on the git repository

This plugin allow to directly import transactions from weboob to kmymoney

How to install

Actually, like the standard kmymoney. Download source, and follow standard installation instructions.

On Debian

Detailled step to install on a Debian Jessie:

git clone git://
sudo apt-get build-dep kmymoney
sudo apt-get install krosspython
cd kmymoney
mkdir build
cd build
make # yes, this step has to be done twice
sudo make install

How to use it

Open the ledgers of an account and choose "Map to online account" in the account menu.

Select then "Weboob", you get a window to select configured weboob backends.

Follow instructions. You have now a bind between your kmymoney account and your online banking. Just click on "update" to download transactions.



This is an experimental plugin, not yet official in kmymoney project. But it daily works for several users. Please report bug on the standard weboob tracker.

Also available in: HTML TXT