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What is it?
This program parses irssi logs and generate a graph to display
when you are active on IRC.
You can set your nickname(s), and add events which are added on
graph correlate your IRC (in)activity with your own life.
* imlib2
Just type:
$ make
To have some help on commands, use:
$ ./irssleep -h
For example:
$ irssleep -j 5 -n romain -n vaginus -e 1/6/2003,1/8/2006,School\
-e "10/12/2006,Irssi at home" -e 10/7/2008/,27/08/2009,INL\
-e 1/12/2009,1/1/2011,Proformatique irclogs/**/*
If there are errors in parsing your irssi logs, or if the generated file
is not right, send an email to
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