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10:27 am weboob Bug #3999 (Rejected): git inconsistency
As explained on the mailing and on the website, please update your urls to use new repositories :


09:54 pm weboob Bug #2891 (Resolved): Urls webradios OÜI FM & module weboob
09:52 pm weboob Bug #2561 (Resolved): Freemobile module : bad xpath for _login attribute on homepage
09:50 pm weboob Bug #2211 (Resolved): Error(caissedepargne): website is unavailable.
09:49 pm weboob Feature #2554 (Resolved): Use SSL on weboob.org domains
Done for updates.weboob.org
09:48 pm weboob Bug #2552 (Resolved): impossible d'utiliser le module CMB pour boobank
09:46 pm weboob Bug #2722 (Resolved): miseàjour module caissedepargne?
09:46 pm weboob Bug #2754 (Resolved): Changement du site
09:45 pm weboob Bug #3544: Bug on boursorama module
It's the same to pass '_debug_dir' in the configuration when you build manually your module, or to add this parameter...
09:42 pm weboob Bug #2898 (Resolved): Le module caissedepargne a disparu
Should be fixed with the new server for updates.weboob.org

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