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12:12 pm weboob Weboob 1.3 is out
Just before several talks at "pycon-fr conference":https://www.pycon.fr/2017/programme.html, we are happy to release ...
11:25 am weboob weboob-1.3.tar.gz
Weboob 1.3


09:37 pm weboob Weboob 1.2 is out
Happy new year! A new release of Weboob is available for download and installation. The changelog is huge. Even if ma...
09:10 pm weboob weboob-1.2.tar.gz
07:17 pm weboob Revision ec6516cf330dc1385c2faec2912c318c69b6da67: bump to 1.3
07:17 pm weboob Revision d8a08185e9f3f2d14edf5ade2d64af152a58ea91: Weboob 1.2 released
06:55 pm weboob Revision e96ec1fe1938e136ede610759354b53278e964e9: docs: remove comment at the end of the line
Because it breaks change of version number. And I'm too lazy today to
really fix the release script for that
06:55 pm weboob Revision dde1e4086a0472e946f3bfcf6dd5814a28050b0b: release: update version in documentation as well
06:55 pm weboob Revision 1221dfb922ea74320d602686a55fd1aa3fcbfbeb: release: really build qt applications
05:18 pm weboob Revision f30b300f0f5953979f19d4732d821ab0b8fb0e14: docs: bump weboob version

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