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03:02 pm weboob Bug #1979 (Resolved): kickasstorrent broken : search results starting with kat.cr instead of kick...
Kickasstorrent does'nt work anymore, it seems to be a problem with the "pages" urls :
The search order returns links...


02:13 pm weboob Bug #1447 (Resolved): arretsurimages module : BrokenPageError: Not enough elements found (1 expec...
Le module arretsurimages plante dès le premier ls depuis fin juillet, l'erreur remontée est la suivante :...


08:21 am weboob Bug #782: Error: the direct URL is not available.
Hello, this problem seems to be back (weboob 0.h) :
xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx:~$ videoob -d download histoire_immediate_,1...

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