Laurent Bachelier

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Reported issues: 192


10:17 am weboob Bug #3991 (Rejected): gérer les import Error
Voir ou utiliser ./tools/ si on ne veut pas d'installation


12:44 pm weboob Feature #2069 (Rejected): "Getting started with weboob" documentation
12:42 pm weboob Bug #2240 (Resolved): Cannot use bnporc backend
12:40 pm weboob Support #1645 (Resolved): lcl certicate changed /!\ SERVER CERTIFICATE IS INVALID /!\
lcl now uses Browser2
12:36 pm weboob Feature #1331 (Resolved): Portage Mac os x
12:31 pm weboob Bug #1893 (Rejected): Petite question pratique
No way to reply to user, not a bug
12:29 pm weboob Bug #872 (Rejected): weboob and weboob-qt missing in maemo repository
RIP Maemo
12:25 pm weboob Feature #379 (Rejected): Maemo application for ICapCityBikes
RIP Maemo
12:19 pm weboob Support #1679 (Resolved): uninstall weboob 1.0
Ask for help in #weboob on freenode if it's still an issue, however this isn't a weboob code issue
12:14 pm weboob Bug #1216 (Resolved): Support 5+ currencies in a paypal account
This seems to be fixed

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